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  1. roster lock this week before the playoffs, and its .2 per reception I currently have Kyle Rudolph, who is mediocre at best was wondering what other Tight end i should take into the playoffs my options are, Vance Macdonald, Jonnu Smith, Chris Herndon, ben watson, cj uzomah, and pretty much some other leftover waiver wire fodder. they aren't very good, and all are risky, but which one do you think is the safest bet in case i need to not play rudolph
  2. Rate my team going into playoffs

    looks pretty good, kind of weak at WR as mentioned before
  3. Who To Start?

    Rbs: Saquan and Aaron jones Wrs: Diggs and Juju flex: Allen
  4. Who to start pick 3

    I need 1 runningback, 1 wide receiver and a flex. Out of Jordan Howard, Marlon Mack, Tyler Boyd, Sterling Shepard, Courtland Sutton or John Brown. Who do a start? Sorry for formatting on mobile
  5. TE: Njoku, Vance, or Watson?! PPR

    i'd go njoku
  6. Need a running back, a wide receiver and a flex and a tight end for 1 ppr. I will definitely be starting Philip Lindsey and Tyreek Hill Rbs: Aaron Jones Kerryon Johnson, Wrs: Keenan Allen, Demaryius Thomas, Courtland Sutton. TE: Graham or Njoku which 4 do you pick?
  7. currently have Harrison Butker in both of my leagues, who is currently kicker number 3 Mason Crosby is on both of the waiver wires, would you drop Butker for Crosby? Both are pretty good, on good offenses. Green Bay seems a bit worse in the red zone, so Crosby may be more useful down the stretch. Have any of you kept a kicker through their bye?
  8. Is MVS worth waiver pickup?

    if you see yourself needing a WR down the road, probably worth a stash over both of those guys
  9. QB to start for Week 9?

    Rivers, Buffalo defense has been pretty good
  10. better upside stash?

    Out of Tre'quan Smith or DJ Moore, who is the better upside stash? Who could you see playing a game down the stretch?
  11. Trade Advice - 16 Team League

    the reason it gives him more points per game, is because Cameron Brate value is non existent that means Mixon can pretty much cover the points of Howard and Ekeler alone. they are pretty much saying that no one would trade a potential RB1, for a tight end. even if their tight end is garbage. If you were gonna entice the person, you could at least give up a starting RB and not ekeler lol you are only looking at the trade from your perspective, Not at how you can entice them to take it. you are essential losing nothing since you plan on playing ertz and gaining mixon, while they get howard lol
  12. What do you think about this trade?

    What do the standings look like, you trying to push him into playoffs?
  13. Hype Train Rankings

    Tre'quan Smith Courtland Sutton David Moore Dj Moore Marquez Valdes-Scantling my Order would be 1. David Moore( Not many Receiving Options) 2. Courtland Sutton(Qb concerns, but should have volume) 3. MVS(a lot of options on GB, But has produced well with what given) 4. Tre'quan Smith(brees doesn't have to throw a lot) 5. Dj Moore(Run first offense, like 5th on offense) What order would you rank these guys in terms of producing points. Last year a few hype trains burned me hard, Like Corey Davis and Corey Coleman.
  14. Waiver/RoS help

    if there is a way I don't get jones, since i misread my waiver wire lol, and go for sutton first and than moore, would you drop shepard or duke johnson for the other one i don't get? out of those 2 feel like duke is the first to go, but I also may need to stream a defense this week with NE vs GB(defense scoring seems pretty generous with pts for 3 and outs and 4th down stops) how high do you value shepard going forward?