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  1. Crowder or Goodwin....WDIS

  2. Pick 1 flex for me....ppr

    That’s a tough one, id take a shot at mclaurin, the QB situation in Pittsburg looks chancy
  3. Henry or Witten

  4. Who would you go with in the flex???

    Hmm I’d take a flyer in Jimmy Graham, Adams out for the night he will get an increase in targets and usually a red zone threat. but idk much about snead, seen he gets some targets but doesn’t do much with them
  5. Who would you go with in the flex???

    Pretty sure Johnson is playing, and Murray been garbage, Are these your only options?
  6. Who to start at QB and flex?

    I’d go Wilson and chark
  7. WDIS at Flex this week?

    I think breida could have the better game but I think brown is safer, less carries being vultured
  8. Help

  9. RB Help

    May as well take a chance on brown, Freeman hasn’t been great and the falcons defense sucks so I feel Arizona scoring on them will limit the runs
  10. Who to drop?

    Out of those jones jr or one of the tight ends
  11. Crazy to start Drake?

    Yes it is crazy depending who you are starting him over. I’d say if there was a game to start him it would be against the redskins. But the dolphins haven’t looked competitive at all this year. Where the redskins were able to put up points against better opponent the first 3 weeks.
  12. Trade hopkins?

    What’s the rest of your team like? I personally wouldn’t do that. You’d be selling low and Hopkins will bounce back this year
  13. Need add/drop advice

    hmm that one is tougher, probably mike Williams. He seems to be not performing. Or Brown who is a rookie so tough to trust, but they don’t have many receiving options.
  14. Andrews for obj straight up

    I’d still take a chance on OBJ for those 2. I feel like QBs are always worth trading for good wr/rbs because they can be replaced by someone on the wire and still put up 20 points
  15. Who’s the better stash?

    Hunter Henry, harder to get a quality tight end then a filler at QB. As long as his injury is trending towards healed