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  1. which DST

    Patriots vs Bills, Saints vs steelers or Broncos at Oakland, which one
  2. Am I nuts??

    can't play both, 1 in the flex?
  3. Samuels or Sutton

    man, thought more people would say sutton. I know curtis samuels was playing pretty good until last week. just conflicted, because the 1 time, i've started Sutton or Samuels, they both burned me hard under 5 points lol
  4. Really Need Some Help Here Quick!

    Lamar Jackson and Robby Anderson
  5. Kenneth Dixon tonight

  6. Kenneth Dixon tonight

    What do you guys think of Dixon vs chargers on the road, with James Conner out and spencer ware as doubtful I might have to start Dixon. My only other option is Justin Jackson but I think Gordon is gonna be eating all the touches. Dixon at least has a chance to take half or more of the touches vs Edwards
  7. Henry or Williams

    Can’t the skins get the playoffs as the second wild card if they win out. I feel like it’s gonna be a low scoring defensive game and you’re hoping Henry gets a td. It’s a tough choice with Henry playing so well but I think Williams has safer floor
  8. Championship help needed!

    I like Watson and Damien Williams
  9. WR help

    I’d go Pettis seems the most consistent out of those
  10. WR and TE to start

    Landry, Golladay and Brate
  11. Samuels or Sutton

    I’m a bit worried they will just use mccaffrey a lot with the rookie QB.
  12. Samuels or Sutton

    Boyd went down and need to pick between Sutton or Samuels to replace him. Both haven’t done too much and I don’t know how good the back up panthers Qb is. Which one do you go with for probably the safest 5-10 points.
  13. Saints or Broncos D

  14. Saints or Broncos D

    Only got 24 points with Tyreek Hill, Justin Jackson and butker. So I am off to a rough start and I was going to start the Broncos defense. But after last week the broncos defense wasn’t that great against the niners. The saints defense has been pretty good the last few weeks and Carolina is kind of banged up. If you had to pick 1 which would you go for
  15. roster lock this week before the playoffs, and its .2 per reception I currently have Kyle Rudolph, who is mediocre at best was wondering what other Tight end i should take into the playoffs my options are, Vance Macdonald, Jonnu Smith, Chris Herndon, ben watson, cj uzomah, and pretty much some other leftover waiver wire fodder. they aren't very good, and all are risky, but which one do you think is the safest bet in case i need to not play rudolph