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  1. QB streamer

    Winston, just because i feel like the Steelers always play well against the bengals/andy dalton
  2. Sammy Watkins or Tyler Boyd??

    yeah pulling mahomes over him was the wrong choice of words. but if we talking stats tyler boyd is ranked 18 atm, and sammy watkins is 40. he also took part in 15/16 games last year in that same rams offense, in the brandin cooks role, and cooks has pretty much put up like 150 less yards than watkins in only 5 games. I think watkins is worthy of having, but if you are asking me which is the safer options its definitely boyd for the moment.
  3. Sammy Watkins or Tyler Boyd??

    if i had to guess, its because he wasn't great on the Bills,(not saying to much with the QB play) at least at how much potential he had and he also wasn't very good on the rams last year with a good team around him. enough to lock and start him every week. was pretty inconsistent. where they have a lot of weapons on the chiefs and mahomes is more mobile than andy dalton. so boyd is like the 3rd guy on the list for the bengals, while watkins is defintiely at least 5th of which chief players i want on my team
  4. McCoy Value?

    I gave up an injured Devonta freeman for him, but I think it depends on what the other team needs and how much do they value a name. seems a lot of people like to trade on name value alone regardless of how they played/outlook on future play. should definitely get him for peterson or breida,
  5. thoughts on OBJ?

    got to agree as a giants fan, he gets way to emotional. which why people probably want to trade him. and looking at your team, doesnt look like you need to do the trade, you can roll with kamara and ingram, while riding hopkin, jones and landry in the flex, while also having bell for the later/play offs, but if you feel jones/landry aren't playing where you want them, i think its a pretty decent trade, OBJ will produce more games than not, and sony michel is pretty good.
  6. Who won this trade?

    honestly it seems pretty even, but if you had a declare a "winner" due to team, the team who got Hill, since team 1 looks like they have a worse WR corps than team 2 has a worse RB corps.
  7. Ekeler, Mack or Howard

    defintiely howard
  8. Devonta Freeman trade help

    I did devonta freeman for lesean mccoy straight up, obviously you guys are high on watkins which makes me feel like a mistake. but honestly i had him last year, and he was real inconsistent. plus like I can't see a world where i play him having keenan allen, diggs and tyreek hill, also have corey davis, doug baldwin on the bench. and like i said 8 man league, there are some solid people still on the waiver, demaryius thomas, john brown. so i rather have the free bench spot then take on watkins. plus if all goes well, can snag kerryon johnson. so it was purely a trade to get rid of an injured player who i saw may have a groin injury also now, for some who is nearish in value that is massively underperforming. so hoping it works out for me lol
  9. DeVonta

    Take that, saw on some injuryreport site, that like at best the bone contusion can take 2 weeks + bye week 8 = 3 weeks, and at worst can take 4 weeks to heal. they were pretty much saying freeman can help you in the last month if you really need him to. but probably wont be 100% due to the knee injury suffered last/early this year. plus saw he had a groin injury too I think you answered my Mccoy for freeman question and who i originally wanted was howard, but the guy was a bit higher on him. and i would of taken howard in a heart beat. if you need wins now, and that guy has room on the bench for him, definitely a safe play for you
  10. Michael Thomas for Deandra hopkins

    i'd take hopkins
  11. Possible Big Trade

    i mean you're giving up the best player in the trade, surely you can get something better for kamara if you really need to trade
  12. Tyreek for Beckham

    Beckham seems not be able to handle that his QB is old and immobile and his O-line is super porous. His attitude and tantrums on the side could be a distraction. i'd probably stay with tyreek, but im sure beckham will have a breakout game here and there
  13. Devonta Freeman trade help

    Well i previous traded carlos hyde and tyler boyd for tyreek hill, so i was planning on using my 3 wrs, so i more or less need a RB to pair with Barkley. so I don't really want sammy watkins. most likely was gonna just do a 1 for 1 my other RBs are Chris Thompson, Philip Lindsey, Aarron jones, my fear is devonta freeman doesn't play at all RoS or very limitedly, where Shady should at least play and can get traded. There are some alright RBs in the waiver since its only an 8 person league 1 ppr. Chris Carson, Kerryon Johnson(who i was gonna try and pick up)
  14. Devonta Freeman trade help