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  1. Seahags gettin werked!

    My biggest regret was trading for Graham and Baldwin. They really hurt me these past two weeks and helped to end my season.
  2. Anybody else on the verge of quitting?

    I was thinking about it but it's on me for getting too serious this year since money was on the line. I just reminded myself to play for fun and to make the games more interesting and not obsessing over the outcome. I play in a work league this year and the eventual winner traded scraps to get Gronkowski, Hunt, AJ Green, and Julio LOL. He took advantage of some inexperienced ladies at work(not saying ladies aren't good at fantasy football) and got these players for kickers or bit bench players. To top it off this guy is the company manager so conflicts all around. I enjoyed my random yahoo league much better even though I had a worse record.
  3. Need Help with your Fantasy team? GGL's got ur back

    GGL; What do you think of my week 15 lineup. Dak Josh Gordon Baldwin Graham Bell Ingram Kamara** Saints DST Robbie Gould Bench: Cousins, Tate, Diggs, Hogan, Chargers DST, Lutz. If Kamara is out I'll probably plug in Tate or pick up Mike Davis off waivers for my flex. Thoughts?
  4. Need 2 of these RBs

    Lynch and Morris
  5. Who To Pick Up For Flex

    Assuming Kamara can't go for week 15, I'm looking for replacements for him in my flex spot. Sterling Shepard, Cameron Brate are both available on the waiver wire. My current backs are only Kamara, Ingram, and Bell. My Wr's are Hogan, Anderson, Gordon, Tate, and Diggs. I'm screwed if Kamara can't go week 15.
  6. DST stash. WHIR

    I currently have a bye and have the Chargers DST. The Lions, Bears, Titans, and Redskins are all available. Which of these defenses should I stash for the playoffs?
  7. Help With QB Situation

    I have a first round bye and #2 seed in my league playoffs. My only rostered QB is Cousins. Prescott, Garappolo, and Winston are all available on the waiver wire. What do you think I should do about my QB situation for the playoffs?
  8. Need Help with your Fantasy team? GGL's got ur back

    HEY GGL; Thanks for all your help this year. Here is my team currently: Cousins Tyrod Kamara Ingram Bell Robby Anderson Cooper Kupp Diggs Baldwin Tate Hogan Chargers DST Will Lutz So I'm really worried about the lack of touches Baldwin, Tate, and Diggs have been seeing the past few weeks. Would starting Anderson and Kupp give me a safer floor going forward? Also, is Hogan droppable now as he is still out this week and there is a high likelihood he won't play until the real playoffs start? I was thinking of dropping Hogan and picking up either the Titans or Bears DST since they have good matchups weeks 14-16. Thoughts?
  9. Which QB for week 13

    I LIKE McCown vs Chiefs. Atlanta's secondary has been under the radar good this year.
  10. Cooper Kupp or Sterling Shepard

    Thanks guys picked him up and dropped Shepard. Rolling with Kupp and Robby Anderson this week as I like their matchups.
  11. Play Dak?

    Keenum to be safe. Tyrod has an excellent playoff schedule as well and rarely throws interceptions.
  12. Who do you like ROS? I have Sterling but have a chance to pick up Kupp. Seems like Kupp is developing a good synergy with Jared Goff.
  13. Help Me Pick WR2

    Standard scoring and my choices are Diggs, Tate, and Robby Anderson.
  14. Do You Like My Chances?

    Down 5 to my opponent due to starting Dak and his -2 points LOL. I have Baldwin and Graham going against their Walsh. Atlanta has been tough on receivers and tight ends this year.
  15. Need Help with your Fantasy team? GGL's got ur back

    Well GGL I think it's time to bench Dak for Cousins do you agree? He looked awfully bad out there last night even when he had time? Looks like Zeke and the O line are more important to the team than Dak. Who knew? That -2 last night hurt me now I'm up 5 points with Baldwin and Graham tonight versus her kicker Walsh. I'm afraid Dak may have cost me this week.