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  1. R. Anderson vs. Pats tonight

    The Pats are good enough you have to question almost anyone playing them except some elite guys
  2. He is likely out at least a few weeks, which takes him through the week 10 bye. Then he comes back and has a few ok opponents, BAL and Indy, then gets the Pats, den, tennessee. None of which are easy. Then week 16 has the Bucs, which is a great opponent. The guy can't seem to stay healthy and even when he is is inconsistent. And now that Stills is back he's iffy week to week even if he was playing. It would take an injury to Hopkins or Stills to really make you happy starting him. I don't even have great WR but tired of waiting for this guy to produce. Other WR's: Dj Moore, DJ Chark, DK metcalf, Marquise Brown
  3. Is Melvin Gordon going to be a stud again?

    What a disastrous holdout for the guy. He has decimated his value unless he turns it around quick.
  4. I'm keeping the Pats Def on their bye.....Change my mind

    I would drop a lot of players besides the Pats D. Even playing a week without a kicker is worth it if you have to drop him for another D during the bye if your backups are all quality
  5. I'm keeping the Pats Def on their bye.....Change my mind

    Why wouldn't you. They are basically a WR1
  6. Week 7 Milk Carton

    Vikings covered him preferentially and Jones had 4 TD's
  7. Nagy

    The most confusing part of that article is Nagy complaining about only 17 rush yards while only running it 7 times. It's not great but it's 2.5 yds per rush. Nobody can get a rhythm rushing it once per quarter.
  8. Week 7 Injuries

    Pretty much my whole team. Mahomes, Fuller, Kerryon. Still don't know severity of the last two
  9. Week 7 Milk Carton

    83 yards of offense with 2 min left in the 3rd Q. Bears fans are probably getting surly
  10. Week 7 Milk Carton

    Lol the milk carton is going to be full this week
  11. Jimmy G is total trash

  12. Week 7 Milk Carton

    Did DJ get injured?
  13. Weird year for WRs?

    That was pretty much my strategy this year. Worked out pretty well so far as I have Chark and Fuller and picked up Metcalf and Hollywood Brown. That said, a little more reliable WR points would be nice although steady RB points which I have been getting are better. Much easier to find passable WR help on waivers or trades than it is to find RBs
  14. Start Robby Anderson? PPR

    I still think I play John Brown against Miami. Just too good a matchup to ignore.
  15. Start Robby Anderson? PPR

    High upside guy, I like those guys in the lineup because if they blowup they can win you the week but a dud as a WR flex play doesn't necessarily kill you. I'd play him over a lot of guys, Dorsett definitely. Edit: I would not play him over John Brown. Mike Williams don't know. Haven't been following him much.