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  1. Joe Flacco to Denver

    I don't know if it is this draft or wait for next year. I am not expert on the classes but it sounds like next year will be a bonanza
  2. Joe Flacco to Denver

    Agree 100%
  3. Joe Flacco to Denver

    Keenum had a really good year with the Vikes. He escaped really well (important for a crap line) Avoided numerous sacks, made plays on the run, took shots downfield. I think a major factor was Diggs and Thielen's contested catch rates, both top 5 in the NFL. They probably made him look good on some inaccurate or 50/50 balls. And the mojo was great for the whole year...until the end. Then he came back down to Earth this year. He really did not have a bad game last year though, the last 8 or 10 games of the season, minus the finale. We kept expecting him to turn into a pumpkin, but he never did. But he kinda did this year. I still don't think the Vikings record would have been any different with Keenum or Cousins this year. Heck may have been better with Keenum.
  4. Joe Flacco to Denver

    I don't think it is easy but there are obviously people who make better personnel decisions than others. Osweiler for a hot second looked like a decent QB during that SB run. But after more games it became pretty clear he didn't have it. Siemian never had it. Josh Allen was not accurate in college, I do not know why people thought he would be in the pros. Mayfield Darnold etc are tough to know. Clearly Mayfield looks to be legit but he was a question mark out of college. I give the Browns credit for seeing what other people did not. Others, like Bortles, was never very good. I have no clue why the Jags invested in him. Contrary to what you might think I do think there are people on here I would trust more than at least some of these GM'S.
  5. Joe Flacco to Denver

    Also worth mentioning he wanted to keep Osweiler butwas signed for more money by the Texans, otherwise he would have had him for a few more years. The track record is not good.
  6. Joe Flacco to Denver

    It's so statistically similar it almost looks fake
  7. Joe Flacco to Denver

    Keenum is guaranteed 7 million on an 18 million salary. Wonder what they do with him. "Over the last three seasons: Joe Flacco (41 starts) 50 TDs, 34 INTs, 63.8 CMP%, 82.6 QB rate, 242 yards a game. Case Keenum (41 starts) 49 TDs, 33 INTs, 63.8 CMP%, 86 QB rate, 235.1 yards a game." I think Keenum had the better receivers, but still a little odd
  8. Joe Flacco to Denver

    Kinda how I feel. For being a former elite QB Elway sure has strange tastes in QB's
  9. Report: Antonio Brown was benched for the Bengals game

    I hear your point, but I think we disagree that he is at his lowest value. I think his value could get quite a bit lower actually. And he is due another 2 million plus bonus in a month if he isn't traded. It's only partially related to his value. He is a cancerous aspect to the Steelers now and it threatens to eat away at the season like Leveon if it goes on too long. Any more crazy antics, arrests, police investigations, weird tweets, injuries, etc and he could be worth quite a bit less. You might be right that perhaps his value improves closer to the season when people get nervous and want to make a deal. I am just not sure I'd take the risk.
  10. Report: Antonio Brown was benched for the Bengals game

    AB is certainly not going to help the situation for future prima donnas after how he burned the Steelers. Steelers need to move on ASAP and salvage what they can here
  11. Browns sign Hunt

    If it is looking like at least 6 games I will still draft Chubb high
  12. Browns sign Hunt

    Kind of bizarre to me when they already have a clear #1 elite or near elite RB in Chubb. I mean, good for the Browns. This makes Chubb's value really hard to estimate however. And we have a suspension of unknown length looming. Anyone have an idea when they might rule on it?
  13. Nick Foles

    Man, I don't consider myself stupid but I am having trouble following this. Foles "cannot refuse a trade". Ok, but there must be some rules as far as how much he gets paid. If he signs the franchise tag they can't trade him to a team that pays him 10 million and gives the Eagles a first rounder. (hypothetical, just saying). Anyone know what he is contractually obligated to get under a trade?
  14. Nick Foles

    So if they trade Foles is that team obligated to pay him 25 million this season? Or if they Foles wants to sign a longer term contract how does he do that?
  15. Superbowl 2019 Thread

    The worst part of this thread is I have to scroll through the mouth kisses to read the new responses