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  1. Dalvin Cook usage Sunday

    Despite being a fan i haven't watched this closely, but I am not so sure about his usage. They say he's playing and they need to win so they will use him if they can. Maybe Mattision gets more work but I'd be surprised if it is 75% unless Cook has some sort of setback or it's a blowout.
  2. Le'veon Bell out this Sunday.

    Looks like squeaking into a bye may have helped me. Rather not have to play Mahomes against the Pats, and Le'Veon sick, Josh Jacobs with a broken shoulder.......need a week to see what happens with the latter two. Sounds like just a sickness though with Le'Veon I think, like not a major injury. He wasn't making out with Sam Darnold hopefully
  3. The 200/200 stat is pretty cool. Averaging 200 yds passing and running. This one jumped out at me too, Cunningham sacked on 26% of dropbacks?? That would be bad for a single game, let alone a season. "Randall Cunningham was taken down 72 times — 72 — for a loss of 489 yards with the 1986 Eagles. Remarkably, given he threw 209 passes, he was sacked on 26% of his dropbacks that year."
  4. Cowboys vs Bears (TNF)

    They do seem like a team more talented than their record. A better coach could have been worth a few more games this year probably. Not totally sold on Dak as clutch though. But I am no Cowboys expert, just my sense.
  5. Cowboys vs Bears (TNF)

    This game score seems unusual, is Dallas packing it in? Garrett is most definitely donzo.
  6. What to do with James Conner

    Nothing wrong with Chark or Brown. Those are two pretty good options for a flex
  7. Brady getting a new Target??

    Hard to doubt the GOAT but he likes to get the ball out quickly, partially so he doesn't get hit. His longevity to me is closely tied to his quick release. But the less his receivers get open, the more he has to hold on to the ball, and I don't think he's enjoying getting hit that much. He's in great shape but he's still a 42yo man getting hit by 300 lb men in the prime of their lives
  8. Semifinal comes down to this

    Nice Rudy Rutiger came through for you! "I'm gonna play football at Notre Dame"
  9. Brady getting a new Target??

    I watched the clip on the web yesterday. Prime Time said the Pats "were gonna make a trade" and the host said "you can't trade any more". And then Deion said, ok not a trade, but they are going to do something basically. So I rate my confidence on Deion's prediction as: low. But he might still be right, they may do something. But exactly what I am not clear. It is week 14 and NFL ready WR's aren't sitting on their couches at home.
  10. Minnesota D

    I agree I'd roll Pitt, if not Vikings are prob 2nd but grudgingly. They haven't played that well but should be able to cause issues for DET
  11. The Steelers

    That defense has been really good since the first few games. Whomever is most responsible for that should get some credit
  12. Scorned Owners....DND 2020

    Probably an example of a coach making or breaking you too. Which is tough to predict. Aaron Jones was barely usable in a Mike McCarthy offense. Penny would probably be used more by a lot of other coaches.
  13. Riverboat Ron Fired

    I was surprised bc I thought they had done ok with medium talent and a backup QB. That defense has been pretty terrible though recently. Rivera should coach somewhere else that needs some stability.
  14. Spencer Ware signs with Chiefs

    Things I learned: Spencer Ware is still alive