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  1. Titans Chiefs

    Unlike some of my brethren I don't hate the Packers, but I would like to see the Niners make it. Titans Chiefs are both fun teams so either would be interesting.
  2. Superbowl at the movies ??

    Actually that sounds like a lot of fun. Would be a huge mess at the theatre but if they served alcohol they'd probably make a ton. But sounds like the NFL has put the kibosh on this judging from the comments
  3. Luke Kuechly retiring

    If it was me, I'd do the same thing, although I thought Kuechly should have retired a year or two ago after he had concussion after concussion. But he still made a good choice. 64 million is an enormous amount of money if he's invested wisely.
  4. Luke Kuechly retiring

    The Panthers aren't dreadful, but you almost wonder if this is going to be a Barry Sanders like career for CMC.
  5. Luke Kuechly retiring

    Good decision, lots of concussions, plenty of money. Great player but got to take care of your health
  6. Bill Beli-dick

    That's actually really interesting. I didn't know that. I kind of speculated how long he would stay on, especially after Brady , but sounds like you have some more info
  7. Vikings fire DC George Edwards

    This was surprising. I didn't really see this coming. But honestly I know very little of our DC because Zimmer I think basically runs it
  8. ESPN could replace Booger McFarland and Joe Tessitore on MNF

    a lot better than getting the crap beat out of you on the football field
  9. Jaguars dump oc John DeFilippo

    Yeah it seems odd that he wore out pretty quickly in the Vikings. Which I don't know how to interpret that well. But then he's worn out his welcome pretty early in Jacksonville too. I wonder if he might be just kind of a difficult dude or something
  10. Texans vs. Chiefs

    Been a hell of a playoffs so far
  11. Bill Beli-dick

    What coaching positions are still left?
  12. Browns New Coach

    Not to mention a spotty record he's only been OC for a year and a half and is 37. I would think the Browns would want somebody with a little more experience to right that ship
  13. Browns New Coach

    There was some running joke on Twitter yesterday that said after watching 7 straight three-and-outs yesterday the Browns had seen enough. You're hired
  14. Browns New Coach

    I hate to break it to you league but he actually progressed this year quite a bit. It was worse last year. Nevertheless I wouldn't have hired stefanski. But I appreciate the Browns taking him off our hands. Which means he'll probably be good given how the universe and karma works
  15. Titans vs Ravens

    Can't watch this game because I'm traveling but that score is unreal. Tannehill will definitely get paid. I wonder what finally clicked for Tannehill. The thing I do like about playoffs as it does favor big boy football.