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  1. Packers-49ers Game Thread

    They still have him rated at 80+% on pass blocking after that game. The announcers mentioned him not picking up a blitz but I rewatched that play, he faked a handoff to the L of the line and the blitzer/rusher came from the R end. They said it was his mistake but I am not so sure that was even his blocking responsibility. Anyway, the coaches see his pass blocking in practice not me. I think McCarthy is just very very afraid of any injury to Rodgers given what he saw last year when he was out. McCarthy nearly lost his job. If Rodgers got injured he probably would.
  2. Where can I improve this team?

    My league is QB friendly, with 6 pts/TD and bonus for 40+ yd TD's and 1 pt/20 yds so Mahomes commands a high price. But for standard PPR he can be on the trading block if you want. If you trade him, I would aim high because some people really value him highly.
  3. Drop A. Jones?

    OJ is my guy out of the 3, I just get this feeling he's ready to bust out. It's true Brate is a red zone threat to OJ, very sure handed. but the explosive dynamic player is OJ
  4. Drop A. Jones?

    I like OJ Howard a lot. Ebron too. I would drop somebody for OJ, Ebron or Olsen. I'd probably drop Jones, even though I own him. Robinson is reasonable too honestly if you just want to see how it plays out, although you are carrying too many RB's. The guy i want to drop is Yeldon but you can't with Fournette.
  5. Drop A. Jones?

    This is a hard one. You have so many bubble guys on the cusp of starting or not. If you want my honest opinion I think jones is going to be an iffy play all year likely. But he may not be. He was literally one half step, literally leaning the ball over a few inches to have an 11 or 12 pt game last week than a 5 point game. But McCarthy seems to hate him. The major issue is he's maybe not as good catching passes and they feel his pass protection is more suspect. And with a shaky Rodgers they aren't willing to risk it. I think after last year, McCarthy saw how destitute the Packers were without Rodgers and he knows his job security depends on a healthy Rodgers because they've built a pretty manure roster outside of him. That was way too long an answer, sorry, but I felt like expressing myself
  6. Big trade

    Not with your team. You have Kittle. And you can play J. Gordon or Baldwin once they get up to speed as flex. Jeffery is a nice flex play but I don't know if it's enough to offset the losses from Gurley. I don't think you are gaining enough. It's not a horrible trade, and if Kamara balls out it could be good, but Gurley seems a bit too money.
  7. Where can I improve this team?

    Trading those for Mixon or Michel also works
  8. Where can I improve this team?

    Cohen +/- Brieda +/- QB +/- edelman for a solid WR
  9. I may keep Engram over Hooper but I am biased perhaps bc I have him. Lynch is supposedly going to be dealing with a significant groin injury so I agree
  10. Lol I cant tell if you are joking. He was on waivers if you are serious
  11. Also 12 team, and I made a few good trades to help myself. My team could compete. I picked up Conner on waivers, traded to another guy for Hopkins. Drafted Watson, traded him for Ingram week 3. Definitely my best team ever. Mahomes Gurley/Ingram Hill/Hopkins Woods (J. Gordon, Clement) Engram Ravens Zuerlein
  12. Packers-49ers Game Thread

    They seem convinced he can't pass block even though his PFF stats seem pretty stellar across the board. Grade is 82 overall. I think he was bad in pass protection but has improved but they are still reluctant to leave him out there.
  13. Trade Advice ASAP

    Not with Conner as your other RB for sure