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  1. David Johnson Thread

    This topic interested me so I looked at 2016-17 highlights vs 2018 highlights and I don't know if it's my imagination but he doesn't really look the same. And it's not necessarily physically it's the way he runs. In the earlier highlights he's doing jump cuts, fighting for every yard, trying to bury guys. If you watch the run from the first 15-20 seconds he breaks about four tackles and runs for 60 yards when he would have had no gain. There's another one at 8 minutes in that first video where he gives about four jump cuts. I don't see much of that at all in last year's video. Is it because he got paid? Is it because the Cardinals sucked? No room to run? The only thing that stayed consistent was he has really nice hands. Which is good because basically he's a good receiver even if he's not burying people.
  2. David Johnson Thread

    I don't know how much stock you put in profootballfocus rankings (I think they are decent) but he rated really poorly last year. That's part of my pessimism. Along with a poor OL. I don't watch many Cardinal games. He didn't seem to have much power and seemed smaller than I remember. Maybe my imagination.
  3. Nick Chubb thread

    Did you mean Chris Herndon? He's the TE, Engram is still with the Giants. Herndon is suspended for the first 4 games, but I agree he could be better than expected. Or maybe you meant Robby Anderson, he and Darnold were connecting at the end of last year. I think Bell's value mainly stems from the fact he has almost no competition if he is decent and he catches balls.
  4. What round will you draft Josh Gordon?

    The only real question is whether to take Josh Gordon or Barkley with the #1 pick
  5. QB TDs Worth 6 pts

    I gave exact numbers from my league as did Shaft. So the difference is right there, it didnt require much math. I think the biggest reason for regression is the fact teams have had a whole offeason of tape to mull over and will be devising strategies. Physically he's well and has most of his supporting cast back, except for Hunt, but that could be significant. I think he'll regress some personally, but not a ton.
  6. Antonio Brown has frostbitten feet

    When you are an idiot drama tends to follow you. That's something they didn't teach us in elementary school but you learn it on your own.
  7. Nick Chubb thread

    Just for fun I looked up a few resources which are pretty discordant. Fantasypros 15 std and 19 ppr. FFC at #10, CBS at 19 and some other site at 11. So seems to be a lot of disagreement. And the ones he's ranked lower have Gurley in the first round which seems crazy to me. https://www.fantasypros.com/nfl/adp/overall.php https://fantasyfootballcalculator.com/adp https://www.cbssports.com/fantasy/football/draft/averages/ https://fantasydata.com/nfl/fantasy-football-adp-rankings
  8. Nick Chubb thread

    I play in a non PPR league so I would take him over Bell personally. DJ is a judgment call. DJ is rated higher but I still like Chubb honestly but that's a personal choice. I do think that regardless of format he will go late first round or early second in most drafts. If you are playing full PPR then it gets tougher.
  9. Nick Chubb thread

    I'd say first round. Duke traded, good offense. Threat of passing constantly. Only negative is Hunt but that's not til week 10.
  10. Carolina Wide outs

    I agree as well. I like DJ but not at his ADP where I have seen it
  11. Carolina Wide outs

    Any word on Cam's arm? I like DJ, not sure about Samuels
  12. Andrew Luck thread

    In combo with what looks to be some reduced arm strength I am going to agree. He still was accurate but his arm seemed 10% or 15% weaker last year. Now maybe that gets better with some time but if he is compensating by pushing off more, a potential achilles issue is not going to help. I certainly am not drafting him. Makes Mahomes even more valuable because the gulf b/w him and the next guy may be substantial.
  13. QB TDs Worth 6 pts

    And for funsies, last yr I had Mahomes, Gurley, Hill, Hopkins (traded for him had James Conner originally), R. Woods, OJ Howard in a 12 team league. Outscored every team in my league at least by 20 pts/game on average. And I got 5th place. No joke. Probably could play that season a hundred times and not do as poorly. That didnt help anyone but had to get it out of my system. .
  14. QB TDs Worth 6 pts

    My League is very QB friendly which I don't necessarily like and yes it does make a difference. Ours is 20 yards per point and six points for TD's. So for instance Mahomes last year in our league had 579 pts The 5th qb was Watson with 432. That is almost 150 pts or close to 10 pts/wk Standard scoring I see Mahomes 417 and Watson 332. That is 85 pts or 4-5 pts/wk. Obviously that exaggerated somewhat because of Mahomes exceptional season. But I have no serious reason to doubt he'll regress hugely. He still the heavy favorite to be the top quarterback and yes with the scoring you would consider taking him earlier in your league.
  15. Best pick for Draft position

    Last year had the #1 pick which was great because I got Gurley. This year if not the first 4 picks then I'd prefer later.