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  1. Cam's trade value?

    Agreed, more.
  2. Harry or Gage for waivers?

    That's a damn good team. 10%, get rid of miller, campbell. Jeudy should be just as good as gage or close. You arent hard up.
  3. Harry or Gage for waivers?

    Agreed depends on your roster, how many teams, etc. I use rolling waivers mostly so I am not a FAAB expert but i am thinking 10-15% but probably not more. Others can chime in
  4. Harry or Gage for waivers?

  5. Chubb trade targets

    Yeah seriously, sounds like a joke. Accept
  6. RB1 for a RB1

  7. https://www.yahoo.com/sports/atlanta-falcons-owner-arthur-blank-calls-out-team-dan-quinn-onside-kick-fail-dallas-cowboys-004511624.html When your owner doesn't buy your coach's response and says he won't be making rash decisions, that doesn't seem to indicate enthusiasm. I can imagine this brought back a lot of bad memories from the Super Bowl. That offense though is fantasy gold.
  8. Week 2 Chat

    Fair enough, it was definitely a good game. You have to understand my bias, my team is the Vikings, who look like they have never seen a football before. But there are other games where the play looks overly sloppy to me. Some of that you might expect the first few games, but having zero preseason undoubtedly has made it more difficult, and I would imagine the number of injuries has a correlation with this. It is pretty hard to get game ready and in game shape without any games. That said, I still think they should cut preseason to a few games. 4 is way too many for a 16 game season. Get a couple in and let's roll next year.
  9. Tevin Coleman out multiple weeks

    We made fun of the Niners for all their RBs and they have used and needed all of them.
  10. Tyrod Taylor injured, Justin Herbert starting for the Bolts

    I am a big fan of this move, Tyrod's tuck and run style was hurting fantasy production, and it hasn't won many games either.
  11. Week 2 Milk Carton

    Yeah some days it just isn't your week. DJ and Drake should be fine. Gallup should be fine but there will be duds and hopefully he stays high in the pecking order. Jones is a major sell now I would imagine, and Hines is looking bad. I'd think about Minshew if you can if you are that hard up. His receivers are actually pretty good.
  12. Week 2 Chat

    That's a good point. Offensively and by qb play it was awesome but still plenty of guys out of position.
  13. Week 2 Milk Carton

    Not to add to your misery but there weren't even injuries there. I am 0-2 and it has been murder so far with injuries and trying to determine usage. 28-1 Taylor to Hines usage would have Vegas odds of about 1% with Hines being healthy. That's just completely unexpected.
  14. Zero QB revisited

    The QBs are putting up big numbers so having a bad one right now kills you. I got Cam off waivers, but I usually do the same as you. I started with Stafford, picked up Roethlisberger. Which would have been ok, but a bad one right now hurts. I am guessing the games tighten up a little as things get more polished but no guarantee
  15. Week 2 Chat

    No it didn't. That was very well played. Great game actually.