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  1. 2010s All Decade Team

    I'd have picked Jamaal Charles over Gore but that depends on whether you are valuing consistency over peak performance.
  2. The NFL is planning for a full season with full stadiums

    As far as I can tell, we may not be totally rid of it until we get a vaccine, which could be a while. So not really clear what happens in the mean time honestly. However, this should be our worst go-around
  3. The NFL is planning for a full season with full stadiums

    A lot of hospitals have a no visitor policy so that immediately cuts down on a lot of traffic. Elective surgeries or procedures are being canceled and only emergent/very necessary visits in clinics and hospitals. Patients are being cared for more at their nursing homes or simply not coming in unless they are very sick because they don't want to be exposed to the corona virus. So many places probably do look empty and are empty if they are not experiencing a coronavirus surge.
  4. Old scouting instructions written by Belichick

    It ain't cheatin League it's getting an edge, working all the angles
  5. Even though old, it's interesting to see since BB shares so little. Emphasizes ball control, 3rd down conversions, N/S runners, hitting the middle of the field, receivers who may not be elite but get off the LOS and sure handed. Interestingly TE's who could block he wasn't that concerned about but RB's had to be good at it. https://mobile.twitter.com/MoveTheSticks/status/1245062206296690688
  6. The NFL is planning for a full season with full stadiums

    Maybe, maybe not. Really depends on what is happening. I know that's a meaningless statement but how can you predict? There's some evidence the severe Italian and Spanish outbreaks stemmed from a Bergamo/Valencia soccer game in Milan a month ago
  7. 7 RB's to avoid article

    I have trouble buying into the Ekeler hate. He always seems to produce when needed. https://www.fantasypros.com/2020/03/7-running-backs-to-avoid-2020-fantasy-football/
  8. Panthers cut Cam Newton & sign Robby Anderson

    I think BW is a better, more consistent QB so it will be interesting to see how he does. Although Robby tends to thrive on the deep ball which isn't a BW specialty.
  9. Travis Frederick retires at 29

    That was interesting, Guillain Barre is a viral illness that causes weakness afterwards. That's awesome that he made a recovery like that, clearly he had a nearly full recovery if he was playing football. People don't tend to get worse symptoms after recovery but I'd imagine playing football where you need to be 100% isn't as much fun if you have slightly more fatigue, weakness, or slightly less balance. Great player.
  10. FA Tracker

    I could look this up, but in the spirit of discussion, when is the last time Ben had an actual weapon at TE? I just can't remember him throwing to anybody that good any time recently, maybe I am forgetting. Vance was ok at times, and Jesse James, but he's never really had anybody that good that I can remember.
  11. FA Tracker

    Not like we needed another person to chime in but I agree the Jimmy Graham signing was a big head scratcher. I have to believe he could have been signed for less
  12. Emmanuel Sanders To The Saints

    Saints are in win now mode with Brees almost done
  13. Falcons Sign Todd Gurley

    I wonder where Gurley will get drafted. As a side note, I like the Falcons picking up Hayden Hurst as a TE. He could put up some numbers this year
  14. Rams Release Todd Gurley

    That's not an encouraging list for RB's. Very few worth it. Ekeler clearly is right now. I personally would say Zeke isnt although some might. Gio Bernard no, Duke probably
  15. Broncos Release Joe Flacco

    Neck disc issues, makes me wonder if he isn't done