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  1. He countered with this.

    I would take that
  2. Need to think about it

    20 min??? I am lucky if I get a response in two days
  3. Hollywood or diggs?

  4. Alvin Kamara for Aaron Jones

    Jesus let me into your league
  5. Keep Josh Gordon or drop and pick up off waiver

    If you take anybody it should be Kirk or Brown. I wouldn't take the Bengals soon to be 3rd receiver
  6. Just had my trade vetoed!!

    Also I just read that Adams could be out longer than this week. Nobody knows but it could be as long as a month from now in a bad scenario. In that case an even less objectionable trade
  7. McLaurin/Chark

    McLaurin. I think teams will have more time to figure out Minshew. McLaurin just looks very good and polished
  8. Just had my trade vetoed!!

    I think you might be right that they don't want you to get Adams. That is a pretty difficult team right there
  9. Just had my trade vetoed!!

    This was not far off what I am thinking myself. Just today I was considering Kerryon for Adams today. But I doubt the other owner would take it. I considered adding Fuller onto the deal. I was thinking DJ Chark and Kerryon but that may almost be too much. I think the trade is fine and shouldn't be vetoed. But in my league it doesn't matter if a team is 1-5 and not going to make the playoffs, they'll rarely make a trade unless it's obviously heavily lopsided in their favor. As far as Kerryon for OBJ. I think that is fine.
  10. Jalen Ramsey traded to the Rams

    Pretty much my thoughts. Goff is an enigma. He seems to shrink at weird times like he loses confidence. And he's fumbling a lot. Kirk Cousins-esque. That is a pretty big haul for Ramsey, and I get the feeling the Rams aren't there yet anyway despite being in the SB last year. I was hoping it would be the Chiefs who would pick up some defensive help. They have got to be able to stop the run.
  11. Officiating

    Seriously. With replay sometimes. Idiotic. They have to get this figured out a little better. You don't want questions about integrity of the game. The NFL I believe has been against expanding sports betting due to possible corruption (that has been my understanding anyway). They need to be careful because refereeing can now make the difference in many games more than before. Once people lose faith in a product it isn't easily restored.
  12. Hopkins

    He played in the first four games, and he'll be back this week
  13. Top 20 PPR RBs through Week 6

    DJ is owning me this year. I didn't think he'd be as valuable as he is and I was dead wrong
  14. Officiating

    Human error is always a thing. But this is a multi multi billion dollar league. I have to believe there is a better way or a solution here.
  15. Officiating

    It is definitely a tough spot because games are so close officiating can often make the difference in who wins, lwt alone the point spread. Refs make what 150k? 200k? Not bad, but they could make a lot more if they had a "sponsor". I don't think whole crews are cheating, but I can't exclude theres a rogue or two out there. It wouldn't be shocking, let's put it that way. The way the game is played and called you could essentially call a hold or PI on every play if you wanted to.
  16. Lions vs Packers (MNF)

    Out of interest I did go back and watch the end of that game. I don't agree with you that it was fixed, it looked like more activist refereeing. There was a case to be made for pass interference on all of them. A little ticky tacky but the Jets were there slightly early on all of them. And the 2 penalties on Dallas gave them a 1st and 27 or something, not probably what you'd do if you were fixing the game. Also on the 2 pt conversion there was a Dback hanging on the intended receiver which definitely could have been called but wasn't. The ball may not have been considered catchable however. I think this is just more ticky tack refereeing personally, I hear what you're saying, it's ridiculous to have 7 penalties on one drive and virtually every play but I don't think it was fixed.
  17. Officiating

    Having cameras everywhere has not been kind to the refs. I know the lineman's head was back but that's because he was being pushed by the shoulder. He couldn't have seen it well because if he had he wouldn't have called it. If you aren't sure you shouldn't be calling penalties esp.at that stage of the game. I realize the games are close so a lot of calls can make a difference, and the action is fast but the 3 blind mice analogy isn't too far off. They should really look at their training and selection methods of referees. As a side note, wasn't that GB player down at the 1 on that long pass TD? I thought it was pretty clear on the replay.
  18. Lions vs Packers (MNF)

    I liked that comment for the sheer disgust and anger
  19. Week 6 Milk Carton

    I guess we found out why Jones doesn't get many passes
  20. Lions vs Packers (MNF)

    Nice call by the refs on Trey Flowers, he's overpowering a OL by grabbing the shoulder pad and they call him for hands to the face.
  21. Lions vs Packers (MNF)

    Was down 31 before this game and I had Kerryon and Prater and he had Marvin Jones, Jr. Kerryon has 13 and Prater 21 and his Marvin Jones has 2 so am ahead by 1 so far... As for the game, Lions need to get more pass rush. Even with subpar receiving options and good DB's you can't give Rodgers 5 sec to throw
  22. Any chance Diggs gets traded?

    No I don't think so
  23. Trade Kerryon for...

    Let's hope so, because I need 30 points. Good q bc I have Kerryon and have considered flipping him but as others have noted it's hard to find a WR that is worth a RB getting a ton of touches week to week. OBJ? I am just not feeling it. Keenan Allen? I might do that. Kupp is enticing too but seems like a lateral move. I would for Julio Jones bc that Atl D is awful and he'll be a goldmine. Godwin, Hill as well. Adams, Cooper, are all considerations. Not sure what I'd do on those.
  24. Zach Ertz bust

    The team has been without Jeffery and Desean Jackson for stretches which may hurt his value as teams can definitely focus on him. If you have him just have to hold on.
  25. Hopkins

    I have a couple of players who alternate receivers are really screwing with their value. Fuller and Hopkins would be good by themselves, but add in Coutee and Stills and you start losing a lot of value. I have DJ Moore, and Samuels going off every so often definitely hurts his value, in addition to 60% of offensive plays running through McCaffrey. These things are tough to predict preseason.