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  1. Worst NFL idea ever

    Don't have much more to add. A terrible idea for all sorts of reasons. I like the NFL because each game means something and they are determined to water it down for a few more dollars
  2. Gronk retiring

    Agreed I think Gronk seems like a normal dude. Doesn't need that much money. After dealing with injury after injury and not wanting further long term damage, multiple rings already, I'd be surprised if he wanted to jump back in for the grind, even late in the season.
  3. Melvin Gordon to sit out training camp

    No chance I would pay Gordon. Guy is already having injury concerns. Just say good day sir, thank you for your service. Gurley shouldn't be the standard because the Rams are going to lose big on it likely. The sad truth is RB's are battering rams for their rookie contracts then become used goods. Some people continue to pay backs premium $ after the rookie contract and they often end up disappointed.
  4. Andrews, Mark BAL TE

    Actually I think I would too. Make fewer more important moves. The current way is fine but I think less watching the waiver wire would be nice.
  5. Tedy Bruschi recovering from a stroke

    Well he made a full recovery last time so hopefully will be able to do the same. He had a hole in his heart they repaired the last time he had a stroke. Sometimes small clots form in the legs and if there is a hole between two chambers of the heart they can slide over to affect the brain or other parts of the body instead of the lungs. But it's happened again so one would assume the hole in the heart was probably not the issue. Wonder about some blood clotting issue? Tedy always seemed like a good dude. 45 wouldn't be fun for a bad stroke. On a side note, Shazier has made some pretty impressive recpvery.
  6. Doak Walker Award Winners

    The receivers definitely fared the best, not totally surprising but interesting
  7. Tyreek Hill again...

    I completely agree with you that the system is broken when you have to choose sometimes whether you want to be innocent and bankrupt or guilty and still have money. I didn't mean a literal court of law but I was speaking more figuratively. The NFL is in kind of an awkward position where there are no pressed charges, so they are left to decipher on their own how to discipline people which they've clearly had difficulty with in the past. Ray Rice was only suspended 2 games until video came out, then basically his career was over. The Ezekiel Elliott thing was a mess. Adrian Peterson's was more straightforward. Tom Brady's was a mess. I wouldn't necessarily enjoy the position they are in, trying to sort out the truth in he-said/she-said or otherwise murky cases. But at the same time if they don't punish them there's a cloud that hangs over the league and their credibility takes a hit. Tyreek saying on tape that she should be scared of him, after he's been prosecuted in the past for punching her while pregnant will probably earn him a suspension no matter what. That's my sense.
  8. Andrews, Mark BAL TE

    If I am looking for underdog TE's, I personally like Goedert or Gerald Everett. Hayden Hurst + Andrews + Lamar is not a formula I am high on
  9. Tyreek Hill again...

    If he doesn't get suspended there will be some upset people for sure. A kid's arm got broken under suspicious circumstances yet nobody seems to know how. I think most of us assume Tyreek was being aggressive and somewhere in there the kid broke it, either from the jerk or from something the kid did to get away. I am all for innocent until proven guilty and reasonable doubt, but no punishment would probably not be well received. If he has some sort of exculpatory evidence or something then forget what I said.
  10. Biggest surprise is the Chiefs. I doubt that they are truly that low. Also of course everyone in Boston is a Pats fan after winning 5000 Super Bowls. I'd be too. I'd like to know how you 'correct for recent success' with something as rare as that?
  11. How to value Chubb

    I think this is more or less where I am. The reason I ask is I'll be drafting in the second half of my drafts and I'd really like Chubb. I'll try to pick up Hunt but I am not going to overpay either. Coming back that late in the year is never a guarantee of much and by then I expect Chubb will be having a good year
  12. How to value Chubb

    I like Chubb a lot. He did really well with not a great OL in Cleveland and the credible threat of throwing and potentially being ahead in games with a solid D for Cleveland would lead one to believe he'll be grinding out a lot of games. But he also has a pretty nice talent in Hunt coming back in week 10. I think without Hunt he's an easy 1st round selection in a 12 team league but not sure how to value him with Hunt. I'd say drafting Hunt as a cuff is likely advised if you do. If one goes down the other becomes very valuable. How high would you draft? Early 2nd?
  13. How to value Chubb

    You don't see many in season trades but also I am not sure if Cleveland would consider Hunt as a bargaining chip. They haven't seemed to eager to get rid of Duke Johnson which makes me think they likely won't. I am not an expert on in season trades though. These things are hard or impossible to predict which is why when in doubt I prefer to draft the best athlete rather than the setup. The problem is both are pretty damn good. We are talking two perhaps top 5 RB's or close.
  14. Brandon Bolden

    I don't really love any NE back. James White, Michel, Burkhead, the new guy they drafted. Maybe White for PPR but I don't play PPR
  15. Coach's analysis of Darnold

    I keep forgetting about Bell. That is a significant safety valve if Bell is a player he used to be. That's a big if
  16. Coach's analysis of Darnold

    I think Darnold will be good eventually. I like him a lot more than Trubisky or Allen, neither of which is as accurate. Who does he have to throw to though right now?
  17. Kyle Rudolph

    I have him at 9th in fantasy scoring last year, even though he played all 16 games. OJ Howard, Gronk, Evan Engram and others were not far behind and they missed multiple weeks. And on a team that threw 63% of the time. And now he has Irv Smith Jr who may take some snaps. The O line may be better this year but he's not a super attractive fantasy candidate to me.
  18. Todd Gurley - 2019 draft ranking

    Yeah I can't agree with that ranking. There is no chance I would take him before Nick Chubb. I read that Gurley said it's a minor issue and I think he's wrong. But I guess we'll just have to see
  19. Kyle Rudolph

    Yeah I would have preferred to just see him cut to be honest. Even for 9 million. But it's not a huge investment. I'd feel differently if he blocked well but he doesn't. I agree with League I think he's pretty easily replaced for what he produces
  20. Kyle Rudolph

    He's kind of slow as molasses. I am not a huge fan to be honest. But it depends on the contract structure. If it is 9 million guaranteed I don't have a problem. If it is 16 million it is too much. I was hoping they'd just cut or trade him but maybe they want to run 2 TE sets with Irv Smith Jr. I don't know. Given our junky Oline they may want easy passes for Kirk. A little puzzling if they guaranteed him much money but I am still waiting on full contract details.
  21. Leveon Bell Trade?

    LeVeon's girlfriends steal 520k worth of jewelry. https://www.dkpittsburghsports.com/2019/06/05/leveon-bell-robbed-girlfriends-jewelry-stolen-jets-hh/
  22. 18 Game Regular Season Considered

    I could handle that too. One extra game is fine. Two gets a little tough because of wear and tear. Cut at least one preseason game. There is just not good enough reason to play 4 of them if you ask me.
  23. Todd Gurley - 2019 draft ranking

    4th or 5th round sounds about right. For all we know the guy can't even really play this year. Or any year.
  24. ASJ to be released

    Released? Seems a little extreme. What would cause a player to get straight up released right now? Out of shape? Or booze or something like Redd said?
  25. Breakouts and busts

    He's on a good offense across from Keenan Allen and now that Tyrell Williams is gone should get a lot of his targets. I don't think Travis Benjamin is a huge threat to his workload. Only thing I didn't love was he was very TD heavy last year which isn't usually that consistent year to year. He doesn't seem to get many YAC. But he is a big body so maybe he'll remain a big red zone target. I owned him for part of the year and it was surprising how little he got used. With more targets he could be very productive. Also am not sure how much to expect from Hunter Henry. I think I'll pass on him, but sounds like he could be good.