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  1. Need Help with your Fantasy team? GGL's got ur back

    Dak is having some trouble. Who would you consider picking up until he gets back into form? Gabbert McCown Taylor Dalton Mariota Siemian Fitzpatrick Bortles Cutler Trubisky Kizer
  2. RIP Terry Glenn

    Yeah, I saw that. Quite a shock. Didn't even know his family background. Very sad. But he didn't wear a seat-belt??? Not a good idea to go without your seat-belt.
  3. Bestest Fantasy Team of all time??

    LOL It's hard to remember EVERY single player on my team's rosters for close to 20 years, much less put together my all-time best roster. Sure, I brought some players back from previous seasons. But to remember them all and to determine which ones are the best? Hell if I can remember! That's like asking what my favorite assignment in grade school was, which was 20+ years ago. I'd have to go through every roster of every team for the last 19 years and see if I can remember if they were even on my roster and then figure out who likely scored the most points for me. I guess that's the good thing about having a database that can keep all the data for this stuff. I don't have that, though.
  4. Odds of winning tomorrow?

    While it's certainly possible for him to get the points, I'm not counting on it. It's a bit of a reach - even for him, at least with the way he's been playing all year. Either he needs to match (Antonio) Brown's week 11 stats or he'll need to get almost just as much. Even if he has a monster game, I'd doubt he'd get 3 TDs. 2 probably. But 3? No. It'd be great if he could, but reality doesn't tend to like me much.
  5. Odds of winning tomorrow?

    I'd say 200 to 1. I also have him and I need 29 pts. Opponent has Big Ben and I have Prescott. Until Tyron Smith returns, I'm going to have to look for a better QB, with Watson on IR.
  6. Milk Carton Week 11

    Certainly, Prescott deserves mentioning in here. I wish Tyron Smith would return. These backups just aren't cutting the mustard. I would've been better off had I put in Deshaun Watson in the lineup (despite being on IR). At least he wouldn't lose any points (from the team total).
  7. Collusion in Yahoo league

    Hey, everyone. I was just curious how I can report collusion in my league, in case it happens. But I haven't been able to find out the information I needed. Does anyone else know anything? It's a shame that some people would collude for something as petty as fantasy football - especially if it's not for very much money or any money at all. That's why I would NEVER play for money in a public league. Anybody who feels the need to collude over something so petty needs to have their head examined. I could understand if it was teenagers, but some of these are grown-ass men. Like you never grew up???
  8. Am I out of line?

    As just about everyone else here has said, I would say you are not out of line. If I were you, I would definitely quit after this season (maybe start your own league). Maybe you and your week 11 opponent could give the chalupa and the commish a taste of their own medicine and load the better team with the better options to win in the playoffs. Sooner or later, those idiots won't have anyone to play with and it'll be their own faults for behaving like children. But definitely walk away after this season (whether you win it or not). They aren't the hassle. If it's online, make sure you get proof of the "deals/trades". That way, if you win and they report you, you have proof that shows collusion - whether it's a screenshot or such. Hell, you may even want to report them now. That way, it will be fair from here on out. If it's not online, then leave the league.
  9. Need Help with your Fantasy team? GGL's got ur back

    With Kelley on IR, should I consider swapping Julio out with Thompson? Julio hasn't been doing as well as expected this year.
  10. is McFadden even worth a roster spot?

    He used to be. Not sure if he is anymore, especially if he's not starting in Dallas in Elliot's absence.
  11. Weird FF season

    10 team league I'm at the top with 8-2 (already clinched - only one clinched so far). 2 teams at 7-3. 2 teams at 5-5. 3 teams at 4-6 and the final 2 teams are at 3-7. So, it's still wide open yet. Certainly, more teams will likely clinch either this week or next. And the final clinching will happen in the season finale.
  12. Expectations for Austin Ekeler

    Yeah, I wasn't happy that Gordon didn't get a score. He didn't even get one.
  13. Expectations for Austin Ekeler

    I think he's worthy of a roster spot, a handcuff to Gordon if nothing else.
  14. Need Help with your Fantasy team? GGL's got ur back

    Week 11 2 WRs - Jones, Hopkins, Matthews, Landry and Agholor 2 RBs - Gordon, Hunt and Thompson 1 Flex - any of the remaining above DEF - Detroit or Seattle I lost in week 10, so I figure I might need more help and I added them all.
  15. Monday night - Panthers/Dolphins

    If I had the best team ever, I'd be undefeated and hundreds of points above the rest of my league. But I'm not.