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  1. Need Help with your Fantasy team? GGL's got ur back

    Hey, GGL! I'm back. How's it going? My draft is in a couple of months, so I wanted to see who you thought I should keep (from my roster, at the end of the season last year). I get to keep two. I crossed out certain ones, explaining them. I cannot keep a player more than 2 consecutive seasons and I cannot keep the top 2 round players from the previous year. Any players I keep will be selected 2 rounds ahead of their previous selected round (i.e. drafted 7th round last year, will be drafted 5th round this year). If player was traded or picked up from waivers, then they will be drafted in round 6 (and 8, if keeping 2 of them). Won't know my draft order spot until the draft. Dak Prescott - 7 Deshaun Watson - WW Nick Foles - WW Melvin Gordon - had him for 2 straight seasons Kareem Hunt - 9 Christian McCaffrey - 4 Chris Thompson - 16 Julio Jones selected within the top 2 rounds last year DeAndre Hopkins - had him for 2 straight seasons Jarvis Landry - 5 Nelson Agholor - WW Rob Gronkowski selected within the top 2 rounds last year Robbie Gould kickers typically not a good idea for keeping Greg Zuerlein kickers typically not a good idea for keeping Detroit defenses typically not a good idea for keeping Seattle defenses typically not a good idea for keeping Number following player is the round they were drafted last year WW - waiver wire
  2. If you have a problem with me venting, then go somewhere else. You're not wanted here. I only want people that may actually give a manure. Anyways, despite winning the title, I'm rather disappointed in (Dak) Prescott. I mean seriously. He played pathetic this year. Sure, he had some good games, but he also had some horrible games. If he would've at least played half way decent (mediocre or slightly above average), I could've gotten 100 more points and EASILY would've scored the most points in a season (at least since 2012) by far. I came 5 points short of reaching the goal. Sure, the other players could've done more. But they did much better over the season's stretch compared to Prescott. This is a TEAM, and you need to pull your (equal) share. I didn't have (any) options from the waivers, after Watson went down. I wasn't even looking for spectacular numbers. Just mediocre (or slightly above average) numbers, at the least. Even 15 points would've sufficed. Some weeks you had SINGLE digit scores. Hell, one week you even gave me NEGATIVE numbers. REALLY??? Maybe you're a 1 year wonder. Not all of it is on you with your performance, but most of it is. After all, we are talking about YOUR performance. Hopefully, (if you see this - probably won't but might as well vent to get it out of my system) you'll take this as encouragement to improve yourself for next season - even if I don't end up drafting you next season.
  3. What do you need on Christmas?

    I needed Hopkins to score enough to beat Bell and Philly's kicker. I had a 28 point lead going into Christmas Day. I won!
  4. Need Help with your Fantasy team? GGL's got ur back

    Hey, GGL. I need your help. I'm in a rematch of our league's first championship and the team I'm playing beat me twice this year already. Who would you recommend out of my entire roster? Would you consider picking up Nick Foles to start instead of Prescott? See my full roster in the sig. 1 QB, 2 RBs, 2 WRs, 1 TE, 1 Flex and 1 DEF.
  5. Seahags gettin werked!

    Really? When is it considered running up the score - 30-3? 35-7? 28-3? 37-7? For all we know, they could've added another TD at the rate they were going. At least with a field goal, it's only 3 points. For all I know, the kicker could've missed it. I would think it's more respectful to "follow the script" and kick a field goal when it's fourth down like any other game situation (start of the game or at halftime or at the end of the game) instead of going for it and then end up scoring 7 points instead of 3. I don't care whether McVay is concerned about my team or not (I know he's not). I'm just trying to understand why they "go off script" at the weirdest moments. Sure, some moments require strategy in order to win the game. But this game was already won. As for Belichick doing it, we all know what kind of coach he is. He's a different breed of coach. Sure, I'm "upset" because he didn't kick a field goal (because of my kicker). But that doesn't mean I wouldn't have brought it up if he wasn't on my team. If I was watching the game with a player not on my team, I would've still brought it up then, too. Some people actually find me entertaining, and I like entertaining people. So pardon me if I like making people happy. If you don't like what I type, then please ignore me.
  6. Yes!! Going to the Ship!

    Congrats! I'm going, too. I'm going up against a team that beat me twice in the regular season. Hopefully, I can win this time and take home the title.
  7. Assembled the best team possible and still lost...

    Darn. Better luck next year.
  8. Antonio Brown injured

    Do you win anything for 2nd place, or does it all go to 1st place teams? In my league, 2nd place teams get a lesser prize (obviously not as good as 1st place).
  9. 2018 keepers

    I have been contemplating ceasing my fantasy football "career", after close to 20 years - EVEN if I win the title this year. In the meantime, who do you think I should keep, if I decide to continue playing? I can only keep 2. I cannot keep the first two round picks (sorry, Jones and Hopkins). I also cannot keep someone that I had for two consecutive seasons (sorry, Gordon). And whoever I do keep, will be drafted one round ahead of their previous draft round. For the waiver keep, they would be drafted in the 6th or 7th round or so. Hunt McCaffrey Watson - WW Landry Prescott Matthews Agholor - WW Thompson WW - picked up on the waiver wire McCaffrey is supposed to become the featured back for Carolina, probably next year. Not sure how KC's backfield will be determined (likely by committee if one of them isn't traded), once Ware returns. Thompson was quite decent this year before he went down, being a great receiving option for Wash. If I draw a top 3 or 5 pick, then I'll be in REAL good shape. Watson had a pretty good year before he went down. Prescott had his sophomoric slump. Landry had a decent year and even competed Jones/Hopkins for a starting spot, even when they weren't on a bye week and with Parker competing with him for targets. Matthews had a mediocre season, granted he (and Mariota) was hurt at times. Agholor is #3 in Philly, but could become #2 (maybe #1?) for next year with a pretty decent 2017.
  10. Here come the AB questions

    I'd say Thielen and Cooks would be your 1 and 2. The others could make an argument to be one or the other, but they haven't performed well and consistently enough to make it a legitimate one.
  11. Can I win

    It depends on your scoring system. You very well could've won. Did you?
  12. Seahags gettin werked!

    Yeah, but I was referring to Sean McVay here. He should've just kicked the field goal. But no. He gambled and lost.
  13. Keelan Cole JAC WR

    Okay. Thanks.
  14. Keelan Cole JAC WR

    I don't know why he was undrafted in the NFL, but it happens all the time. Cole is not the first player to be considered a great undrafted player and he's not likely to be the last. Excuse me for giving my input.
  15. Keelan Cole JAC WR

    Actually, I was referring to the depth chart, not fantasy football rankings. Pardon me if I confused you.