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  1. Boys-49ers

    I have a feeling the Boys will bring it this week as Julian Peterson has guaranteed a win against DAL this week. I know SF is playing at home and all, but do they really think they can get their offense going against the DAL D not to mention stopping the multiple offensive options the Cowboys have? I personally am hoping that Parcells takes this as a challenge and lets Jones run all over the 9ers and he gets 2-3 tds. Keep talking the smack Peterson it will be good for my FF team this week.
  2. Willis McGahee

    look for that next week against NO
  3. wdis

    Who can put up more numbers? I think the answer is Fitz. JMHO
  4. WDIS?

    reception points - Williamson definitely Otherwise Williamson but only because Burleson is out and it is not guaranteed NYG will have the ball within the 5 yard line. Jones could very well score again, but Williamson should have a shot against a not very good NO secondary as well.
  5. wdis

    Option A Fitz - along with actual talent Option B Lelie - along with MNF matchup I'd take the one who can actually catch the ball That would be Fitz of course. He hasn't been targeted that many times less (Lelie 24 - Fitz 21) .. however the catches are (Lelie 8 - Fitz 17)
  6. Arrington - #3 RB?

    I'll send you a PM.
  7. Would You Do This Trade

    It does deplete your RB depth, but would definitely help out your WR. The best thing you got going on doing that is your RB's don't bye weeks until Week 7 so Benson or Gore or both should definitely be more involved by then with their respective teams. I would actually think about unloading Dillon if you could, because otherwise you will have both Dillon and Williams on bye in Week 7. Plus Parker has a softer FF playoff matchup than Dillon. Just a thought. If he would take Dillon then I would do it.
  8. Arrington - #3 RB?

    Plus we have deep rosters and all the guys you mentioned this week are already gone.
  9. Cadillac

    As mentioned above ... same is true for LT ... Portis played all 16 (started 12) ... C Mart played all 16 (started 15) ... M Faulk started all 16 ... so there are more
  10. RB Help

    I would say SJax ... I think NE will come out playing tough and focused after their first loss knowing that potentially home field playoff advantage is on the line. Just a hunch
  11. Arrington - #3 RB?

    Just makin sure you weren't holdin out on us.
  12. A n00b question

    ... that was quite predictable ... he did set himself up for it though.
  13. Flex Help

    what he said.
  14. so I just traded for Holt...

    I like Cpeps chances of bouncing back. So I would go with TT as well since Burleson is out and the Saints secondary isn't the best. Starting a CLE WR is like playing WRRoulette IMO. Although this could be Bryant's week since Edwards had his and Jackson had his ... only problem is Northcutt hasn't had his big week yet either.
  15. What you make this trade?

    How strange is that? Two people with the same trade offer? And they both have Gates ... I personally wouldn't do it.
  16. A n00b question

    why can't we all just get along blah?
  17. Arrington - #3 RB?

    Could be .. I didn't see the game, just going off the play-by-play which said he was rushing it .. which does seem a little odd.
  18. A n00b question

    sounds like they made a good decision
  19. Arrington - #3 RB?

    Cool, picked him off waivers earlier today. Any other guys you can tip me off to?
  20. Arrington - #3 RB?

    As those fumbles go ... the first one gave STL the ball on ARI's 20 yard line then Bulger threw an INT on the next play and when Warner comes back for the first play of the series he fumbles the second time but recovers it ... his third fumble was on 2nd and goal at the 1 which then led to 3rd and goal and the 4 where he got sacked and then they had to kick a field goal. I'm sure that doesn't do much for his confidence ... and certainly doesn't make him look that great. Granted, just about any QB you have to respect and still play hard against (insert Boller, Feeley, others joke here), but some definitely more than others.
  21. A n00b question

    what's the deal with a username that is the same thing three times ... you not creative enough to use three different words oh yeah ... and blah!
  22. Mewelde Moore

  23. Arrington - #3 RB?

    Except the three fumbles last game against the Rams ... two of which he fortunately recovered. I'm not saying he is bad, just that he is not doing as good as some thought he would (myself included). They could have won against the Rams. Heck, if you go by stats right now, Trent Dilfer is a very respectable QB (who woulda thunk that)