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  1. PHI/CAR thread

    All I know is I'm glad I started Ertz
  2. How's everyone's season going so far?0

    1-4, at the bottom of my division and 2nd to last in total points.
  3. Loaf

    do midgets poop?
  4. Week 1 Milk Carton Thread

    Taz keeps sending me naked pics of himself with a bucket of chicken. Anyways, I wish Ameer would have at least given me 21 points :/
  5. What do you need tonight?

    Same here (in an auction league got him for 38% under value) -fist bump-
  6. The Revival of the Tailgate!

    And then you arrive I can confirm this. It was hot, too.
  7. Happy Thanksgiving Huddlers!

    I would like to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving!
  8. Boobie

  9. 10 year loyalty badge?
  10. I took a gamble and left him in my line up. I figured one of my other players would do better than expected and mitigate some of the point loss if Marshall didn't play/perform well. I am thankful the dice went my way. Also, did I mention my starting QB is Cutler...
  11. Peyton's TE bromance is killing Demaryius.

    For the record, keggerz gives amazing back rubs.
  12. 2 #1 picks

    When I played non-auction leagues it would always be the best available player based on the scoring system of the league. In the case of both leagues having the same scoring system I would then look to the roster size, waiver wire pick system, pay outs, etc. to make my determination. But all things being equal, I'm also a person who likes to mitigate against risk so I wouldn't take the same player. If that player tears his ACL then your 1st round pick is a bust in two leagues.
  13. I-95 between NC and Wash DC

    Damn, wish I would have known you were in the area. I'm 20 minutes outside of Raleigh and you could have crashed here if you didn't want to drive. Anyways the most 'white knuckled' drive I did on 95 from Raleigh to DC was hurricane Irene. My leagues draft was up in MD so I drove from Raleigh up to DC and then over to Annapolis in the middle of that hurricane. There were two times I didn't think I was going to make it because of the winds. Normally I can get from here to Bowling greens on 3/4s of a tank of gas. But because I was driving head on into the wind I didn't get to Richmond before I was almost out of gas. Horrible drive but all in the name of draft day.
  14. SD/DEN

    Or as we call it down here - tossing da salad. And don't's not domestic violence if she can't call the police. Hence the karate chop to the throat.