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  1. Devonta Freeman ruled OUT for Week 2

    What do you think his projected status will be?
  2. DMD - Suggestions for Draft Kit Tools

    I just realized this is my 14th year. Wow. Talk about loyalty to a brand
  3. McKinnon Injured

    Every single year I lose a guy before week 3 of the season. Le' Sigh...
  4. One song

    Coldplay???? :/
  5. It's the Skins so I feel the juxtaposition between guarded disappointment and deep, deep, deep self loathing
  6. PHI/CAR thread

    All I know is I'm glad I started Ertz
  7. How's everyone's season going so far?0

    1-4, at the bottom of my division and 2nd to last in total points.
  8. Loaf

    do midgets poop?
  9. Week 1 Milk Carton Thread

    Taz keeps sending me naked pics of himself with a bucket of chicken. Anyways, I wish Ameer would have at least given me 21 points :/
  10. What do you need tonight?

    Same here (in an auction league got him for 38% under value) -fist bump-
  11. The Revival of the Tailgate!

    And then you arrive I can confirm this. It was hot, too.
  12. Happy Thanksgiving Huddlers!

    I would like to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving!
  13. Boobie

  14. 10 year loyalty badge?