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  1. Rudolph now active after not practicing all week. Picked up J James.. who to start in a standard league?
  2. Another Rudolph out..

    Any other thoughts?
  3. Hopkins or Westbrook?

    I am playing Westbrook this week
  4. With Rudolph out.. standard scoring; my options are: Leaning toward James...
  5. Line up help!

    I ended up picking up Riddick with my open slot.. only change I made so far was flipped Landry and DT so that I will have until at least Sunday to make a Flex switch.. with Thomas playing tonight I’d be locked out if he were still in the Flex.
  6. Stewart or Mccaffery???

  7. Line up help!

    This is my team 1... standard scoring.. Agholor (with Foles) vs NYG Thoughts on changes? I have an open slot to pick up Riddick vs Chi or Rod Smith vs Oak.. K Williams vs Was and use as a Flex too..
  8. Dede Westbrook?

    I am playing Westbrook over Evans in one of my leagues as well.. help wirh mine?
  9. Gotta bench Evans, right?

    I have Diggs and Evans as well.. sitting Evans, picked up Westbrook.. I can’t let another week go by that he does nothing for me
  10. Fight for 11th place!

    Haha hey.. I could have lied and said it was for 3rd..
  11. Fight for 11th place!

    Haha yes.. bitter battle between work friends
  12. Hey GGL.. fighting for 5th place with a side bet.. standard scoring.. other than possible buffalo weather for Landry.. any changes? And if weather Ian bad, who to put in place of Landry? also have a slot to pick up Riddick vs chi or Rod Smith vs oak.. thanks as always..
  13. Here is my line up.. Standard scoring.. tired of Diggs and Evans doing nothing for me.. should I consider dropping someone and picking up Westbrook, sit Evans or Diggs in his place? What do I have to lose.. 11th place?
  14. Line up help standard

    Well.. I should have listened to you!
  15. Jax D/ST

    I am rolling with Jax too.. help with mine?