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  1. Trade advice

    I think I’d take that trade. i have Hunt and D Thomas as well.. it would be hard to let go of Hunt but Bryant will be a step up from Thomas, and Freeman is already past his bye week where Hunt still has his (one less week to look for a replacement?). AP is just a bonus if he does have repeat weeks like last.
  2. One spot to fill

    Go with kamara
  3. Trade advice

    Gurley, Hunt and Thomas for Freeman, AP and Dez? Standard or PPR? Peterson will be productive but I can’t see him with huge numbers ever week with AZs line. The only upside of this trade I see for you is Thomas for Bryant.
  4. who should I start at QB?

    With the way the games going so far, I hope you went with Smith!
  5. Stream DST

    Who is worth a pick up this week?
  6. QB This week

    Awesome thanks for the help!
  7. Who do I start at TE?

    I just dropped Dickson and picked up Kittle.. was between him and Z. Miller. He has seen an increased workload and against Carolin this week, they have given up 2 TE TDS in each of the past two weeks. I am giving Bennett one more week on the bench and s-canning him too if he doesn’t start producing
  8. QB This week

    Ryan vs NE Smith vs Oak
  9. Hey GGL, i need TE advice for Standard scoring league. I have Dickson and Bennett.. enough said. FA’s: Z. Miller against Carolina (2 TDS to TE in each of past two games) T. Kroft vs Pitts Doyle vs Jax or do I look to try and make a trade in a league where literally 1 trade has been accepted through 6 weeks..
  10. Is M. Bryant cuttable?

    Funny, I asked this same question last night and received no response.. now I know haha
  11. M. Bryant

    Standard Scoring I have yet to find a use for him in my line-up. he only posted one decent week. Is he worth holding on to or what is his value for trade? I would be interested in looking for a TE My other WRs are D Jackson, D Thomas, W Fuller, J Landry TE: Bennett and Dickson RB: K Hunt, D Murray QB: Prescott and Siemian
  12. Snead or Amendola?

    PPR? Amendola.. Snead is not 100% and still a game time decision.
  13. Pick a QB & WR

    I would go with Rivers and Cooper.. Snead is not 100% and is a game time decision. Going with Carr and Cooper is risky.. bad game for Carr coming off injury means bad week for Cooper and causing lost points for 2 players.. I am in the same boat
  14. Flex help!! 1st place on line

    I would go with Decker if Mariota is playing.. Breida will Mostly likely end up with less touches than hyde this week against Washington
  15. Pick Three RBs please!

    Hard to say which I would start gillislee over but he will be the goal line back against the Jets that have allowed 5 RB touchdowns