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  1. Line up help standard

    Well.. I should have listened to you!
  2. Jax D/ST

    I am rolling with Jax too.. help with mine?
  3. Who should I start at flex?

    Perine.. help with mine?
  4. Who should I start at TE?

    Doyle.. Wash is a better match up for hunter but I think Doyle will see more targets. Help with mine?
  5. I think you’re good as set. help with mine?
  6. Am I screwed?

    Have start Rudolph over Olsen this week, I know next week is guaranteed but he needs to show he can play before he gets the start for me.. I would take Lee at Flex help with mine?
  7. Crazy to bench my RB1?

    I think you have it right as set. Gordon no doubt over Burkhead help with mine?
  8. Week 15 wdis for qb

    Big Ben. help with mine?
  9. I am in the same situation.. was considering picking up Anderson for Doyle (but in Standard) decided to stay with Doyle (I apologize if your post was “reported,” my son ran and jumped on my while I was replying and it said something about report post! 😳) help with mine?
  10. Standard Scoring.. having some trouble deciding Dak or McCown (I am leaning toward Dak) and do I get D Thomas or Murray in the mix and if so who to sit.. If it wasn’t playoff week 1 I would be temped to drop and stream.. but still might not be a bad option
  11. TE.. Doyle, ?Olsen, FA

    Thanks, I can always count on you for a reply!
  12. Hey all, Standard Scoring... Doyle at Buf Olsen vs Min (full practice so far this week) or pick up one of the below.
  13. Goff or McCown

    I would go with Goff mind helping with mine?
  14. McCaffrey or Funchess at flex?

    Agree with the above.