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  1. 0.5PPR. who to flex: A Jeffrey - weather factor J Washington M Brown R Anderson
  2. Wdis at wr. Kupp or Moore?

    That’s a rough call. I would sit Cupp. He is has always been good vs Sea but Goff has been unpredictable.
  3. Any changes?

    Thanks! Do I drop J Hollister for Gesicki, drop Brown for Pascal (also R Anderson is out there too)? and I guess with weather, Goff over Wentz?
  4. Any changes?

    0.5 PPR. Also have Philly as defense. Here’s what I have on the WW.
  5. 0.5PPR. who to choose as flex?
  6. Flex option

    0.5 PPR T McLaurin vs NYJ or M Brown vs Hou
  7. 0.5PPR. Stick with JuJu or flex T. McLaurin? also have Marquise Brown on the WW.
  8. Do I drop anyone to pick up J Samuels or L Murray from the WW?