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  1. AFC Championship Game

    Idiot. Because the refs went 35-53 for 337 yards. Because the refs threw 3 tds and 0 picks. Right? Because the refs sacked Mariota 8 times. Because the refs scored 35 unanswered points. Because holding Henry to 12 rushes for 28 yards is the refs doing. Right? A couple calls went against the Titans. So what? That means they should've won? That entitles them to 21 points and a game winning field goal? Calls go both ways pal. Gronk gets interfered with on literally every single play. They call it? No. Keep whining though. And yeah Gourdeau. The NFL really praying for the Pats. After they dragged Brady through deflategate, I'm positive Goodell wants nothing more than the Pats in another Superbowl. Yeah. No doubt. Dumbass.
  2. Vikes vs the Saints

    Why even go for the tackle? Could've just stood there, waited for Diggs to catch it, then make the tackle. Can't believe that
  3. Vikes vs the Saints

    What was he doing?

    And also, why not call the timeouts before the 2 minute warning? Would've been 4th down at the 2 minute warning. Instead it's 4th with 1:50

    Look who's talking. A Cowboy's fan. Hypocrisy at its finest.

    AB unreal

    Not sure if it can. I can't see them putting up 30+ on the Jags

    Game's not close to over. But I had Jags winning this. Not sure why everyone had the Steelers.
  9. final 8

    8 sacks and 35 unanswered points. Domination. But you guys, "see that one pushoff?" It's actually really funny. Because the NFL really wants the Pats to win. Sure. So the NFL really wants NE-Pitt? Because it looks like the Jags are winning right now. Guys are ridiculous. It's amusing though.
  10. Thank You Todd Gurley

    My league, Jordan Reed went 26th. Amari Cooper went 27th. I took Gurley 28th
  11. Todd Gurley #1 pick next year?

    I would think Bell one, Johnson two, Gurley three, Zeke four
  12. Bills learned that you cannot score on NE

    Yup. Cowboys. Asterisk. Merry Christmas
  13. Bills learned that you cannot score on NE

    What two calls? The Steeler's one wasn't a catch and neither was the ASJ? Benjamin's should've been but did it matter? No, we won by 21. Cook's catch looked like a catch to me. Sorry that we have different opinions. Nitpick every little thing that goes the Patriot's way though. It's amusing. Calls go against every team. Patriots get hosed on calls plenty of times. I remember kuechly holding onto gronk in the end zone a few years ago that was a terrible call. Or the fact that gronk gets interfered with on literally every single play and never gets a call. Get over it man. Quit nitpicking and being whiny.
  14. Bills learned that you cannot score on NE

    Cheatriots? Typical. Wag a finger at the Patriots, when in reality, every team has at one point or another done something against the rules. Cowboy's fan huh? How about those 90's Cowboys? Using horse medicine? Surely that can't be legal. What about when Jimmy Johnson admitted to spying on other teams? Pretty sure you won a few super bowls in the 90's while that spying was going on. So yeah. Cheatriots? Please. Look at your own damn team.
  15. Bills learned that you cannot score on NE

    I care? That's why I mentioned it? He's a professional QB. He knows what a catch is. And for him to say an opinion that favors the Pats? I also thought Cook's catch was a TD. I don't get your argument. Every team gets calls. You're arguing that the Pats should be 11-4 instead of 12-3? Ok? Every QB whines into the ref's ears. I'm not sure what your point is.