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  1. Trade question

    Alvin Kamara for Edelman and Guise? Standard
  2. One spot to fill

    Carlos Hyde, CJ Anderson, or Alvin Kamara? 1pt ppr.
  3. WDIS FLEX: Kamara @ GB or Martin @ BUF

    Kamara since it's ppr.
  4. WR help

    Pryor and Cooper. Cooper will eventually get it together and KC has been giving up points to receivers.
  5. Need a starter tonight

    Yeah but Hill's numbers are boosted from the NE game and he hasn't been consistent whereas Crabtree has only scored under double digit the game he got injured.
  6. Think Smith has a Bounceback in him?

    I say Captain Kirk. That's why I'm torn between Crabtree and Hill Carr is playing bad but I think Smith will start to regress.
  7. Which Team Wins?

    Team 2
  8. Quick fire flex pick

  9. Tyreek Hill or Michael Crabtree?
  10. McCaffrey or Duke?

    Gah that's tough but my gut tells me McCaffrey has a safer floor and I think they both have the same ceiling... So I say McCaffrey.
  11. Who will have the bigger game?

    Bell and CJ Anderson
  12. Wr trade question

    Absolutely make that trade
  13. Who would you flex?

    Hmm that's tough but my vote is Fuller