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  1. No way! Big drop in WR value and Montgomery has been a disappointment,
  2. Trade dalvin cook?

    you need to improve your WR's definetly
  3. Big Trade Do I do it?

    It's a ten team league with 2 keepers ( for 2 years).
  4. Ty hilton or Gallup ppr league.

    I agree they both have big upside. Please reply to my trade question.
  5. Flex Advise

    The only reason I would pick Fitz over Waller is TD potential. Please reply to my trade question.
  6. Fuller I think it will be a shootout Ind is missing several DB's Please reply to my trade question.
  7. Time to drop DJax ?

    He is always hurt and he seems to perform on weeks no one would start him. Just when you depend on him he lets you down. Please reply to my trade question.
  8. Which RB to start at flex

    Singletary, Buff is going to run all day on Miami Please reply to my trade question.
  9. Add Drop dilemma

    I would stay put as well Please reply to my trade question.
  10. I would give: Russell Wilson ( I have Brees and J. Allen on the bench) Julio Jones (I have Davante A, Robert Woods, Tyler Boyd, Mike Evans and Robbie Anderson) Aaron Jones ( I have Saquon, Chris Carson and Melvin Gordon) I get: Pat Mahommes Nick Chubb Michael Thomas Is it worth the gamble (Wilson is the #1 QB) I have to make the deal by tonight.
  11. TE dilemma

    IF that is your only options Eifert then Fant
  12. Need 1 RB

    Chase but don't expect much. Can you pick someone up on the waiver wire?
  13. I turned it down I thought that the upside wasn't enough to change the lineup.
  14. FLEX PPR Start help

    If you don't play AP this week drop him. Please reply to my urgent trade proposal.
  15. Gamble on Hill playing?

    Then go with Moore.