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  1. A little thin at running back this week with byes and injuries, and only have the following this week: Michel J White Brieda .5 ppr Was leaning towards both pats backs with Burkhead out.
  2. Barkley trade

    Was just offered Barkley and Oj Howard for Kelce and Kerryon in a 10 team .5 ppr. My running backs are Kerryon, Damien Williams, D. Montgomery, Singletary and Chris Thompson. Would I be crazy to decline this? I’m 0-5 and could use win this week if I want any shot at making the playoffs and this trade would greatly hurt any chances of winning this week.
  3. I receive: Robert Woods, Ronald Jones and Golden Tate I tarde away: Odell Beckham My WRs are Julio, Odell, Godwin, Gallup, Hardman and Dorsett My Rbs are D. Montgomery, Michel, Sanders, Breida, James White .5 ppr league, 2 WR, 2 RB and 1 Flex. Its not a bad offer but leaning towards no. While I do need help at running back, I’m just not sure if Jones would start for me every week and same with Tate and Woods with Gallup coming back. Curious as to what others think?
  4. Trade Julio?

    They’ve got Kamara and Singletary as their only running backs and Fuller, Gordon, Lockett, Kirk and Gallup as their receivers
  5. Trade Julio?

    Guy in my league is trying to trade for Julio, in my 12 team .5 ppr league. Im pretty weak at RB and was thinking about asking for Carson and E Sanders for him? Curious on what others thoughts on that trade is or should I stand pat? Sitting at 1-1 so not in panic mode or anything. My Rbs: Michel, Breida, D Montgomery, J White, M. Sanders My Wr: Julio, Odell, Godwin and Hardman
  6. Pick 3 to start this week

    I would do Kerryon. Arizona last year gave up a league high 154 rushing yards a game and Kerryon should be getting majority of the looks. Ekeler probably will lose some touches to Jackson as well
  7. Flex advice

    I did see Breida was listed as the number 1 running back on the depth chart and they should put up a lot of points against the bucs Id still lean Jacobs though since we don’t know what the split between Breida and Coleman will be
  8. It’s a 12 team ppr league and drafted from the 8th spot. For some reason not in love with my team but curious to what others think? Thanks Qb - Watson Rb - Mixon Rb - J. White Wr - Julio Wr - Edelman Wr - Fuller Te - Kittle Flex - Breida Def - Baltimore Bench Qb - Trubisky Rb - Singletary, J. Jackson, Ogunbowale, J. Hill Wr - E. Sanders, Higgins, Trequan Smith
  9. Rate My Team Please

    Yep, totally agree need some extra depth at WR. Do you guys think I should try to trade now for one? And if so which running back should I try to offload now? I was thinking wait a week or two and hope that guys like Sanders, Jackson and Montgomery outperform and increase their value.
  10. Rate My Team Please

    It's a 12 team .5 ppr league and was an auction draft. Qb: Matt Ryan Rb: Sony Michel Rb: David Montgomery Wr: Julio Jones Wr: Odell Beckham Te: George Kittle Flex: Chris Godwin Def: Broncos (but will stream) Bench (two empty spots) Qb: Big Ben Rbs: James White, Miles Sanders, Matt Breida, Justin Jackson Wr: None The reason I already have two empty bench spots is that I already traded Aaron Jones and Stefon Diggs for Beckham and Evan Engram and Marlon Mack for George Kittle. Before the season, I'm going to try to fill the empty spots in waivers with Dare Ogunbowale/Ty Montgomery and Trequan Smith/Rashard Higgins for some depth. I think the first obvious need is some WR depth, which I'm hoping to find someone the first couple weeks in waivers, if not I think I'll easily be able to trade one of my bench RBs for a WR. Also, I feel I don't have a reliable running back yet with a couple of rookies and you never know with the Patriots backfield. Curious as to what others think. Thanks in advance!
  11. Trade Offer

    Hi all, Just finished my auction and was already offered Odell Beckham for Diggs and Aaron Jones. I have the following RBs: Jones, Mack, Michel, J. White, D. Montgomery, M. Sanders, Breida, and J. Jackson. My WRs are only Julio, Diggs and Godwin. I would probably do this, but I would say this guy is kinda desperate for a running back considering his 2nd best running back is CJ Anderson. Do you guys think a counter of like Montgomery, White and Diggs would be a better counter? Curious to hear others advice and input. It's 2 WR, 2 RB and 1 Flex .5 ppr league. Thanks.