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  1. WDIS Dillion or S Davis

    Dillon. Pitt has to respect Tom Brady.
  2. Y not try and trade Brady/Burleson for CJ. Then you have the Cinncy QB/WR hookup.
  3. Who would make this trade?

    absolutely..........soon, you will have even less depth at RB when Ricky comes back. Try throwing Brown in the mix and get a possible #2 or #3 WR out of the deal. check out my trade post.
  4. trade offer

    I was offered: Manning/DJax/ Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams for T.Brady/C.Mart/Keyshawn and either Wiggins or D.Clark performance based scoring (also 1 pt per reception added this year) non-keeper my roster: Brady C.Mart/A.Green/S.Alexander/Gore/Blaylock M.Clayton/J.Smith/K.Johnson/Lelie/Calico Wiggins/Clark Longwell BUFFALO is this a no-brainer ???
  5. Which Defense

    Agreed.............Giants are your best bet!!
  6. Hockey's Back!

    Hockey?? is that the game they play on the ice??? Didn't even know it was gone, where did it go??
  7. Your Team.~~.Who should we be watching?

    THE PACK.......... SHORT TERM: : ....oh yeah, they play MINN in week 7!!! Somebody has to win! LONG TERM: let me get back to you.
  8. Who will win a game first?

    gotta agree with the Major on this one!!!
  9. What do you need to happen tonight

    Hey Seahawk37............nice squad!! what, are you in a 5 team league?!?!
  10. What do you need to happen tonight

    Thanks to Manning and J.Jones, I need roughly 4 TDs/170/yds/ and 15 receptions from Joe Horn for me to win the week!!!
  11. #3WR Help

    I would go with much as it pains me to say. Packers 2ndary is more like a 3rd or 4thary!!
  12. can't decide on TE

    Disregard post.............same delimna posted by PB17....SORRY GUYS
  13. can't decide on TE

    performance scoring + 1pt per reception Do I go with Wiggins @ Cinn / or / Clark vs. Jags????????
  14. WDIS - Last minute opinions

    not to confuse you even more, but I like what u have..........Driver/Lelie!
  15. Favre or Palmer

    It pains me to say this............u gotta go Palmer. (i'm sorry Brett, please forgive me)