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  1. Std league, pick 2: McLaurin, Lazard & Fuller.
  2. Std league: I picked up Crowder this week, but wondering if I should swap him for Lazard...thoughts? Advice???
  3. McLaurin/Chark

    I have McLaurin and clearly he's a stud. But Chark gets the edge for me as well, simply because a more stable QB situation makes all the difference.
  4. I need a bench spot and hoping I can drop Graham and play Herndon 🤯
  5. SB: SF vs NE

    Not a Niners fan but Garoppolo taking Belichick out would be shaweet! 😘
  6. ROS: McLaurin or Hollywood? Std league...
  7. Kept Chubb and chose Reek in round 1 (i picked last.) I'm happy with my choice. Jacobs looked absolutely OK to me. Fortunately he's behind a HUGE front line.
  8. I drafted Bears DST - should i pick up Dallas or Seahawks for week 1?
  9. I won't know until the actual draft this Sunday 🤔
  10. This isn't a dynasty league, it's a keeper league in which we keep 1 player from the previous season...hence my original question.
  11. Thanks fellas! I've been asking this question every few weeks for several months just to make sure. I'd say the responses are 95% keep Chubb, to 5% keep Kamara. Much appreciated, I'm keeping Chubb come draft-day this Sunday.
  12. I can keep Kamara for as long as I want in a keeper league...I'll just continue to lose my 1st round pick by keeping him. Not sure where I pick yet. Waiting to hear back from the commish with his answer. Last year I picked last because I won...then I won again and now someone thinks perhaps picking last is an advantage.
  13. Keeper League: Should I keep Kamara and lose my 1st round pick? ... or Keep Chubb and lose my 12th round pick?