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  1. Matt Ryan or Tannehill?

    Yep definitely Ryan Tannehill
  2. Std league. Thanks for any advice.
  3. Drop McLaurin for Josh Gordon?

    Until Keenum starts playing again, McLaurin is deadweight on my bench. Very disappointing to have to say that 'cause he's a beast. But with nobody of skill throwing the ball to him...
  4. Is there much hope for him playing this week? Or should i pickup Fells, Goedert, Witten or Rudolph?? Std league.
  5. Pick 1 WR

    Yuck...i hate to have to say Terry, with Haskins throwing, but yea Terry. I'm going Terry myself.
  6. Looks like Eagles are picking him up...what's his realistic outlook ROS??
  7. Ajayi outlook ROS?

    I mean is he worth a pickup? I'd have to drop either Mattison, Slayton or Hyde.
  8. Kareem Hunt

    Lol rigggght
  9. Kareem Hunt

    And I'm laughing at you for trading him away for some scrub
  10. Steelers or Bills D/ST???

    Definitely Steelers
  11. I've already got Pittsburgh and they're ROS schedule is pretty slick...I've been holding both for awhile now, having a hard time saying gbye to one of them for some very dumb reason. I'm thinking of dropping Carolina and grabbing someone like Mattison for insurance. Should i keep both DST's though?? Std league. Thanks for any advice.
  12. WR advice

    Absolutely do that. Is Crowder available? Some prefer him to Parker...I do. If Haskins keeps starting, McLaurin is worthless sad to say. I finally dropped him today for Crowder.
  13. Should I drop Carolina DST?

    Our league superbowl is week 16 Thanks for your input, i just checked waivers and... OOPS...NYG were there. So I dropped Carolina and picked them up to play this week.
  14. Should I drop Carolina DST?

    I would but I'm 2nd last in waivers every week since start of season...straight trash left by the time it's my turn on waiver list.
  15. Please help my WR are trashhh

    Pascal and Tyrell
  16. Not sure about the RB's, but godwin >>> davante... easily this season
  17. Mclaurin or Conley?

    Agreed, Conley. I dropped McLaurin for Conley this week...McLaurin's worthless with Haskins and Washington hasn't shown they'll commit to Keenum. It's a shame because McLaurin is a beast.
  18. Lamar V. Stafford Death Match

    So Lamar will get 16.5 points? Stafford will surpass that easily. But believe me, I really hope I'm wrong and Lamar schools them royally.
  19. Lamar V. Stafford Death Match

    Stafford for me this week.
  20. I'm contemplating dropping McLaurin for Conley. What do y’all think?
  21. Std league... seems like a no brainer i know, but as good as Chubb is the Pats are scary.
  22. Will Fuller V (WR)

    He's injured for several weeks, at least. The only Watson wr that I see is Justin Watson...that who you mean?