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  1. Mccafrey or Gio? (Half ppr)

    I’m in the same boat. Need more advice
  2. QB?

  3. RB help

    Bernard or McCaffrey full PPR
  4. Freeman

    I personally see the saints running down the clock and the coons having to throw a lot to keep up
  5. Freeman

    Burkhead, mccaf, and freeman at flex
  6. Freeman

    I’m considering Bernard over him. Is that crazy?
  7. Freeman

    How is he projected for over 15pts. He hasn’t done jack since week 4
  8. Which QB

    Wilson or McClown? Gonna be hard to bench my boy
  9. Line up help

    Now I’m more confused
  10. Line up help

    Pick two full PPR freeman burkhead shepard
  11. Who to drop?

  12. I’m down by two and opponent has AJ going tonight.