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  1. QB help

    I’ve got cam and crab legs. Mitch, Allen, and Lamar are on waivers. Should I pick one up and start them?
  2. Winston or Goff?

  3. Injured Cam -or- Healthy Winston

    Tough one. I might have to go Samuel over alshon though
  4. Injured Cam -or- Healthy Winston

    I’d be more concerned about replacing alshon with someone. Who’s on the WW?
  5. DJ Moore?

    No injury designation
  6. DJ Moore?

    Cam will play.
  7. Cam or Jameis?

    I’d pick him up for sure. I have both and am leaning towards crablegs
  8. Which D

    Titans, Denver, or Texans this week?
  9. Cam Newton

    I am. Considering starting Winston this week. The experts sure aren’t
  10. Have a bye. But no idea what to do.

    Go to Disney world
  11. Jaylen Samuels

    Is he TE or RB in Espn leagues?