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  1. Flex

    D adams, Ekeler or Melvin at flex. Ppr
  2. Thinking ahead

    Who do I pickup to stream during Rodger’s bye. carr vs cincy minshew vs Indy winston vs Nola
  3. Keenan Allen

    What to do with him today? Him or Juju ppr
  4. Keenan Allen

    Also have Boyd.
  5. Pick one

    Start Melvin Gordon or mike Williams at flex. Ppr. Already starting Ekeler
  6. Big Trade Do I do it?

    Chubb better than Jones, Thomas better than Julio. Do it
  7. Trading Zeke

    Hell yeah
  8. Too much for Saquon?

    Not enough to get it done
  9. Kelce and diggs offered for...

    You are letting your raiders love blind you. Hit accept ya pecker head
  10. Who to start

    Josh Gordon or Damien Williams at flex ppr
  11. trade melvin gordon

    That made it even more lopsided
  12. Gordon value?

    What are we thinking about Gordon’s value. Without the holdout he would have been drafted in the top 5-6 overall. I have him in one league but I’m trying to decide if I should be trying to buy him in my other leagues or sell him in the one i have him in. I feel like he’s gonna be better than the experts are thinking
  13. Trade help

    Been offered Diggs and d. Singletary for my Tate and Damien Williams. PPR
  14. Trade help

  15. RB question

  16. Trade help

    I countered and asked for Diggs and Jacobs
  17. Trade advice on Kelce

    Keep him
  18. Hopkins trade

    I send Mixon and Thielen for Hopkins ppr
  19. Hopkins trade

    Anyone else
  20. L. McCoy for M. Mack?

    Not enough
  21. Hopkins trade

    Or Conner and Thielen
  22. Rate My Team

    Well balanced, lacking RB1 and WR1. Must have been an auction draft. Will probably win the losers bracket.