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  1. Trade: Kamara, Still Receive: DJ, M. Evans Thanks in advance!
  2. I need RB Depth. Help Please!

    How come if you don't mind me asking? Thanks for the input in advance!
  3. Hello ladies and gents, my team is hurting for RB. I have Kamara, after that I have Barber, Wilkins, R.Freeman, M.Mack. My WR's are D.Adams, T.Hilton, Enunwa, Stills, G. Allison, Crabtree. Was offered McCoy, and Penny for Crabtree. Good trade? McCoy should at least get his receptions (full PPR) and Penny wil eventually be the starter. Crabtree to be is a TD boom or bust and Brown is outplaying him. Suggestions? Thanks in advance!
  4. Mahomes or Stafford?

    Love the Username man! Mahomes. I think Stafford will bounce back, but Mahomes is on a very good offense surrounded by talent.
  5. Rivers or Foles.

    Anyone else?
  6. Rivers or Foles.

    Exactly! I have no idea what to do honesty lol
  7. Rivers or Foles.

    Rivers is the safe pick, but Foles has the better matchup. Suggestions?
  8. I have Rivers or Foles. Rivers is the safer pick I feel like, but Foles has a great matchup. Any suggestions?
  9. My RBs are stacked. Fournette has been eh last week since being back from injury. Good trade?
  10. Good trade?

    Anyone else?
  11. Mariota or Taylor?

    It was a “favorable” matchup last week as well. He did real well. They’re a one dimensional team, and Mariota looks off this year. Plus, Matthews may not being playing again. I take Taylor sadly. Possibly any other waivers?
  12. Good trade?

    Thanks. I needed a little reassurance. Lol Baldwin still has to play this week, but his stats aren’t much better than Dez.
  13. Good trade?

    It’s PPR. On paper it looks ugly. But it’s really not. In my league McCaff has scored 20 more points than Howard. Baldwin has only scored 4 more points than Dez. I’m iffy about it, but I don’t trust Howard.