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  1. Backup for fournette?

    Sorta lol. It's a 10 man league but I got people who don't know how to play but swear they do. For example drafting lynch 1st round. Gostkowski 2nd round. Tom Brady 2nd round and so on.
  2. What do I do with my team?

    Base it off of your schedule, who your playing and so on. If you can get someone who already had a bye week from a team your playing soon that would be good. Deandre hopkins is someone you may be able to buy for cheap as well as Michael Thomas.
  3. What do I do with my team?

    I would hold onto DMC and see if he has a good week. If he does, sell him because people will be picking their chops for an Elliot replacement. Maybe do a 2 for 1 with you getting a stud wr.
  4. Should I accept this trade?

    Yes. What ate you waiting for. That's a great deal. Just YES.
  5. Bad Luck or a sign of things to come?

    Put brady on the block. Someone is sure to bite just for the name.
  6. Backup for fournette?

    I have a very enticing set of WR to trade. Julio, Michael Thomas, AJ green and dez Bryant. I have fournette, melvin Gordon and Jordan Howard as my rbs. Do I trade a wr for a rb just in case? My goal is to have 1 really good back up for each position ROS.
  7. Trade offer help. Quick.

    Y'all are right. Thanks. What about these offers
  8. Gurley or fournette

    Thanks. It's a tough call because I know the guy is looking for a trade. On the other hand I am almost positive I can made a move for aj Greene this week.
  9. Gurley or fournette

    I have the option to trade out fournette, Julio Jones and fuller (OR anther wr) for Gurley and Antonio brown. Help!
  10. Big trade! Help!

    No. Don't did it
  11. Bad trade request?

    Is there a running thread showing every bad trade requests people have seen?
  12. ROS Watson or Rivers

    Watson. Watson. Watson. Playing. The. Browns.
  13. Sell high on deshaun Watson?

    Got the trade one as wanting and I'm happy to say nonetheless.