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  1. Trade dez?

    Is this the best we will see from dez? Time to trade him before the injuries come in?
  2. Trade rb

    Trsde my Gordon for McCoy?
  3. Green for McCoy?

    Looking at greens playoff schedule, im not very thrilled. If I make a move for McCoy I may be able to setup a trade in which I can recieve Antonio brown. The McCoy owner needs a wr, the brown owner needs a rb. I feel I have depth but really like AB much more than green. Thoughts?
  4. Mike evans,aj green.

    100 % chance they get suspended this Week? I have them both.
  5. Anyone sitting AJ Green today???

    Benched aj green for dez today. Hope dez makes some moves.
  6. Rb problem - I have only 1

    Done. I hope he cones through for me.
  7. Rb problem - I have only 1

    6-2 I've decided not to trade anyone. My waiver options are: Stewart Blount Ellington D.williams Darkwa
  8. So 2 of my 3 rbs are on bye and Alfred Morris is basically rendered worthless after this morning's news. I have fournette starting and that's it. I'm thinking of trading a top wr for a rb. I can trade for Gurley. Out of the four wr which would you trade for him. Evans, Bryant, green, MT.
  9. Evans or Julio ROS

    I'm so close to trading Julio away and taking Evans because Julios production hasn't been as expected. I don't want to be impatient but could this be due to his nagging injuries that limit him game after game? Evans has been healthy and is getting fed. Julio gas 1 td this season while Evans has 4. Both teams have a pretty easy schedule ROS. I'm more focused on playoff production. I'm torn.
  10. i need 45.5 points to win

    You have a very good chance. Heck, if Smith tosses a td to hunt, that's 15 points in 1 point ppr. 6 for td. 1 for reception and 1 for the extra point.
  11. TE Question

    Tough call. Asj has been good for what he was worth. For what it's worth I feel like he's been the only reliable target for the jets. But if walkers available, he won't be for long.
  12. Need some unbiased and knowledgeable opinions

    I would totally take dez and Freeman over the other two. Put feelings aside and don't get attached to players. Trading is all about risks and it's hard to make them when your attached. But that being said. I would still take dez and Freeman.
  13. Help With Trade

    Yes. Looks like you need a wr. Although maybe you could sell Ingram are higher price since he has been amazing. Someone may bite. I would try to shop him.
  14. Big trade help

    If your getting fournette, I would do that. Jeffrey is obviously a sell high candidate. Fournette is obviously the best of all those four. Ajayi has just been very underwhelming.