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  1. Trade: Cooper for Gordon Advice

    you really have weak depth in both positions. honestly with mclaurin hurting id prob keep amari
  2. Jay Ajayi

    ye, doesnt look quite there yet....gna wait it out until (if?) he falls into a good situation
  3. Who to flex?

    i like CT there
  4. Trades

    try the bell trade
  5. Interesting trade offer

    i would take that. as talented as gordon is, ekeler has shown a ton so there should be a nice split there
  6. WDIS

    prob Ingram, Henry, MT, Lockett mixon rlly needs to pick it up
  7. Who to start?

    yep, shepard

    i like CT this week against the giants but in this case prob go with both TE's
  9. JuJu for Mixon straight up??

    pretty fair assuming mixon bounces back. RBs always more valuable id prob rather juju, but having evans and obj softens the blow
  10. Start/sit, replacing Barkley, etc

    keep as is. I'm not so high on gallman, but prob the best of your options
  11. WR Advice

    thanks and not sure if makes diff but its D Robinson on the cheifs not ARob ill take a look at yours. appreciate it
  12. Shouls I trade hopkins?

    yeesh i feel likethere should be btr depth avail in a ten team league but hold onto hopkins. you can afford to give up your stud at the moment
  13. i agree its not enough but at same time you really cant afford to give up kerryon with the current depth you have
  14. Thelein for Thompson and Hunt

    def theilin