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  1. Start Hooper at TE or....

    I'd keep hooper.. maybe drop uzomah for Dickson if you are really worried.
  2. Bench or Play Peyton Barber

    Nope.. I'd keep him benched.
  3. Big Ben or Andy Dalton??

    Which Should I Start? Big Ben vs CLE Andy Dalton vs TB
  4. RB2 Chubb or Ingram .5 PPR

    I'm feeling Chubb over Ingram.
  5. Brady or Goff

    Either Lol.. Probably Brady Though.
  6. Nick Chubb for Devin Funchess

    Thats what I was thinking too. But I could use a solid 3rd receiver in my line-up. I'm also considering doing Rob Gronkowski and Nick Chubb for Tyreek Hill and Devin Funchess
  7. Nick Chubb for Devin Funchess

    I give up Nick Chubb and receive Devin Funchess .5 ppr Is this worth?
  8. Which player should I drop?

    I need a TE because Gronk is out. Who should I drop in order to pick up a TE? Keke, Lamar Miller, Duke Johnson Jr., Taylor Gabriel, Jordy Nelson
  9. QUICK HELP! Baldwin for D Thomas?

    Damaryius I think will pick up production later on in the season.. But Keenum hasn't been looking real convincing.. I think I would rather have Baldwin.. They have been easing Baldwin slowly into their game play, so his production has been poor. But I think he gets back on track as Russels main man soon.
  10. Must start 2 WR's, but who?

    2 Points Per 5 Receptions Jordy Nelson vs SEA Keke Coutee vs BUF Godwin VS ATL Demaryius Thomas VS LAR
  11. Hilton or Watkins

    Hilton.. Even though he has his injury.. He will comeback to an offense that is throwing the ball religiously. He would be a WR1 RoS when he comes back from his injury. I like Watkins.. But KC has so many damn weapons making Watkins value a little less appealing.
  12. Trying to get Gronk worth it?

    You don't even need gronk... I'd be kinda glad he declined your trade, I honestly don't know why you would trade away Johnson. If you traded Johnson you will be hurting for RBs later in the season. Yeldon will fall off once Fournette and Charles start playing and connor will probably fall off when bell comes back. You don't need Emanuel Sanders you have GREAT depth at that position. But I just realized you have to start 4 WR.. I still wouldn't do the trade. I would stick with what you have. Kittle is one of the top TE in fantasy right now..
  13. Drop Phillip Lindsay

    No don't drop Lindsey...! No one knows how the Texans or Eagles Back field will be... They both could be a three man Committee moving forward for all we know.
  14. Trading for a QB

    Lol cuz the one week I streamed him he got me like 9 points... My other RBs: Christian McCaffery, Philip Lindsey, Alvin Karmara, Adrian Peterson, Isiah Crowell, C.J. Anderson (Handcuffed) (Just traded my Chris Thompson for Cooper Kupp) Ill try to trade, 1 RB for a QB straight up.
  15. Trade help

    Yes, I would definitely accept that trade.