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  1. Who should i start at flex?

    If you had to rate from worst to best on who to start this week, how would u rate these guys? Carlos Hyde vs NYJ Or Phillip Lindsey vs baltimore Or Lamar miller vs NYG
  2. Freeman for Thompson trade

    I think its worth the trade for you, if he accepts. But I don't know if he will accept because Thompson had another great week, so he might be considering starting him now or selling him for more. He doesn't really need a 'Back up' QB if he has a great starting QB. He could just stream a QB off the WW when his QB has a Bye week. Also, he might be hesitant with your trade considering freeman will be out at least 4 weeks. I dont know what his team or your team look like so its hard to say if its worth. But based off the trade alone - if i was proposed the trade I wouldn't accept.
  3. Flex option..?

    Cool, i was thinking about starting Hyde already. I have double flex spot in this league, who would you start with him out of the other three?
  4. RB Half PPR

    1. Morris 2. Barber 3. Williams
  5. RB help

    White or Ekeler
  6. Flex option..?

    If you had to rank these guys in order from best to worst? 1 Point PPR 10 man League Yahoo Fantasy. Chris Hogan Vs Jacksonville Phillip Lindsey Vs Oakland Randall Cobb Vs Vikings Carlos Vs New Orleans
  7. Which 2 should I start?

    10 man league PPR Crabtree, Hogan, Randall Cobb or Davante Adams
  8. Drop Garçon or J Nelson for Lindsay?

    If anything I would Drop Garcon or Mack.. Garcon, because the dude dropped some very easy and catchable balls on Sunday. Granted, he was playing the best defense in the league and still has potential with Jimmy G under center... But the balls that he did drop, he was practically wide open. Being the Veteran that Garcon is, he should have made those catches.
  9. One song

    Incubus - Pardon Me
  10. Should I accept this Trade??

    PPR 10 Man League I have a guy in my league trying to offer me: I'm being offered: Odell Beckham Alex Collins James Conner Who He Wants: A.J. Green Alfred Morris Todd Gurley My Team: QB: Cam Newton RB: L. Miller, T. Gurley, Davonta Freeman, Alfred Morris, Chris Thompson WR: A.J. Greene, Marvin Jones, Brandin Cooks, Keelan Cole, Chris Hogan, Julian Edleman TE:Tyler Eiffert K: Jake Elliot DEF: Saints
  11. Drop the Grop - QB upgrade or premature ejaculation?

    Yeah I would give Jimmy G. another chance.. I have him too, I'm giving him another chance... The Vikings Defense is no joke, and they just came off a disappointing play-off loss - so they had something to prove.
  12. Which one should I start??

    If you had to rank the three from best to worst what would it be? (PPR) League Chris Hogan Vs Hou Lamar Miller Vs NE Brandon Cooks Vs Oak
  13. Flex Start: Allen Robinso or Carlos Hyde?

    Same, I prob go with Hyde.
  14. My team is in my Signature (10-man PPR) 1) Should I start Jimmy Garoppolo VS the Vikings ? or should i drop 1 of my many players (In my Sig) and pick up someone like: (Alex Smith vs Ari) (Mariota vs Mia) Bortles vs NYG (Carr vs Rams) (Manning vs Jags) ( Keenum vs Seahawks)
  15. Looking for ACTIVE ESPN PPR league ($25 or less)

    We got room for 1 more someone dropped off last second. $40 Dollar Buy-in. Only Thing is the Draft is tomorrow (09/1/2018) at 10 a.m (P.S.T.)