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  1. Pick 3, I love you.

  2. Dak or Goff PPR

  3. Pick 3, I love you.

    Robby Anderson vs Denver Fitzgerald vs Tennessee Shepard vs Dallas Baldwin vs Jax Everyone is healthy and ready for sundays game. Which 3 would you start?
  4. Mixon or Perine?

    Which RB should I start?? Mixon vs Pitts Perine vs Dallas Thanks
  5. Eli Manning benched

    Poor Eli... Its tough to play when the entire team around him has practically given up, and the WR corps is plagued with Injuries... There's a reason Eli has a consecutive start record. McAdoo needs to be fired.. He is AIDS, and has infected the Giants. Also, the way Eli talks about being benched is truly a class act.
  6. One song

    It's a long way to the top (If you want to Rock 'N' Roll) - ACDC
  7. Need 2 RB’s

    1. Hunt 2. Coleman. 3. Murray 4. McKinnon
  8. Jordy dropped

    He seems like a gem, just because.. well its Jordy Nelson. But..... idk if I would ever feel confident starting Jordy with Hundley under center, just way to inconsistent for trust. Seems like he would be more of a headache to hold onto and would just be a potential bench stash; but I dont see the point in stashing him with FF play-offs coming up pretty soon.
  9. Murray vs. Murray

    Tough one.. I'd probably say Demarco Murray would be the safer bet, he has the easier match-up and better for PPR. But Latavius Murray has hes been very productive the last couple of weeks, and he has been out-touching McKinnon in the backfield. Something in my gut wants to say Latavius Murray, just because of his goal-line scoring potential.
  10. Undroppable players that are droppable?

    It might be pretty shady to change the league rules in favor of you dropping Alex Smith.. You might just have to hold onto him, I probably would.. I dont like changing the rules as LM especially in the middle of the season. Unless if people in your league are okay with it. But still, If i was your opponent - I would not be okay with it because I know that it will only benefit you in whatever way/thing you have planned. #strats Plus that's weird that he is undroppable, was he your first or second round draft pick?
  11. Jerick McKinnon or Latavius Murray? Standard League.

    I'd roll with Murray, hes been more of the goaline guy as well.
  12. Which WR's should I start?

    Which WR's should I start? I'm able to start 3 WR's. Doug Baldwin vs SF Robby Anderson Vs Carolina Larry Fitzgerald vs Jax Ted Ginn Jr vs LAR Sterling Shepard (questionable) vs WAS Chris Hogan (questionable) vs Miami
  13. Which TE this week

    I would start Engram, and wait a week to see how Olson plays. Engram is practically a WR at TE position.
  14. QB Help

    Yeah I agree, probably just stick with the guys you have already; but I would for sure hang on to Stafford. Seems like Stafford is finding great synergy with Jones Jr. If anything, I wouldn't feel to bad dropping Carr; hes been really inconsistent. I don't think you could go wrong dropping Carr for McCown or dropping Carr for Dalton.
  15. TE problem

    I would stick with Graham and Olson.. Graham is being targeted the most in the redzone for Seattle, plus the last couple games it seems that Wilson has been giving Graham a lot more attention/targets in the passing game; which is what Graham owners/fans have finally been waiting ever since he moved to Seattle.