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  1. What to do with Wentz?

    I'd Drop him if there is someone remotely better on the waivers.
  2. Marvin Jones Jr. Or Dk MetCalf PPR

    Which one should I start? Marvin Jones vs WSH or DK Metcalf vs PHI
  3. Pick 3!!

    Marvin Jones vs WAS Calvin Ridley Vs TB DK Metcalf vs PHI TY Hilton vs Houston Pick 3 to start please. PPR.
  4. Which WR

    Tyrell Willams
  5. Lindsay vs MIn Marving Jones Vs Dallas Who should i Start this week?
  6. Fair trade? Saquon for Connor

    I’d definetly keep Saquon. EVEN after his 1-Yard rushing game last week.
  7. Is juju droppable?

    Ik.. I was trying to sell him, but my trade deadline past a week ago.. 😞 I’ve already had great success in dropping a couple good WR’s, this season, with decent name value - where people picked them up, just to get screwed by them.
  8. Which defense to stream??

  9. Is juju droppable?

    Juju has been one of the worst WR’s this season, by FAR. Right now he is ranked WR 95. His is a WR 3/4 right now, Boom or bust - Mostly just a Bust. There is a Plethora off reasons why he hasn’t been producing. Anyways... My Trade deadline has past. 12-man league. Im just curious if Juju is Droppable. I can’t really see myself starting him again this season, besides maybe 1 game. I have to start racking these last couple wins here at the end of the season to maintain/keep a playoff spot. So is Juju droppable?
  10. Pick 2

    Damn that’s a hard one. I would say Samuels and Godwin. But with Half PPR, I’d probably roll with Godwin and Montgomery (purely based on match-up).
  11. Metcalf or Marvin Jones Jr

    Marvin Jones Jr vs CHI or DK Metcalf Vs SF
  12. Please help my WR are trashhh

    Pascal and Tyrell
  13. QB start???

    Both have favorable match-ups. I’d probably roll Stafford to.
  14. Conley or Anderson?

  15. Tough call, which WR's do I play?

    Adams and Diggs. If Adams sits I'd probably roll with Anderson - just purely based on his match-up.