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  1. How much to pay for premium TE?

    Thoughts on Hill for Evans/Kittle? Have Graham plus garbage for the rest of my TE.
  2. What’s going on there? Is he a good buy low?
  3. How much to pay for premium TE?

    Thanks all for the input, I happen to have terrible depth in these leagues so I will probably stay put. Unless I did something like AB for Ertz/Jeffrey
  4. Big trade advice please

    I’d rather have newton and juju for dynasty
  5. My best teams are lacking at TE. What do you guys think about something like Hill for Ertz + Coleman? Or CMC for Kelce + Chubb?
  6. Do you guys think this is a realistic possibility? I'm looking for 1 for 2 deals to get rid of AB potentially as my best flex is currently Carson. Or do you guys think I should keep AB? 12 team .5 ppr, playoff spot locked. My current team is Cam/A Jones/Fournette/Carson or Drake/AB/Hill.
  7. I lean Fitz but nervous about him getting randomly benched.
  8. Hopkins/CMC for Saquon/M Thomas?

    Interesting, I feel the opposite but clearly everyone here agrees with you! I only lean toward making the trade since Hopkins is on bye and I need the win this week.
  9. Hopkins/CMC for Saquon/M Thomas?

    What about accounting for playoffs? Nuk: Ind, @NYJ, @Phi (all good matchups) CMC: @Cle, NO Atl (all good matchups) Saquon: @Wsh, Ten, Ind (first 2 are nasty) Thomas: @tb @car pit (@car scary)
  10. Who wins? Hopkins bye is this week. All other players have had their byes. EDIT half ppr
  11. Kings ransom for Nuk?

    Thanks for all the responses guys. I ended up keeping Howard but throwing in Golladay. So I got Nuk for Golladay, Lindsay, Boyd and Edelman. All my depth is gone but I couldn't start all those players anyway and hopefully I can rebuild it on waivers and now my RBs are CMC Howard Collins Martin, WRs are Julio Nuk Hill. Lindsay has a great schedule so I would probably have preferred keeping him to Howard but I think it's close enough I'm fine with it.
  12. Kings ransom for Nuk?

    I would be getting Hopkins. The argument is my current WR trio of Hill/Julio/Edelman and CMC I can only play 1 of Lindsay/Howard/Collins right now. With Nuk I could just do Collins (great upcoming schedule) and Martin as my last RB slot and hope it's enough. My main hesitation is Edelman has been really good.
  13. Kings ransom for Nuk?

    This guy offered me Nuk for Edelman, Howard, Lindsay, and Boyd. I'm thinking it's way too much but I'd have CMC/Collins/Martin as my RB's and Hil/Julio/Nuk as my WRs, I don't know if Nuk over Edelman is enough of an upgrade, thoughts? Half ppr.
  14. I'm worried about AP vs. Dal. I think Chi could get behind early and have to rely on Cohen, but obviously in standard it becomes a closer decision. Thoughts?
  15. What do you guys think? Is it worth buying low on Freeman/selling highish on Hill?