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  1. Brees or Rivers?

    Brees at ATL or Rivers vs. WSH?
  2. Ryan or Dalton?

    Is Lattimore back? I’d still lean Dalton
  3. Am I crazy?!..streaming Garappolo at QB in playoffs

    Den is still just averagely ranked against QBs and CHI is actually pretty tough so I’d still stick with McCown. Even with Houston being terrible that’s still really yolo to go with a QB who only put up 10 last week IMO
  4. If M.Ingram plays, would you start him?

    I think benching him could make sense given Burkhead and Hunt’s matchups
  5. set my team fantasy playoffs!!!

    Hyde Burkhead Collins Julio Anderson is what jumps out to me I admittedly haven’t looked through the matchups though
  6. Need Help with starters.

    Lynch Williams Darkwa Evans Funchess Diggs if Lattimore is still out if he's in then McKinnon

    Yeah I'd go Williams as flex especially against Tampa.
  8. D/ST Help

    I think I like the Pats out of this bunch. The Broncos and Titans have the best matchups but have been much more inconsistent all year while the Pats have picked it up lately.
  9. Brees?

    Been frustrated with Brees lately and worried he could cost me down the stretch. His numbers have been scary especially considering the last minute points he's gotten this season as well as two rushing TDs. Should I consider streaming options like Rivers next week vs the Browns or the generally hot Keenum instead of Brees? Or just keep setting and forgetting with him.
  10. Odds of winning tomorrow?

    Was unreal how both the Chargers and McCoy simultaneously had monster games with Peterman being left in so long.
  11. Odds of winning tomorrow?

    The optimist in me says he hasn't had a breakout game all year so he's due going against a ravaged Seattle secondary in prime time in a must-win for both teams where Wilson will be airing it out to match whatever the Falcons do. I see this game as potentially Houston Seattle part 2.
  12. Odds of winning tomorrow?

    Have Julio down 21 standard scoring. He’s due for one of those games right?? Ran into McCoy, Chargers D and Gostkowski thinking my game was in the bag...
  13. Murray has the best matchup but I’m wondering if anyone has watched much Minn this year. How are they vs. pass catching backs? Because I’m leaning Thompson right now.