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  1. Playoffs Hanging In the Balance Thread

    Was up by 5 with no one left on either team except their Winston with a minute left on his final drive. Anything but a Winston TD and I win, and the Bucs are down 1 so what are the odds I lose there? Of course I also played my one flex out of 3 that would have lost me as well.
  2. Assuming Bell sits which it looks like he is. Also - Steelers D or Jags D?
  3. I can't help but vent despite winning the title...

    The cowboys not running Zeke on 1st or 2nd and goal is one of the most baffling things I’ve seen. Normally it’s just fantasy complaining, like when the Steelers vultured Bell yesterday on a play that worked but that decision threw away the Cowboys season. If you check out their reddit most of their fans seem to think Dak has glaring holes that might point to him not being the future for them if he doesn’t improve ASAP. Also, nice Julio TD being missed, can I get a stat correction on that?? Lol
  4. Arrrrg!! Need RB help for the Ship

    I'd go Riddick/Anderson. Howard has been very inconsistent and CLE has been pretty stingy against the run this year and recently with Collins struggling last week. Yeah he could blow up for +20 of course but I don't see it in this matchup. I'd go Keenum. Better matchup and Foles might not even play given how the earlier games turn out. OAK has been good against QBs over their past 4 games whereas GB has gotten lit up by the better ones they've faced. I haven't looked at the weather though in GB, that's something to consider.
  5. If Williams is ruled out I'm going with Drake. But what if Williams is still doubtful going into tomorrow night's game?
  6. Championship Game - who to start?

    I'd probably go Smith-Shuster to be honest. Should have a nice target share with no Brown and his matchup is much better than Green's who has been hit-or-miss all year. Mike Davis has looked really good but just isn't getting the looks given how the Seahawks have been getting behind a lot. I see that happening again against Dal so I like the Mixon choice. I agree with the Chargers and Winston.
  7. 1st championship game

    Keenum, has been better than Stafford of late and has a better matchup. Mixon/Sanu
  8. Yeah I see now that it's full ppr, in that case I'd probably go Agholor.
  9. qb help for finals

    I have Rivers/Brees and am personally going with Brees this week. I'd also go Collins. I do think there is consideration for Keenum because GB has been lit up by good QBs this year, I think he has a higher ceiling than Brees but Brees is the safer play.
  10. I'm probably starting Murray in flex myself this week. Great matchup with Minn having motivation to go for the 1 seed. His low floor is scary but not worse than Agholor/Sanu. Lewis with no Burkhead should be a safe play.
  11. Lineup advice

    I'd go Keenum here. I could see Cowboys Seahawks following a similar game script to Rams Seahawks where Zeke, like Gurley, gets all the points since he's fresh and motivated. The Seahawks aren't the same defense they've been with injuries but GB has been exploited all year, giving up 20+ points every time they faced a decent QB the past 7 weeks. EDIT: a biased Zeke owner
  12. Championship time...any changes to lineup?

    I think the only question is whether you go Bortles @SF. Better matchup than Stafford and he has outperformed Stafford the past several weeks. Maybe Stafford is due for a big game though and Bortles is due for some regression. I wouldn't fault either option, just things to think about.
  13. 2018 KEEPER thoughts (KEEP 3)

    Mixon/Carson. Foreman has a lot of potential too but Miller is a problem
  14. Pick my WR... Please!

  15. crazy thought

    I don't think it's that crazy given Green is going against Darius Slay this week. I think Green vs. Woods is a 50/50 choice