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  1. Tate or Marvin Jones

    Having a tough time picking
  2. Pick 2

    Lynch and Kupp. Is Coleman out of protocol?
  3. Stafford or Bortles?

    My opponent has Fournette.
  4. WR HELP !!

    Starting Julio (reluctantly) NEED 1 more: funchess m. Jones Tate k. Cole Dede Westbrook thanks a ton!
  5. We keep 2 players. For the players kept, I lose the same round pick as the round they were drafted in. Gurley - Round 2 K..Hunt - Round 10 Kamara - Round 11 who would you keep????
  6. Stafford or Bortles?

    The raw numbers point to Bortles. And that is killing me !

    My concern with Hunt is gameflow. Lac might get ahead vs. chiefs pass defense. Then the running stops. Crazy, but I’m leaning Westbrook against a bad houston secondary. I have Stafford at qb, so if he has a bad day, so might Tate and Marvin? Just trying to spread the risk.
  8. Goff or Prescott?

    Dak. Oakland’s d is soft

    Hunt, Tate, Marvin Jones or Dede Westbrook?
  10. Need 3 WR’s

    Julio Funchess Tate M. Jones
  11. Finished 10-4 in first place. This is week one of playoffs. Full Point PPR, 3 pt bonus at 100 yds. CURRENT LINEUP STAFFORD JULIO JONES FUNCHESS GURLEY KAMARA So who’s my flex? Tate, Marvin Jones, or K. Hunt? I’m leaning towards Jones as Tate had a terrible day against the bears a few weeks back. TE? Vernon Davis or RS Jones? Thanks
  12. Full Point PPR league.


    Need Flex and TE Help


    Current Lineup:


    Julio Jones






    Tate, Marvin Jones, or Kareem Hunt?



    Vernon Davis or Ricky Seals Jones?


    Thanks for all replies.

  13. I’m debating whether to play Golden Tate or Funchess. Stafford is my Qb vs. vikes, and to spread my risk I’m thinking Funchess instead of Tate ? my other starting receiver Is Julio Jones. Jets d is pretty weak. Thanks
  14. WR help - need 2

    Funchess julio jones golden tate marvin jones need 2 of 4