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  1. Tough decision next week......

    I'm in the same boat, leaning toward Wentz right now.
  2. Is this cheating??

    Cheating (which was the original question), no. Unless there is proof of collusion, which there does not appear to be any. Sketchy and and one-sided trade, yes. Problem here is commish never should have approved it for the integrity of the league. I don't blame either of the owners for trying this, but would likely not play in a league any of the three (Commish, Rob, or Andrew) of them again.
  3. Jared Goff vs Carson Wentz

    I have both in one league and am playing Wentz over Goff this week
  4. PPR League: Melvin Gordon Trade offer

    I would not accept that if I was the Gordon owner. I have Gordon in my main league and it would take a healthy solid RB2 and a top WR before I would think about moving him. He may value DJ and Michel differently than I do so I would send the offer over. Its not an unreasonable offer though, I just don't think it will get accepted.
  5. Cohen or Jordan Howard

    Starting to look like I screwed this one up. 2 TDs for Howard already, ugh
  6. Time For A New Kicker??

    I picked up Hopkins a few weeks after his bye and plan in keeping him ROS. He has been steady for me and seems to get a few FG chances every week. He fits the bill that Brattoon outlined.
  7. When to drop your kicker?

    Nope, started out with the PIT K, after his first two games of close to zero points, dropped for another, and then picked up WAS K as he had a really early bye.
  8. Who would you rather have ROS Baldwin or Demaryius?

    I like DT here. He is going from the #1 on a team where he did well against most DEF top cover guy. Now he won't get the top cover guy and may even get a lot more man coverage and DeAndre is getting all the attention. I don't see the situation changing much in SEA and Baldwin may pick it up a bit if he ever gets healthy but am not banking on it.
  9. Jordan Howard or Tre'Quan Smith

    I agree with Howard. He will get more touches than Smith. I feel that Howards floor this week is much higher than Smith If you are in must win mode though I think Smith's ceiling is higher
  10. Trade Barkley?

    I agree with everyone else. Try to get something better. You would be getting two guys who at best you will juggle matchups with instead of having a guy you only sit on his bye week.
  11. Cohen or Jordan Howard

    Anyone else struggling with who to start from these two this week? I've been fortunate to just start them both the last two weeks with Melvin Gordon hurt and on his bye. Now I can only start two of these three in a 0.5 PPR league. Howard seems to be more involved in the offense the last few weeks as great as Cohen has performed this year I am always worried if he doesn't catch a TD pass almost every game his numbers wouldn't be that great. I think you have to start Cohen based on YTD performance but feel this may finally be the week that Jordan is the workhorse. Anyone else in the same boat, who are you starting?

    That trade would not help you. I would reject
  13. Would You Accept This???

    You have to send him at least Diggs or Julio plus someone like Carson or Lindsay IMO. I know as a Gordon owner in one league that is what it would take for me. Maybe try Diggs or Julio and Cook to see if he bites
  14. traded injured player

    I agree with most others here. You snooze you lose, but if this a league amongst friends I can see why the friction here. You took advantage of the rules and process to gain a possibly significant advantage over another team owner. You didn't break any rules, but if I was in a league with you I would watch my back with you and not trust you much going forward to try and pull this again . Don't be surprised if the league loses a few owners next year.
  15. Wondering if this should be vetoed...

    You lost me when you stated your opinion on his team management. It is his team not yours and he likely has a different opinion on player values. As to your point on the commish being a part of trades you don't think are legit you always have the option to leave the league at the end of the season. I have left several when I felt things were not being run on the up and up. As for the trade there is nothing wrong with it IMO