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  1. Eliminated Owner No Longer Cares, But Making A Trade

    This is starting to sound like grade school stuff now.
  2. Is This Collusion? (Biological Brothers Scenario)

    I own a John Deere is this the same thing? Sorry, no idea what else a "J.D." is.
  3. Is This Collusion? (Biological Brothers Scenario)

    Just curious LoneStar, are you a lawyer?
  4. Mack, Cohen, Williams, Williams

    I am playing Dam Williams over Cohen in my 0.5 PPR league this week. I'd go Mack and D Williams.
  5. Unique Fantasy Football Ideas, do you have any?

    One thing we have done for a few years is to allow owners to post backup players for anyone who is questionable in the final injury report. If the questionable player does not play then the backup player is used. If they player gets any targets or stats they are deemd to have played. If they show up in the play by play listing (i.e. penalty on them) they are also deemed to have played. This really helps for the late start game time decision players and allowing owners to play their best lineups.
  6. Todd Gurley hurt...

    As long as they just use him as the passing down back to keep him for taking hits between the tackles then it will help Goff's numbers too. Yeah this is really putting the Gurley owners in a tough spot. If I had to guess as soon as they can Gurley will be rested if active. The Rams need to win this game so they will do all they can to win, and if they can get Gurley some limited work in the first half to keep him in game shape that would work out well for them.
  7. Unique Fantasy Football Ideas, do you have any?

    I always thought it would be interesting to give each owner one "Mulligan" for the season to swap out a player in their lineup after the games are over. This biggest problem would be how to set up the rules on when to use it and how to set it up. If someone uses it on you can you also yours or would you have to blindly post to use it by Wed and it the other didn't use his then only your would apply. Only use in Regular season or save to the playoffs?
  8. I can only play 2 of these RB. 0.5 PPR. Who sits MGordon vs BAL Cohen @SF Dam. Williams @ SEA Now that it appears Ware likely is out I need to sit one of these guys. I think Cohen is the odd man out here but having a hard time benching him since he has been a top 12 RB all year in our scoring. Who would you bench this week?
  9. Eliminated Owner No Longer Cares, But Making A Trade

    No it does not the reason being is that the two people trading were not real siblings but only half siblings. But if both of their birthdays were Tuesday this year and they had both married spouses named Susan then it would matter. Of course the spouses names would not matter if there were two full moons this month.
  10. 0.5PPR Need to pick my WR3 between: MWilliams vs BAL JReynolds @ ARI I am also playing Goff and Cooks so a bit hesitant to also play Reynolds too based on how bad Goff has looked the last few weeks, but I think he could be the better play this week if Keenan Allen plays. Right now I am leaning to playing Williams. I am more concerned with this position to not get a zero than playing for the highest ceiling. Of course both have that distinct possibility of doing that any given week. Who do you think has the lowest floor this week?
  11. Eliminated Owner No Longer Cares, But Making A Trade

    I think the first trade should not be allowed but the second one should go through.
  12. Tennessee or Chicago. Who you got?

    I would go with TEN. They have a ton to play for (so do the Bears) but I go with the home team when it is close like that. Not sure why playing on the road makes such a difference at times in the NFL for Defenses.
  13. Goff or Mayfield?

    I would play Goff. Trying to get cute and playing matchups in the championship game has never worked out well for me. I've learned the hard way to start the guys that got you there. I agree Mayfield has a better matchup on paper, but I think the Rams are going to play pissed off this week and Gurley may not play much if at all. Good luck this week in your big game
  14. Is This Collusion? (Biological Brothers Scenario)

    I could care less, and think some of these are comical. Just wondering if Lonestar would share what they are really doing, we all know none of this is real. He needs a different hobby I think if this is the best he can do.