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  1. Reset Password?

    Yea right. The response you will get is the check is in the mail. Of course that is the same line I am going to use with these guys for my rentewal next year. Such a shame as someone had also posted this used to be "the site" for fantasy football info.
  2. Reset Password?

    What a joke the tech support has become for this site. I guess they have found a way to finally shut the Huddle down. Good luck when they have 25% renewal rate next year. I'm wondering if one their competition was involved in this, would have been a great way beat the competition.
  3. Colin trying out for NFL teams?

    There are a thousand ways he could have chose to show his concern with whatever he feels important to him. His method of bringing attention to himself for his concerns was just too much for a lot of people that do respect the flag and the country. The media continuing to make this an issue didn't help him. I think if he would have chosen a different method to bring attention to his platform he could do what he wanted. If mainstream America didn't care about this he wouldn't have a hard time getting another job in the NFL IMO.
  4. Playoff Sleeper

    Nick Foles Picked him up the back up Dak just in case.
  5. Tie Breakers

    We have never had a tie since we went to fractional points.
  6. Tie Breakers

    This is what we use: 1. Total touchdowns scored (including DEF/ST)2. Total yards gained (QB+RB’s+WR’s+made FG yardage)3. Longest FG made by your active kicker4. Coin Flip
  7. Matthew Stafford for Week 10

    They had a stat on the Fox broadcast yesterday. With Hoyer going for Indy yesterday it is 17 teams have started at least 2 QBs this year. Not sure all of them were related to injuries though.
  8. Vikings vs Cowboys (SNF)

    This! Unreal play calling at the end of the game. No idea what they were thinking. They had 58 minutes to figure out what was working, guess they weren't paying attention to the game.
  9. Start Bears or Steelers DST?

    Kind of figured you weren't being too serious. If I had both I probably would have played Chi as well. Everything pointed to them being the better play. But this is why we "enjoy" the game due to it being random ( I guess that's why we play) Going forward I would plan to play PIT the rest of the way, I sometimes like to play matchups with DEF in the playoffs but freed up a roster spot by dropping a second D this year and just carrying PIT, they really look good the last few weeks
  10. Start Bears or Steelers DST?

    What you get for nothing is usually good for nothing. Seriously though I've pretty much stopped asking for folks opinions on stuff like this. I have figured out I can screw up my starting lineup without any help. As league champ stated it will drive you nuts it you let it
  11. WR Help Non PPR!!! Will help in Return

    I like Conley since Dede is out
  12. Money League... reasons to quit midseason

    Not sure I would ever quit mid season, just leave at the end of the year. Been in a quite a few leagues with questionable behavior from owners or the commish, always finished the year. Strange things can happen and you never know if you may win some money before you leave.
  13. Team Goes 0-5 and Trades 2 Best Players

    I still think sleeping with the tanking players or league managers wife would have been a better way to get back at them. Have fun venting with everyone here.
  14. Team Goes 0-5 and Trades 2 Best Players

    So you intentionally colluded with another player to prove your point. Now I know this is just a joke.
  15. Team Goes 0-5 and Trades 2 Best Players

    I think you should quit the league, start fooling around with the 0-5 owners wife to teach him a lesson, and start a go fund me campaign to get your league dues back. Sorry, not sure what you are looking for here or if you are just venting. Nothing you stated seems to be against to rules or proves collusion. The trades did not seem to be the best for the 0-5 team, but maybe he was just looking to shake up his lineup to change his luck. It is his team to manage as he sees fit.