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  1. Portis or Dillon

    Are you trying to get Portis? I wouldn't do this deal (either of them). I think Dillon = Portis and SJax is better than Brown. Unless there are some bye week issues you are trying to take care of, this trade doesn't seem to help either team IMO.
  2. Let me know if he bites on this one, I'm trying to pickup a RB and I got offered Freddy Taylor for my Holt.
  3. Indy or Dallas Defense?

    I have the same 2 in one league and am going with Dallas
  4. RB questions

    I'd go with Davis and Shockey, but don't think you'd be wrong with SJax. Tenn had over 100 yards last week against Pitt with RB's less talented than DD
  5. waiver wire help

    Another vote for Stevie boy. Tenn has a couple of RB's then when healthy can take a lot of pressure of McNair this year. I'd wait to see if Frerotte is for real.
  6. K.Curtis or M.Bennett? Thanks Javon!

    I'd go with Curtis, he got a lot of looks last week and do you really think Shanny is telling the truth on the injury report. C'mon, how long you been playing fantasy fball? Must be your first year owning a DEN RB I'll believe it when I see Anderson start this week. Curtis is the safest bet this week.
  7. wdis? rbs and wrs

  8. wdis

    I'd play Caddy as well this week.
  9. I kinda screwed myself with my RB 2 spot this year by taking value on the board for the first 4 rounds and ended up with Dillon, C. Brown, Benson, Bennett, and Pittman in a 12 team perf league. I was banking on Benson to be decent #2 guy, but with the RB situation in Minny being awful and Henry in Tenn being almost healthy I'm going to have to gut it out until Benson starts getting most of the carries (and hopefully does something with it). I have seen on a few sites that Benson will see more time this week. I'm temped to start him against DET over Brown vs. BAL and Bennett vs CIN What's the word in Chitown?
  10. P. Holmes Value what and what to ask for

    See if he'll give up SJax and someone else for Holmes. I'd try to work something like SJax and Gonzo for Holmes and ?? You may have a hard time moving holmes to this owner though, he already has Green (I am assuming Trent). Playing the teams starting QB and RB every week is usually not the key to success IMO. Green's injury scares me otherwise I'd say try to get Green and SJax for Holmes and one of your QB's. I think he's worth a starting RB and lower level (but still a guy yuo'll start each week) at another position.
  11. Best #2 RB

    I like this order the best. JJ should do well, but I still think JL is going to play a bit pi$$ed this year to prove he is still the man after all the crap from last year. Rudi and Kevin should get the yards, but I'm not sure they will get into the end zone as much as JL and JJ.
  12. Nothing valuable to add here, just wanted to boost my post count so I can be one of the folks who know something. Only 400+ to go
  13. DEUCE vs JAMAL

    I personally like Deuce, he catches more passes and usually will have a few more touches than Lewis per game (when NO keeps with the running game). Everything I hear states they are going to stick with it this year. I'm picking at 7 in a 12 teamer, and I'd take either with that pick assuming LT, Edge, Holmes, Alexander, and Manning are already gone. Both of these guys are safer picks in my opinion than DD or MacGahee.
  14. Between a rock and a hard place

    I've never been in a keeper league, but there are a few rules I've heard of from friends, one of the best in my opinion was the one league where you can only keep guys drafted in the 4th round or lower. This keeps most owners a change to get the studs, and if you take a flyer on someone later the draft and he pans out good for you. If you (or your league) do(es) decide to switch to a keeper league this may be a way to "tone it down".