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  1. Boyd or Sutton....

    Boyd is electric when AJ is in... Worried I'll regret letting Sutton ride the bench
  2. I need an RB flyer this week.

    Really? That's very interested. I didn't think he did much?
  3. Ito or Jordan Howard?

    Standard league. This is closer than I thought. Can't decide.
  4. Good night, Le'Veon, where ever the hell you are

    Just to be clear... there is now no possible way he plays right?
  5. Wilson or Rivers

    Everyone including myself is high on baldwin
  6. I need an RB flyer this week.

    Richard is interesting for sure.
  7. I need an RB flyer this week.

    I currently have Mike Davis in for that spot but there are several guys in FA. .5 or Doug Martin/Richard Barber D. Henry Riddick. Not great options but I need a win. Who would you pick? This week's bye teams are killer.
  8. Flex help... Carson, Sutton, Cook, or Baldwin

    I'm starting Baldwin over Sutton this week. He is due a big game. When WR are over the hill they have great games eventually. I think time. Gut feeling.
  9. Fitz or Wilson

    Gotta win this week and I'm torn between these 2 guys. Who is the safest? Russ been on fire but does it continue? Been great on the ground.
  10. WDIS for sh*ts and gigs.

    So we are split Haha. The new OC for Browns is intriguing. I'll go with the Duke for now. Although I am down big. Played against McCaffrey and Big Ben...
  11. WDIS for sh*ts and gigs.

    Really? I have Chubb starting. The ol double rb
  12. WDIS for sh*ts and gigs.

    Gronkowski out so for my flex who ya got? .5 ppr DUKE Johnson Yeldon Marvin Jones Jr.
  13. Wdis tonight

    Well in down so big I might still take that risk. Idk if Barner can score me 21
  14. Wdis tonight

    Not sure there is anything with higher ceiling than gordon available
  15. Wdis tonight