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  1. Ito Smith or Tev Coleman this week?

    Coleman, but Ito to take over Freeman's role.
  2. Package Jordan Howard

    And his bye is done also. I like this idea. Thanks.
  3. Package Jordan Howard

    One of my league mates is showing interest in Jordan Howard. I've shopped him all season as I feel I can afford to lose him. He offered Alex Collins straight up and I declined simply because they are equal imo. (Both have terrible ypc and sharing a backfield). I am of the idea that Howard doesn't fit with Nagy's offense. I'm not with the idea that Cohen is better. But the latter doesn't matter if the Nagy doesn't use him. RB: M. Gordon, Sony, Breida (dude doesn't get enough credit), Clement, Ito. WR: Boyd, J. Gordon, Baldwin, Ridley TE: Trey Burton, Uzomah Players he has I am interested in: Kerryon, Golladay, TY, Aaron Jones, and A. Brown. Really want TY. What are your thoughts on realistic packages? This guy is reasonable and sees something in my second round Jordan Howard that I have given up on. TY is the goal. NERVOUS to add Ridley in the deal. (Traded Royce for Ridley after week 3.) Trey Burton is on a sell high for me too. So a Howard/Burton package is something I would do. Tell me if I'm wrong. I am 1-5 coming off my first win. Standard league Thanks guys. Sorry for the long text, but I like to put all the details out!
  4. Offered Ekeler, A. Cooper for Josh Gordon and Mike Williams

    No one biting on breida
  5. Offered Ekeler, A. Cooper for Josh Gordon and Mike Williams

    With M. Gordon, michel, J. Howard, Breida I'm sitting about as pretty as one can in a competitive league. My woes are obviously WR. May just need to look elsewhere for WR help. I don't even know who to look at.
  6. Offered Ekeler, A. Cooper for Josh Gordon and Mike Williams

    He has kareem, k drake, ajayi (ir), and Jamaal William's. Not great
  7. Offered Ekeler, A. Cooper for Josh Gordon and Mike Williams

    He has Alshon and J. Brown. Should I counter with one of them in place of Cooper? Who would be a receiver you guys would shop for with my given WR. All can go lmao
  8. Offered Ekeler, A. Cooper for Josh Gordon and Mike Williams

    Yeah, cooper prob wouldn't even start on my roster. Would trade him eventually. Ekeler is more of an insurance policy.
  9. I Traded Conner Am I Dumb!

    Interesting take
  10. My team is 0-5 after tonight (I'm down with no players) and this trade doesn't help me immediately or hurt my too bad? I have M. Gordon, J. Howard, and S. Michel. Wr are Baldwin, Boyd, Ridley, K. Cole, M. Williams, Josh Gordon. Boyd and Ridley were my starters this week and they all pooped on me. I need to win now but I really like Ekeler. If I lose next week chances are I'm gonna sell one of my RBs. Side note: 8 out of 10 teams make the playoffs. Obviously I'm dead last but not out of the race. Pull the trigger?
  11. WDIS 0-4... getting real risky

    I hate these threads but I am 0-4 and need help. Baldwin Boyd K. Cole Ridley Josh Gordon Breida Mike Williams Pick 3 I'm leaning Cole, Ridley, Boyd. Need this W guys!
  12. Let's talk about Jordan Howard

    I appreciate the advice. My concern is RB depth though. If I cannot get a good return and I'm stuck with Melvin Gordon, Michel, and Breida a bye and/or injury could be devastating for my below .500 team. The guy who has A Jones, whom I've pursued, is the same guy who offered TY for Jordan Howard. He is thin at RB so I am having trouble getting a package for TY and A Jones.
  13. Let's talk about Jordan Howard

    I guess this did turn into an advice thread. Lol. Just felt I'd get more research and stats in fantasy talk.
  14. Let's talk about Jordan Howard

    I was offered Ridley for Freeman and accepted. No, starting Gordon and Michel this week. Along with Baldwin, Boyd, Ridley. My bench has Breida at RB and Howard on Bye.. I really like my team but I am 0-4 and Howard seems to be the piece with the most return of he may kills the rest of the year. That's why we have this thread to help me decide what I need to do.
  15. Let's talk about Jordan Howard

    I've been offered TY. My other Rb are M. Gordon, Michel, Breida. (Traded R. Freeman straight up for Ridley yesterday). I want to believe he will kill the second half, but I am concerned.