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  1. Championship - 2 questions...

    Matty or Jameis Perriman or Slayton
  2. Championship - 2 questions...

    Also, Andrews or Henry... who will be QB and feel like Henry is due... idk
  3. Only week 2... but is it time to make major change?

    Thanks guys, working on sending Connor out now. I consider myself a pretty good fantasy guy. But how the hell did I draft a team this bad. I traded Delanie Walker/Cooks for McLaurin/Aaron Jones last week. Slowly building my team back. Traded cooks because I already had Kupp.... idk what I was thinking during the draft..
  4. Here it is, half ppr, 12 man league. I am 0-2 and have scored the least amount of points... is it time to blow it up and get some major moves or sit tight for another week? I know it is only week 2, but I don't want this getting away from me.
  5. Only week 2... but is it time to make major change?

    Any suggestion on WR to target?
  6. Joe Mixon

    I took Mixon in 2 of my money leagues this year. Thought he was a great value pick. Man, things look bad in Cincy. He has lost at least 1 game for me and I'm very concerned about starting him going forward. Is there any chance he rebounds? Should I be concerned or should I try to buy him low in other leagues?