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  1. Lot's of injuries today

    Had to start Drake in my flex with Lockett failing to exist, Who was outscored by DJ on my bench for obvious reasons. You can add my arse to this weeks injury list. Sorry for the vent.
  2. Lot's of injuries today

    Evans Guice Andrews Jacobs All on my team. Started Guice with Jacobs out. Worst fantasy day ever. Only need 29 out of Sanders and Elliot for the win. Don't have a team next week if I do. Hope you had a hell of a piss, Arnold! Hope it went better for most. I won't mention Lockett.
  3. Last min Flex Advice!

    Starting Doyle over Andrews. He is set up to have a great week.
  4. WR help PPR

    I like Boyd this week.
  5. Guice or B.powell

  6. Lockett VS Rams Deebo VS NO Missed on Gallup last night and leery of Lockett. Could also grab Beasley on the WW. Andrews VS Bills Doyle VS TB Normally a no brainer, but the matchups have me thinking and the Colts are down some WR's. .5 ppr Thank you!
  7. Josh jacobs injury

    Check the Friday practice status. I would be concerned and make a move if he doesn't practice.
  8. Brady getting a new Target??

    Robert was at the massage parlor looking for a good set of hands! Strictly business people.
  9. Should I pick up AB?

    It doesn't matter who is kicking the tires, He's not for hire until he's cleared by the NFL to play. He hasn't even been interviewed and don't see anybody rushing to get hot garbage back on the field. I would be amazed if he plays again this year. Could, but don't see it.

    Bummer! Sorry to hear that.
  11. Running Back decision tonight

    This or pay attention to who plays and then start that one. All three have a chance to sit. I would start Breida over DJ this week if both played imo. GL.
  12. Andy Dalton benched

    The Red Rifle appears to have brought a bb gun to a gun fight. That offensive line isn't doing him or Mixon any favors, but he is always inconsistent. Happy Birthday!
  13. Derrick Henry or Josh Jacobs

    I like Jacobs more. Henry is a little jekyll and Hyde and doesn't get a lot of looks when behind. Could be close. GL