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  1. There it is guys. Cousins vs. NO or Dak vs. Philly?
  2. Yeldon or Ivory Today?

    Wondering the same thing
  3. Thompson/Ravens D for Dez/Jags D

    Would you trade McKinnon or mcaffrey in that position?
  4. Thompson/Ravens D for Dez/Jags D

    LOL this suspension is ridiculous. I also have a mcaffrey/cousins for Keenan Allen/Prescott trade in the works (he's desperate for RB and has Wilson). That'll make me WR heavy, do you think I can rely on Howard and McKinnon for the rest of the season?
  5. Thompson/Ravens D for Dez/Jags D

    Lol, thanks buddy. I thought so too just wanted a second opinion.
  6. Lacy or Drake

    No one lol but they just got help on the o-line which could help, and have indicated that lacy would get more touches this week. That's more clear to me than the Miami situation, but as always you never really know.
  7. Lacy or Drake

    If ajayi couldn't run in miami, I'm doubting that drake will be able to. I'd go lacy and I actually might have to make the same decision. Lol
  8. Need Help with your Fantasy team? GGL's got ur back

    10 man ppr Thompson/Ravens D for Dez/Jags D? qb: cousins (had Watson, ) rb: thompson, mcaffrey, Howard, mckinnon, Anderson wr: Evans, cooper, Benjamin, algolohr, woods te: Kelce dst: Ravens, lions any other players I should target with who I have?
  9. I'm heavy at RB and really limited at WR. Thompson + Ravens D for Dez + Jags D QB: cousins, (watson. ) RB: Mcaffrey, Howard, McKinnon, Thompson, Anderson WR: Evans, Cooper, Benjamin, Algolohr, Woods TE: Kelce dst: Ravens, Lions K: Prater I also have a mcaffrey/cousins for k. Allen/Prescott trade in the works. Do you think I can depend on Howard and McKinnon for the rest of the season, or should I just try to get Prescott for mccown or cousins + Anderson? (He has Wilson and needs rb badly).
  10. Does Watson's injury affect Miller's value?

    He'll get more touches, but see more stacked boxes because who the hell is afraid of Tom Savage passing the football.
  11. Blount, Fuller for hill, kamara

    Do that trade like yesterday. With Watson out fuller doesn't have anywhere near the value he had. Blount isn't as productive as he was. To me it's a no brainer.
  12. 1 WR and 1 FLEX

    Well, Denver hasn't allowed a rush td all season, and the eagles have not been using Blount effectively. If I had to pick one of those rb's I'd choose ajayi. I'd start coop and ajayi because I think benji will be limited (I have him as well, playing coop over him), but again he could surprise us and go for a couple td's.
  13. Thompson and Juju for Fuller and Kamara

    He wouldn't do the trade, wouldn't part with Kamara. In a series of strange events, I traded juju for McKinnon because the guy that has fuller wants McKinnon. Should I trade McKinnon for fuller, having Watson, or keep McKinnon and run?
  14. Thompson and Juju for Fuller and Kamara

    That's my thinking berg