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  1. Davante, Evans or Bryant at WR2? (Julio WR1) Plus flex slot for one of the above or: Drake, Perine, Howard, CMC, Gio
  2. A bunch of RB's to choose from this week, who am I starting this week? Pick 2 - Drake @ NE Howard @ CIN Perine @ LAC Gio @ CHI CMC @ MIN
  3. Kamara's concussion

    Agree with Montana. If you're down and looking for a player with a high ceiling, I'd go diggs.
  4. Greg Olsen or Cameron Brate

  5. Brees or Wentz

  6. Who to start at flex go
  7. Need a flex, will help you too

    I'd probably go ajayi or diggs
  8. Need a wr and a flex

    Yeah I'd start your wideouts. Could be wrong of course but those are both good matchups.
  9. Dez and Lewis for Cooks?

    Lewis is becoming the volume rusher in NE. If you're looking for an rb then Lewis is good, I have dez also and am skeptical but optimistic. With that said cooks has been a beast. If I had rb depth I'd want cooks all day.
  10. Trade Julio, Evans or Dez

    My bench is included in the post Shnugen
  11. Trade Julio, Evans or Dez

    Good call but I just got Julio from the guy that has hunt. I can give it a shot but not sure. Any other suggestions?
  12. I've been making magic happen with my trades and ended up with these 3 wideouts. Here is my team: QB: Cousins, Dak (going for tyrod waiver) RB: Howard, Mcaffrey, Zeke (samaje waiver) WR: Evans, Dez, Julio, Adams, Benjamin TE: Kelce (traded Olsen in Julio trade) Dst: Ravens, Lions K: Prater Thinking about trying to make a last minute move for an elite RB with one of my wideouts. Which one would you trade, and who would you try to get - or would you just run with this lineup?
  13. Below are pics of my lineup
  14. There it is guys. Cousins vs. NO or Dak vs. Philly?