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  1. Rivers is missing Henry, Foles is steady,Riverboat rivers for the all in ch oice, Foles is very steady and solid
  2. qb-brees, rb- ingram, perine, wr- cooks,funchess, flex-kerwynn Williams, bench-rivers, d.murray, hyde,marshawn, gio, kupp, woods,m,goodwin, Standard league, thanks in advance
  3. wr-AB cooks, rb lynch,ingram,,flex-hyde,collins, bench-d.murray,perine,kupp;,gio,m.goodwin, kerwynn w.
  4. Healthy Funchess or B. Cooks at Pittsburgh
  5. Desperate rb play

    K Williams
  6. Desperate rb play

    K Williams
  7. Line up help standard

    Josh & Murray, DeMarco gets more out of the passing game and Dak has been exploited without a solid running game, he can't count on Morris, good luck!
  8. Qb- Rivers, Rb- Hyde, Marshawn, Wr- A.B., Cooks, Flex- Perine, Bench- D.Murray, A. Collins, Darkwa, Gio, Funchess, Kupp, Goodwin
  9. Qb?

    Brees or Rivers?
  10. Qb?

    Brees or Rivers?
  11. Have A.B. and cooks as my Wr, have Funchess and Sanu on the bench, play either of these two and roll the dice, or I can drop Sanu for Brandon LaFell and sit on him till Monday night, what do you think? Thanks
  12. Cooks, Funchess, Kupp, thanks
  13. Tough QB question

    Have Brees as starter vs tough Rams home defense, have Mariota on the bench with somewhat favorable matchup at Indy with legs in better condition as of late, sit Brees? Thanks for your input, also Dalton and Carr are available for pick up, Standard league