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  1. Josh Gordon back at practice

    I am. If you have playoff ambitions and a roster spot, he's a no brainer lottery ticket that could win you a championship
  2. Gurley for Bell trade

    Why trade Gurley for Bell in a standard league? Murray is largely irrelevant in your current situation. Is it just upcoming matchups?
  3. Anxiety to make a deal

    Also, the Chiefs just signed Revis, which should even help that out
  4. Anxiety to make a deal

    Truthfully, there's nothing to be done with your team. Nothing that would benefit you enough to warrant putting extra talent in your opponents hands. Hold tight and watch out for falling championships
  5. Good or Bad Trade

    I'd take that trade all day long. I'm also curious how you landed such an amazing team, though.
  6. WDIS WR

    Full point PPR, need to start 3 WRs Dez Bryant Jarvis Landry Amari Cooper TY Hilton My main question is between Cooper and Hilton. Hilton has such a low floor, and severely underperformed against the Titans earlier this year. But they just got roasted by Brown, so the potential is there. Cooper has a safer floor, but he's also got what could be a tough matchup

    I guess I should have went with Cousins

    New England's pass Defense has looked better the last couple weeks. Carr is still who I was leaning towards

    Martin hasn't really taken advantage of much yet. Last week that whole offense seemed a mess. I haven't watched any of their games, but I assume it's a poor O-line. It seems like Burkhead's role has been increasing each week, which is especially good in PPR, but he plays for New England, which has a tendency to ruin everything. Another option I just remembered is Blount, but it seems like the Eagles will have even more moving parts than New England
  10. WDIS QB/RB

    Thanks. I read an article that listed Martin as the start of the week, but I don't trust him at all. That .7 killed me a few weeks ago.
  11. WDIS QB/RB

    Full point PPR. I have Jordan Howard in at RB 1, and Burkhead, Woodhead, and Doug Martin as RB 2 options. Also, Yeldon, Ivory, and Darkwa are all on WW. At QB I have Derek Carr vs NE or Cousins vs NO.
  12. Waiver Wire RB's

    Kelley has been out almost all year and Perine hasn't been able to get anything going. Meanwhile, a healthy Burkhead seems to be getting more use by the week. I'd go Burkhead
  13. End-of-Bench RBs ...

    I feel like Drake and Burkhead should definitely get rostered. Personally, I'm holding onto Montgomery even when a lot of people aren't. Hundley is improving, and Williams has struggled this year. I'd say the fourth spot is a toss up between Williams and Perine. I'd say Rod Smith is the back to own in Dallas, if there even is one worth owning.

    I think it really depends on Forte. Personally, I picked up Darkwa as a one week fill in over Powell, but if Forte sits out I made a mistake. All three have good matchups this week, too. Id roll with what you have but keep a close eye on Forte's health ahead of game time
  15. Freeman for AD and Mariotta

    I have Wentz. Trust me when I say I didn't start Cousins last week. But I still notice a black hole sitting on my bench