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  1. I’m in an old school TD only league and am trying to decide between C Sutton and D Parker. No yardage, no PPR, only scoring is by TD’s and the longer the score the more it’s worth. Also scores outside of your position are worth double, so if either guy rushed or threw a score it’s an added bonus. With that said, neither player has a good matchup this week so I’m leaning towards the guy with the gunslinger QB(Parker) over the guy who is a top 10 WR in other formats. The Bills secondary mixed with Allen at QB has me worried but he is a special talent that can beat good coverage with his size and athleticism. What do you guys think? Should I roll with DeVante or Courtland? Thanks in advance!
  2. PPR Marvin Jones or Michael Gallup?

    Gallup has the matchup advantage but Jones has been better, although inconsistent over this season. I don’t feel great about either guy this week and while both have very low floors they both also have ridiculous upside. Thoughts?
  3. Should I bench Lamar Jackson this week?

    6 pt passing td 6 pt rushing td 25 yds passing is 1 pt 10 yds rushing is 1 pt fumbles/interceptions are -4 pts 100 yds rushing is 3 bonus pts 300 yds passing is 3 bonus pts 400 yds passing is 4 bonus pts Tough to start him against NE. He could get a lot on the ground but I don’t like his prospects for not committing turnovers in this game. My other option is Kirk Cousins @KC which I kind of like so I’m leaning towards Kirk at the moment. Thoughts?
  4. Tate, Lazard, or Westbrook

    If Chris Conley is available pick him up and start him over Westbrook if you like the Jags matchup which I agree is fantastic for WRs. Conley believe it or not has a higher snap count than DJ Chark this year and way ahead of Westbrook. If you can’t do that then I like Lazard as a dart throw or Tate for some volume.
  5. K Allen or M Sanders for PPR flex

    Extremely tough matchup for Allen as Tennessee has a very good slot corner where he mostly plays. Dallas, on the other hand, is one of the worst teams against receiving running backs and Sanders has gotten almost every RB receiving target this season, especially since Sproles has been out. Keenan can easily be an exception based on shear volume but the past couple of weeks Mike Williams has out targeted him. This is a full point PPR league. Thoughts?
  6. 1-pt PPR flex spot, Hyde or Ridley?

    Can someone explain why Brown is the best play? The Niners have not allowed a rushing touchdown so far this year and that was while playing against Chubb, Conner and Mixon for 3 of 4 games.
  7. 1-pt PPR flex spot, Hyde or Ridley?

    Thanks for the replies, always appreciated. So isn’t San Francisco currently the league’s top rush D? I have Brown on my roster but I’m not sold on his production prospects for this game. I have Ridley in the starting flex spot right now but his inconsistency makes him a risky play too. I just feel he is the safest between him, Hyde, and Brown. If the Texans follow the same game plan that Indy used last week and keep the Chiefs offense off the field by running all game then Hyde may be the best play but risky as well.
  8. 1-pt PPR flex spot, Hyde or Ridley?

    Hyde at KC (giving up 5.3 yds per carry) Ridley at ARZ (bad secondary, Falcons throw 70% of the time) Other options but feel riskier: Malcolm Brown vs SF LeSean McCoy vs HOU Marvin Jones at GB Thanks!
  9. 1 pt PPR, need to fill my RB/WR and a WR spot. Here is what I have to choose from: RB L McCoy RB M Sanders WR P Dorsett WR S Watkins (injured, quest.) WR C Ridley WR M Gallup (coming off injury, quest.) I’m thinking McCoy and Dorsett but this is a really tough decision. Thanks in advance for any help and good luck all!