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  1. which DST

  2. QB Quagmire ( giggity)

    Who to play at QB Goff Dak trubisky nobody else left free agents are dry
  3. Which RB/WR to Start pick 4

    Samuels ( Pitt) sony ( NE)
  4. Gurley still your play what did you do??????
  5. Chamipinship lineup

    Sony Michel in for Edwards in flwx game flow says Michel has a great day
  6. RB2 decision

    Carson Cook i love Melvin but coming off an injury against a top defense ... just can’t
  7. Gurley, Kamara, Henry or Lindsay

    Gurley gotta play even if it’s goal line plays amd kamara I would be willing to take chance on best RB in football and wait n see henry wilk disappoint
  8. Samuels or Sutton

    Courtland Sutton agaisntvthat raiders D
  9. Henry or Williams

    Williams henry will disappoint
  10. Grab CJ Anderson off waivers do not use Lewis and then have not use Gurley when he’s healthy ( if)
  11. Baldwin or D. Williams?

    Damien Williams from KC? Of course