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  1. Fournette trade

    Gordon? josh or Melvin? Either way get fournette and Evans
  2. Pretty major trade

  3. Fair trade?

    Fournette for sure
  4. Kittle Trade

    I mean Kelce for Kittle is fair straight up
  5. Kittle Trade

    I think he does Kelce straight up i like Kittle better though.
  6. Pretty major trade

    Trade away MG3 and Jamal Williams recieve Kamara Christin Kirk 1 point full PPR ALSO I’m 4 on waiver wire for latavious Murray
  7. Would you make this trade

    Who’s your QB
  8. Mixon for Woods

  9. Trade Advice Please!

    Like Evans first I would still take juju ekeler is an afterthought
  10. Just had my trade vetoed!!

    That’s bullmanure thats legit
  11. Mixon for Woods

    Full pint PPR All things being equal mixon or woods?
  12. Should I trade Kerryon for Josh Jacobs

    I like Jacobs slightly better but I would keep kerryon since he is guaranteed 15-20 touches jacobs is affected by game script. Raiders losing and he doesn’t get the burn keep kerryon
  13. Singletary?????

    Singletary in PPR leagues
  14. Ekeler for Evans

    You would win in that trade for sure matter fact, you would destroy that trade. Accept now.
  15. I'm carrying 4 QBs again

    Silliest thing I have ever heard. So you’ll have no depth at RB or WR so he can’t stream a QB. and TE doesn’t matter unless you have the big 3 so I guess Hooper Engram and Hunter don’t matter. Waller doesn’t matter. Andrews doesn’t matter. There is always a matchup that he can stream a QB. You’re sporting your own team for the good of everyone else in the league good luck in the toilet bowl