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  1. ROS - Aaron Jones or Devontae Booker

    Booker. Jones gimpy and workload is dropping.
  2. Crowder tonight?

    Very tough, but I'd actually go Jeffery by a slim margin. He's been hot and SEA secondary is depleted. Eagles O-line will keep giving Wentz time.
  3. Hunt is safer, but I think Jones has another big game. More risk with Jones though. Check mine out if you have time.
  4. D.Adams or J.Doctson

    Adams, no question.
  5. Dilemma

    I'm not sure what will happen with the Ravens backfield. I'd go with Morris. He's safer with guaranteed touches. If you have time, check mine out. Good luck!
  6. Need 2 flex players and why. I have Patterson and McKinnon in the line up at the moment. Thanks in advance. I'll offer my opinion if you need help... C. Patterson (vs. NYG with Crabtree and Coop out) J. McKinnon (@ ATL) M. Goodwin (@ CHI) C. Coleman (@ LAC)
  7. Jones if Benjamin is out. Inman has tough matchup but has been involved since he came back
  8. Quarterback for this week? Whir

    I go Goff because this game will likely be a shootout.
  9. Change anything? Tough timing on some positions.
  10. Darkwa, Miller, Howard, Perine

    Perine (finger or not) and Darkwa.
  11. TE choice: Cook or Davis?

    Davis. Hands down.
  12. Ajayi or Perine? non-PPR

    Perine for sure. Ajayi still in committee.
  13. I have trouble with any NE RB. You just never know, especially with Burkhead now in the mix. Sammy is so inconsistent, but you might be right on Sneaky. I'd go Morris and Watkins ( McKinnon if it was PPR).
  14. PPR: Diggs Dez Sanu Stills???

    Dez and Sanu. Think cowboys will have to throw alot and Sanu has been very consistent with Julio getting so much attention. Pick a TE and WR2. Witten ASJ M. Jones A. Cooper
  15. 1pt. PPR, pick the Flex. WHIR

    Keep it like it is.