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  1. we have 5 rd, rookie/fa draft he is offering his 4:04 pick for my 3:01 pick, his David Irving (DT) for my Leonard Floyd (LB), This is lower player trade i think between us, is this worth worth it in losing my 3:01 pick. I'm new to IDP dynasty league's, thx
  2. many top ranked IDP players were drafted much later then expected, where can I get an updated IDP rankings now, as those lower ranked players got drafted ahead of the IDP rankings, so not sure about our dynasty drafting of players, go with how they were actually drafted, ?? what do you guys think. !!
  3. IDP drafting of players

    I'm new to IDP League's, after the nfl draft, i noticed many top players dropped and lower players were drafted ahead of the higher ranked players, now is there an updated rookie rankings, and what or where would anyone suggest i use for sites to get info in this regard to our drafting league with IDP players, 5 rd in dynasty league, any help appreciated, Vern here
  4. standard scoring with 0.5 ppr, starting Brady over Foles Gurley, Collins over McCoy, J.Williams Woods, Thielen, M.Jones over T. Williams Kelce over Rudolph
  5. flex starter

    who to play, K. Williams or Fitzgerald, standard scoring with ppr, i had Williams slotted but changed to Fitz this morn because Fitz was good play 2 weeks ago against Rams. what you think, thx.
  6. who to play

    scoring is 1 pt, 10 yds, 0.5 ppr as well. , start 2 RB with flex added with 1 of my other RB, who i like over my crappy WR, TE, ok. i'm thinking of play, Perine, J. Williams, K. Williams who should be all starters this week, but i also have Lewis, Ayaji on bench, what do you think, thx.
  7. who to play

    thx Montana da Man
  8. hi all, i have RB's - Lewis, Perine, J. Williams, slotted to fill 3 RB positions, i have bench Ajayi, Peterson, Kerwynn Williams is on waiver wire, should i consider trying to add and who would i drop Peterson, this move is probably only a backup playoff player. or just stay put, thx,
  9. which RB's to play

    standard scoring with 0.4 ppr, i usually play, McCoy, Gurley, my site guru says play J.Williams, Collins, ( which 2 should i play )
  10. which RB's to play

    well now, i agreed with you guys to play my studs, McCoy & Gurley over J. Williams & Collins, the Huddle you can use your lineups when you add your league scoring and you get who may score what each week, that is one i go by, it had play J. Williams & Collins over McCoy & Gurley, and huddle was correct, so wow eh guys, McCoy - 11, Gurley - 18.2, where as J. Williams - 19.1, Collins - 22.6 thx guys , huddle over us, lol