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  1. What's good everyone? Currently in 3 leagues where I'm 2-0 in a Yahoo! league and 1-1 in an ESPN and another Yahoo! league, all PPR. Quick questions: which QB should I start: Wentz or Fitzpatrick? Who should I flex this week: Marvin Jones Jr. or Robert Woods? Should I start Engram or Rudolph as my tight end? Any help would be great! Thank you!

  2. What's good bro? I need some advice on which WRs to start? I got Thielen, Cooks, Crowder, and Hilton as my top wideouts. Who should be my WR1, WR2 and flex?It's a PPR league. Thanks dude! 

    1. Montana is da Man

      Montana is da Man

      Hey man, gotta go with Thielen in PPR, I love Hilton's matchup against the worst pass defense in the league, so I'd start Hilton as my WR2 and Crowder has a nice matchup against a team with nobody healthy, so I'd put Crowded in my flex.


      Brady has been inconsistent at best so Cooks is the odd man out in my opinion