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  1. QB advice

    Hey guys, Should I start Foles or Jackson as my QB? Thanks! 👌
  2. PPR flex help

    Should I start Justin Jackson, Damien Williams, Dante Pettis, or Lamar Miller as my PPR flex this week? Thank you!😁
  3. Tight end help

    Hey guys, Who should u start as my TE this week: Ian Thomas or Cameron Brate? I'm in a 12 team PPR league. Thank you!
  4. TE help

    Hey guys, Happy Sunday! I currently have Reed as my starting TE in my 10 team PPR league. Should I bench him and if so, should I grab Njoku or Engram from free agency? Thank you!
  5. WR2 help

    Hey guys! Should I start Josh Gordon or DJ Moore as my WR2 this week? I got Tyreek Hill as my WR1 because OBJ is out. Thank you!
  6. PPR flex help

    Hey guys, Should I start DJ Moore or Lamar Miller at the flex? Full point PPR 10 team. Thank you!
  7. Hey guys, Who should I pick up in free agency to further my depth at WR: Christian Kirk or David Moore? I'm in a 12 team PPR league. Thanks, appreciate your help!👌
  8. PPR flex help

    Hey y'all, Happy Thanksgiving! Who should I start at my flex: White or Ingram? Full point PPR. My starting RBs are Zeke and Chubb. Thank you!
  9. PPR flex help

    Hey guys, Happy Thanksgiving! Who should I start at my flex spot: Hilton or Ingram? Full point PPR. Appreciate the help!
  10. Burton or Hooper?

    Hey y'all, Should I start Hooper or Burton as my TE this week? 12 team PPR league. Thanks!
  11. Hey guys, I'm a bit weary about starting Cousins on the road against the Bears. I got Dalton as my other QB but he has a tough road game against the Ravens. I do see FitzMagic available in free agency. Should I grab him and start him instead? Let me know what you think. Thanks!
  12. Defense for this week

    Colts defense
  13. WR2 help/Flex help

    Hey guys, Should I start Shepard or Robinson as my WR2? My WR1 is Thielen. Also, should I start Johnson or Miller as my flex? My starting RBs are Gurley and Mixon. Thanks
  14. Right now, I have Burton as my starting TE. In my flex, I have Reed. Okay to keep those two in my lineup? Or should I move Reed out and put in Kerryon Johnson, Trequan Smith or ARob instead? Thanks!
  15. PPR flex help

    I'm deciding on who I start for my flex this week. Should it be Chubb, Larry Fitz, Hooper or Ingram? I'm starting Adams and Jones Jr. as my receivers and White and Elliott are my starting RBs. Appreciate the help!