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  1. Hey y'all, Happy Sunday! Who should I flex: Lamb or Kelley? Thank you!
  2. Hey y'all, Happy Sunday! Who should I flex: Lamb or Kelley? Thanks!
  3. Waiver Wire Claims

    I'm second to last on the waiver priority list, so I doubt I'll get Davis. 🤷🏾‍♂️
  4. Waiver Wire Claims

    Hey y'all! Here's my team: 12 team PPR QB Wilson RB Drake RB Mixon WR Moore WR OBJ TE Henry Flex Lamb Bench: White, Ruggs, Parker, Edmonds, Kelley, L. Thomas I see that Pittman, Gage, and Lazard are on waivers. RBs that are available are Gaskin, Henderson, Davis, Freeman. Should I claim on any one of them and drop Ruggs? Appreciate the help!
  5. Who to flex: White, Parker, Ruggs, Lamb, or Lindsay? Thanks!
  6. Pick an RB2

    Sup bros? Who should I start as my RB2 this week: Mack or Michel? Or...DeAndre Washington? I don't think Jacobs is going to play the whole game. Thanks!
  7. Pick an RB2

    Thanks man! Got a few more: Start Fitzpatrick or Brissett? Devante Parker is active. Start Montgomery or Singletary as my RB2?
  8. I originally offered a guy in my league Boyd and Mattison for Montgomery. He's sitting at 2-7 at last place and has Cook. I'm in 2nd at 6-3. He rejected the offer and instead offered me Montgomery in exchange for Hunter Henry. Should I accept? My other TE is Andrews so I suppose I can afford giving up a high end TE1. My other RBs are A. Jones, Singletary, Guice, and of course Mattison. Thanks!
  9. Hey guys! I'm proposing a trade where I get Mack but I give up Hunter Henry and Fitzgerald. Fair trade?
  10. Trade Hunter Henry and Fitz for Mack?

    My other TE is Waller. My RBs are A. Jones, Samuels, Michel, and Mattison. Michel has been killing me! My WRs are Adams, Allen, Samuel, and Gordon. I'm also working a trade where I give up Samuel and Mattison for Edelman (he has Dalvin and he's 2-7 in the league)
  11. Help!

    Hey guys! Who do I flex this week: Golladay, Boyd, Singletary, H. Henry, or Hyde? I also have Robby Anderson, but no way I'm throwing him into the lion's den that is the Pats defense. Hopkins and Thomas are my WR1s and Jones and Kerryon are my starting RBs. Andrews is my starting TE. 10 Team Full PPR. Thanks!
  12. Who to flex: Samuel, Sanders, or Edmonds? Thanks!
  13. Flex Advice? 12 team PPR

    What sucks is that Samuel is playing a very early game and DJ who's a game time decision is playing a late game. DJ isn't fully healthy so they would have to give some or most of the workload to Edmonds, right? I might roll the dice with Edmonds.
  14. Davante Adams Trade

    Nope, wouldn't do the deal. Try to see if you can get a rock solid RB1 in that deal, like LeVeon, DJ, or Dalvin. I think you're giving up quite a lot with Adams for you to get a minimal return. Adams is still a top 5 receiver. If he wants an elite receiver, he's he's going to have to give up his top RB. That's not a fair trade in my eyes.
  15. Which QB to start?

    Should I start Goff or Cousins? 12 team PPR league. Thanks!
  16. What's good fellas? Who should I start at the flex: Boyd, Golladay, Hyde, Samuel or Anderson? Starting WRs are Thomas and Hopkins, and starting RBs are Jones and K. Johnson. Thanks for the help!
  17. Sup fellas? Who do I start at the flex this week: Dorsett or Curtis Samuel? With Dorsett, I feel that Brady if going to air it out a lot. On the other hand for Samuel, Jalen Ramsey isn't playing so that leaves a big hole in the Jags secondary. Thoughts? Thanks for the help!
  18. Mike Williams or Curtis Samuel?

    I'm sort of in a conundrum myself when it comes to Samuel, but I'm not giving up on him just yet. From what we've seen so far, the guy can play. He can be a weekly WR3/flex. He just needs that one breakout game, and we just might see it tomorrow with Ramsey not around. Right now, I'm starting him over Dorsett.
  19. Darrel Williams or Carlos Hyde FULL PPR

    Seriously! I plugged him in my lineup, set it and forget it. While Michel had a better day running the ground, I still have to bench him. Right now I'm trying to swing a trade where I get Bell in exchange for Adams. Hopefully it gets accepted!
  20. Hey guys? Who should I start as my RB2 today: Darrell Williams, Michel, or Burkhead? Apparently the Pats want to feed Michel the ball to establish the run against a stout Bills defense. What do y'all think? Thanks!
  21. Darrel Williams or Carlos Hyde FULL PPR

    Williams! I'm contemplating starting him as my RB2 over Michel. I can't give up on Michel just yet, and I spent a 4th round pick on him!
  22. Hey guys, Who should I start at the flex this weekend: Fitz, Hardman, Dorsett, Burkhead, or Samuel? I am benching Michel until further notice. Thanks!
  23. Trades

    Hey guys, Thinking about trading Adams for Bell straight up. Assuming Adams kills it tonight against Philly, his stock will be pretty high. I got Keenan Allen as my other WR1, who's been stellar. I need RB help. I got A. Jones but Sony Michel has been killing me. My other RBs are Sanders, Darrell Williams, and Burkhead. The person that owns Bell also has Zeke, Mack, and Singletary, but at receiver they have Moore, Diggs, Crowder, and A-Rob. I get a top end RB and they get a top end receiver in return. Also thinking about trading Tyreek and Ekeler to a Gordon owner who has Juju. Good trade proposal or no? Thanks for the help!
  24. I got Edelman. Brady's most trusted receiver. He'll see plenty of targets.
  25. Trade Proposals

    I appreciate the input, guys. The more I think about it, in hindsight both are lopsided trades. So here's what I am now pondering: Davante for LeVeon straight up. Assuming Davante has a monster game against the Eagles tonight, his stock is going to be sky high. I get a top end RB and they get a top end receiver. The other is Ekeler and Tyreek for Juju. Thoughts?