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  1. WR, pick 2 for the championship

    Tate is great, and can exploit Cincinnati. But this is Marvin Jones Jr.'s old team, it should be his show this week. JuJu and Evans.
  2. Haha. Well then you look poised to take the cake.
  3. Title Game Questions

    Arizona is terrible against slot receivers. Which helps Shepherd a lot, which would also have him avoiding Patrick Peterson.
  4. Uhh...why the hell do you have Tampa Bay's defense!? There has to be better options than that. That's the only thing I'd change.
  5. Start/sit advice ppr

    Agreed and Stewart is coming off a field day of a game. I like McCaffrey a lot, he'll get his points, but the upside is much better with Drake and Fournette. They're straight killing it.
  6. Call me crazy, but...

    You also have to consider that this will be the first game for the Patriots where they have Hogan and Gronk back with their newly formed running back configuration. A lot of mouths to feed in this one. Parts of workloads will be going elsewhere. Burkhead, along with the rest of the running game, started emerging right after Hogan got injured for all those weeks. Just a thought.
  7. Start/sit advice ppr

    Easy, Drake and Fournette.
  8. I dropped Wentz and picked up Jimmy G so far, considering that I also have his receiver Goodwin starting and they're getting better each week. I can pick up Case Keenum, Blake Bortles or Nick Foles instead. Thoughts? And thank you!
  9. QB and WR help

    Jimmy G and Funchess. Although Woods did have a nice game last time against Seattle.
  10. Is Demaryius Thomas a must start?

    Well, you got a very nice array of WRs. I would have done Goodwin, Allen, Funchess and either Gordon, Westbrook or Thomas as your forth. Haha.
  11. Playoff Lineup Advice (PPR)

    Those two choices are cool with me. The only thing I would check is how well Kupp did the first time around against Seattle and how many targets. This is also a much bigger game between the Seahawks and the Rams this time around.
  12. RB options. PPR.

    I have Todd Gurley, Rex Burkhead and Kenyen Drake starting currently. I have Dion Lewis, Jamaal Williams and Samaje Perine on the bench as well. Am I crazy to consider starting both Lewis and Burkhead against the Dolphins Monday Night? They had a combined 30 points against Miami last time around. But Lewis might be dealing with a sickness. Drake has no competition for touches and should be busy. Williams has Aaron Jones back to cut into his time, and the Browns defense is stingy against the run. And I'm really not considering Perine at all. Haha.
  13. Pick 2 - Hunt, Howard, K.Drake, R.Anderson

    Drake and Hunt. Hunt will definitely get you a solid 10 points or more, he had 15 last time against the Raiders I do believe. Henry.