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  1. as your number 2 RB. Ive been offered either or for one of my receivers and I can't decide who to bite on. One thing in Jackson's favor is we award 3pts/rec. any thoughts???
  2. who would you rather have?..........

    I'm not real sure I can go wrong either way, as I've been offered either one of them for Steve Smith, but for some reason I am more for jackson than dillon.
  3. My current lineup is : Favre LT2 Chris Brown (w/ M. anderson, T.Bell, and R. Brown backing up) R. Moss C. Johnson Steve Smith (w/ Moulds and Stallworth backing up) I have been offered Corey Dillon for Steve Smith. Scoring is : 2pts/10 rushing 1pt/10 rec 1pt/ rush attempt 3pts/ reception TD's 6pts
  4. trade offer

    yeah I'd do that...Ricky could be your #2 if brown doesn't pick it up. check back to my post if you wouldn't mind I posed another potential scenario.
  5. Who would make this trade?

    you mean C. Brown or Ronnie. this guy also has Steven jackson and I thought of offering him C. Brown/S. Smith for S. Jackson/B. Engram. For some reason I think jackson is the better potential back down the road!
  6. WR Nightmare!

    I'd go with Smith, although between smith and driver I really don't think you can make that big of a mistake.
  7. 15-3. This could be ugly for DC.

    Skins Win! 31-24
  8. So, do you think....

    very nice Hugh !
  9. what do you need on MNF?

    For Julius Jones and Chris Cooley to come down with Flu like symptoms and be stuck on IV's all night .... if so then I've taken down Hugh 0ne by .20 points in PRIME TIME! not likely!
  10. where is Ladanian

    any info out there!
  11. where is Ladanian

    my bad...just a little concerned with my 1st pick not having touched the ball for almost an entire quarter...Surely you can understand!!
  12. Trade Options - A lito help

    I think that is bit too much for either of if your getting both? that's different. plus what if Manning goes down with one of those nagging "questionable" injury types you gotta have someone to chuch the pig for you!
  13. T.Henry

    unless you've read something I haven't I don't see that happening. Dayne will be activated this week since Anderson is still sore. If Anderson can't go then Bell will get the start and Dayne will only serve in short yardage and goalline situations. I think Henry will come around if he can shake this turf toe thing and if Christy Brown gets hurt he's the man!
  14. Free Fantasy Advice - Week 2

    What about the other???
  15. Free Fantasy Advice - Week 2

    O.K. since your on the block for the Heroes this week! WDIS at flex spot: L. Fitz R. Williams T. Henry C. Taylor (to get all of Baltimores stats)
  16. I have been offered P. Manning for Larry Johnson and T.O. My current lineup is : Carson Palmer/ M. Hasselback Alexander McAllister T.O. S.Smith R. Wayne R. McMichael If I trade him I would have : Manning Alexander McAllister Wayne Smith I. Bruce R. McMichael My only concern is my back up RB's which are Barlow, C. Brown, T. Henry. I picked off LJ be/c the Priest owner let him stay there to long and he may be a starter at some point. But given the news of LJ's arrest ,, should I go ahead and pull the trigger. I feel like I'm basically giving up Owens for Manning. Scoring is: td's= 6 comp.=1 recp. =2 10yds passed= 1 10yds rushing=2 10yds rec.=1 should I do this trade???
  17. Free Fantasy Advice - Week 2

    Hugh, you mind taking a look at this link from a question I asked yesterday. It is a non-PRIME TIME question and I'm assuming I can still ask your opinion on other leagues one more...Ronnie Brown or Tatum Bell?... Td=6, 2pts/10yds rush, 1pt/carry, 3pt/rec, 1pt/10yds rec.
  18. trade Ive been offered

    Very sound knowledge Keg...Thanks
  19. Larry Johnson Arrested!

    I was offered Peyton for LJ and T.O. about 30 minutes ago. I know my counterpart doesn't know this info. should I go ahead and make that trade. Heres the link I put in the advice forum:
  20. You know.....

    At least you can say that your one win was against Hugh in Prime Time!
  21. So who needs what?

    I need Mcnabb and Owens to just be mediocre tomorrow night
  22. Cant decide.....

  23. my thoughts exactly given the matchup...go with S. Smith
  24. Jamal Lewis to split carries with C. Taylor

    would anyone consider starting both Lewis and Taylor if you can plug in Taylor as your flex position instead of a 3rd WR???
  25. it's good to be a Collins owner

    If the Raider O-line stiffens up a bit and gives Collins the time to make his reads he'll be in the top 5 qb's this year IMO. The line struggled a bit in the 3rdQ, and he had to chuck it away. the way teams will double and triple up on Moss, Collins will find the open man if he gets the time.