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  1. K Benjamin or K Cole? Bortles or Jimmy G?

    Jimmy Cole
  2. Cooks or Ju Ju

    montana is right
  3. Cooks or Ju Ju

    Juju they wanna win
  4. PPR League am I starting the right players? Or is there any movements you would make. Last minute 1000 bucks on the line im up by 58 points thanks to gurley but hes got Henry and Hyde and cooks and thielen, rudolph , brees. Do i need high floor or steady produccion? QB Cam RB Duke RB M Brown (rams) WR Funchess WR K. Cole TE Ebron FLEX Gates BENCH QB Jimmy GQ RB Gallman, Barber, B Oliver (chargers) WR Gordon, D Westbrook I really want to play Jimmy over Cam but im afraid it will blow up in face. Is that a bad a call? Both gurley an Nuk are out i feel i gatta make up for it.
  5. Championship Help

  6. Title game advice

    Kamara , Bernard Bryant, Sanu, flex Goodwin
  7. Championship Help

    Jimmy GQ, RB Henry, Mccoy, WR Goodwin, M Wallace Flex Lewis TE Olsen D Bolts
  8. Championship game roster help

    jimmy GQ Gates cuz im sour on Doyle i fugure gates has more upside Docson
  9. Gallman or Barber?

    I have the same issue Gallman seems to be the best bet if its ppr. But barber couks have a breakoutgame to end the year he runs well
  10. Championship roster help Cam or G

    QB Cam or jimmy G kinda leaning Jimmy G is that crazy RB Gallman, P Barber, M Davis, Duke johnson, TJ Yeldon , M Brown (rams), Gurley (sat) WR (starting Nuk) J Gordon, K Cole, D Funchess TE Doyle, Ebron, Gates Current line up is Cam Gallman Barber Hopkins Gordon Cole Doyle Any suggestions like should i start duke instead of gordon in the flex how would you arrange it to make the best of it my stud is out and hes starting derick henry who i think will go off this week.
  11. Start doyle or ebron help

    Ebron been going off lately
  12. Gurley is getting sat week 17 is that true?

    Anyone? Comments?
  13. Dang ittttt thats all i got jts the last game.
  14. Funchess seems hurt like hes a decoy feeling iffy on him.
  15. Mixon or davis rb final game help

    Mixon seems to get more touches when healthy.