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  1. One song

    Hey Ya - Outkast
  2. Tevin Coleman out multiple weeks

    This is a recurring story. Just copy and paste it into a new topic in 2021
  3. James White inactive

    awful news. Prayers out to him and his family
  4. how are you watching NFL?

    on fire, I think it's called Pro sport live. and the app sucks but it gets you the games...so clunky to move through the lineup
  5. Week 2 Chat

    I'm a happy Kelley owner
  6. Dalton schultz?

    I picked him up as soon as Jarwin's news came out. Granted this was 32 Homers and not much on the wire. Was surprised he was even available. That's a high powered offense with plenty to go around.
  7. One song

    I Scare Myself - Dan Hicks and his Hot Licks
  8. One song

    Katy Lied - Steely Dan
  9. Allen Robinson has asked for a trade

    there was OBJ talk all last year too
  10. Bengals vs Browns (TNF)

  11. One song

    My Type - Saint Motel
  12. One song

    Clock Street - Poster Children
  13. Opening Week Talk

    Get it right, gas on a river fire. Why would anyone wanna live in Cleveland? Trash to the left, trash to the right. Not a decent burger to be had. Don't even get me started on the wings. Or lack thereof. And that orchestra? Who cares? And a clinic? No one but suckers and losers would want that kinda care. If it weren't for orange barrels, I wouldn't know to come out of hibernation. Crappy winters. Gotta take vitamins just to stay alive. If you would wanna.
  14. Opening Week Talk

    no doubt. Throw in the towel. Why waste 3 hours a Sunday? I've got better things to do. I can get some tastycakes to drown my sorrow in. And Baker? More like Faker. Odell? Oh well.