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  1. Shout It Out Loud - Kiss
  2. I didn't, mostly here since '99 Welcome aboard!
  3. I'll take a flyer duh, forgot to add that he's a local kid and went Willoughby South High. My office is in Willoughby. We heard a lot about Kareem on the local news and then followed his career when he went to Toledo. Hunt and Trubisky were all that were on the "Friday Night Lights" section of the sports broadcast
  4. I like that signing much better than I would have RGIII
  5. Angel In Blue - J. Geils Band
  6. Here We Go (Let's Rock & Roll) - C + C Music Factory
  7. Leave A Scar - Blackberry Smoke
  8. Ride Like Hell - Big Sugar I'd never heard this song until last night...pretty cool
  9. sign up here, put in your scoring, and viola! custom cheat sheet!
  10. Another Sad And Lonely Night - Bobby Fuller Four
  11. Why Me - Planet P Project
  12. Blow Away - George Harrison
  13. Working Class Hero - John Lennon
  14. Adam Schefter: Two names to watch for Panthers GM job: Titans director of player personnel Ryan Cowden, Panthers director of player personnel Don Gregory.‬
  15. we did the double header...