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  1. One song

    Everlovin' Man - The Loved Ones
  2. London Games

    I'm not sure he's asking the question from a fantasy standpoint...maybe more wagering?
  3. One song

    I Want, Need, Love You - The Black Diamonds
  4. Cleveland Defense?

    Steve's right. Just not what I expected outta them. They look shaky. Probably not as bad as against the Ravens but probably not as good as against the Steelers either.
  5. Best and worst of week 2

    Worst was losing when I have Kareem Hunt and CJ Anderson in my starting lineup
  6. The "WR" Ty Montgomery

    I thought I was "settling" for him where I took him...glad I was wrong
  7. Howard Jordan

    His zero cost me a win
  8. One song

    Just A Little Bit - The Purple Hearts
  9. Higgins was the #1 yesterday but that will change week to week with Coleman out. I would see if DeValve's available first I would hope that Britt will step up and be that guy but he seems kinda lethargic and nonchalant...not something I like to see Gordon. Ha! Gor-done
  10. Loaf

    you back?
  11. One song

    You're Drivin' Me Insane - The Missing Links
  12. what is up with McCaffery??

    were you hoping for a Kareem Hunt type workload? That was never going to happen with Stewart there.
  13. Can you trust Beckham?

    he's on my bench
  14. Thursday Night Football

    Me neither...
  15. One song

    Wedding Ring - The Easybeats