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  1. I avoided him in my only real draft so far
  2. Ways To Go - Grouplove
  3. Fields Of Fire - In A Big Country
  4. the guy's going so late that it doesn't hurt ta add him as your WR4 or 5
  5. David Johnson
  6. Swords Of A 1,000 Men - Tenpole Tudor
  7. Williams
  8. looks like this might be it http://www.sportsmediawatch.com/nfl-tv-schedule-fox-cbs-nbc-sunday-night-football-espn-mnf-nfln-tnf/
  9. no worries...you had some pretty tight parameters you were looking to cross off your check box Arizona native used leaguesafe in the past used leaguesafe, won money and used an e-check as payout... those are pretty specific for someone just wandering by. It'll take a few days before everyone is back on the boards and into FF mode. Just keep checking in to see if there's any new posts.
  10. well see, that's some information that woulda been useful like 4 hours ago, with the initial inquiry. How are we supposed to know what you've done to answer the question yourself? we were giving you some solutions to try out on your own since we don't know much about LS and AZ banking laws. so next time, "snowflake" yeah, be more clear.
  11. If yer in AZ, I would call my bank and ask
  12. I'll Be Damned - Pure Prairie League
  13. I have mixed feelings on this cat but mostly negative. You can show me all the stats for and against and I'm still not sure if he's a legitimate RB1 or 2. but with where you have to get him, he's going as an RB1, most likely. I think that's too rich for my blood. I hope I'm right and someone gets stuck with a dud.
  14. he's falling because of the QB situation, not talent. Put him on the Browns or Rams or Broncos...oh wait....
  15. I'd still take him if I had the #1...too young and pumped up not to take