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  1. One song

    Needle - Born Ruffians
  2. One song

    Our Deal - Best Coast
  3. in not one, but 2 leagues yet...
  4. Scorned Owners....DND 2020

    unless he gets traded or the coach gets axed, David Montgomery
  5. Thielen's out

    Olabisi Johnson
  6. Thielen's out

    if you had him in
  7. One song

    Every Little Thing - The Beatles
  8. One song

    Wendy - Jesse Malin
  9. Who are your usual suspects?

    Curtis Samuel, Russell Wilson, David Montgomery, Nick Chubb, Calvin Ridley all on two teams
  10. Cheaters?

    used to love that show
  11. Julio Jones inactive

    was a good week to have Gage in my lineup
  12. One song

    Mile High - Sons of Otis
  13. Week 12 Milk Carton

    Almost my whole lineup Russell Wilson Jaylen Gallup Montgomery
  14. One song

    The Prizefighter - Slo Burn
  15. One song

    Street Lights - Ries Brothers