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  1. One song

    She's Lost Control - Joy Division
  2. One song

    What Does It Take - Junior Walker
  3. I tried to get FAAB in my league. Turns out most of my Owners are lazier than I thought...
  4. One song

    Freelance - Toro y Moi
  5. One song

    Bottoms Up (Here's To Goodbye) - Ryan Hamilton and the Harlequins
  6. Panthers release C.J. Anderson

    if you had a job for 5 years and then were fired. then picked up by a new company and fired after 8 months...
  7. One song

    It's Late - Queen
  8. 1st Overall 2019

    Gurley then Kamara
  9. One song

    Porridge - The Woggles
  10. One song

    B.astards of Young - The Replacements
  11. Panthers/Steelers TNF

    My McCaffrey/Conner against his Cam/Antonio Brown...I have a 14 point lead. Was hoping for more from Conner but with the blowout and injury, it wasn't meant to be. I do have Bell waiting on my bench if that move takes place
  12. One song

    (She's Not Just Another Girl) She's A Darlin - Kenne Highland And His Vatican Sex Kittens
  13. One song

    Fight Song - Flaming Lips
  14. One song

    She Was Out There - Ronnie Wood
  15. Not to have their defense suck and give up TDs to Lewis and Henry...oh wait...
  16. go out and get this guy

    I had Tevin in the Flex until yesterday morning...that's why I try to get outta the house early and not look at my lineups unless I'm checking on an injury
  17. go out and get this guy

    Shouldn't have started him over Tevin Coleman, that's for sure...
  18. One song

    Hungry Like The Wolf - Duran Duran
  19. go out and get this guy

    Starting him in 3 leagues where I have other options. Even with Brees struggles the past couple weeks
  20. One song

    Way Down Now - World Party
  21. Hue Jackson OUT in Cleveland

    I looked up the record for teams the week after firing a coach. CD, I don’t think the Browns win, but covering the spread is a possibility. I don’t bet on games but I would probably take the points These teams have gone 9-13 (41%) SU, a marked improvement from how they played before the head coach leaving town. Combined, the 22 teams had a 58-160 (26.6%) record before the coach was relieved of his duties.
  22. Hue Jackson OUT in Cleveland

    the brother of my ex-girlfriend has Down's. I cannot tell you how upset the family got when the "r" word was heard. So much so that I became sensitive to its use. I was a career "R" word user and now never do. I think any future use should be filtered to BeeR
  23. One song

    Burn The House Down - AJR
  24. SF starting unknown Mullens at QB

    the Raiders put up one of the worst performances by any team I think I've ever seen
  25. Tyreek Hill Injury

    I hope they keep going down the WR/TE chain saying they don't need so and so to beat the Browns. Until they get to Hunt. They need Hunt to beat the Browns...if ya get my drift