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  1. One song

    Incinerate - Sonic Youth
  2. Geronimo Allison #3 receiver for Green Bay

    so it's not that Allison's noticeably sharper than last season, the competition isn't noticeably better than him. Staying away...
  3. One song

    Give Yourself A Try - 1975
  4. One song

    Walking On Broken Glass - Annie Lennox
  5. Interesting Mayfield observation

    He's got a pretty good arm. I don't watch much college ball, unless Ohio State's got a big game, so I didn't know much about him. Training Camp's made me a belieber...I went to TC when Manziel was here and the difference is that Mayfield goes through his reads while Johnny took off running if choice 1 wasn't open.
  6. Your Homer Team Training Camp Chatter

    I went again yesterday and nothing's changed. But Njoku was getting lotsa looks in 11 on 11s. And making the catches.
  7. I went Cole as well...like Stethant said, mostly out of a "no confidence" vote for the others
  8. Oddly, with a recently concluded draft, I got both Chris Thompson and Matt Breida. I realize both are dinged up but...
  9. Guice torn ACL

    WOW that sucks for him and the fans of the Redskins and football. I was excited to see what he could do this year.
  10. IThe Hype About Barkley?

    Jonathan Stewart looked bad too. Barkley's a good one. That first run had me shaking my head, thinking here we go again...but after that, not much
  11. One song

    Alphabet Street - Prince
  12. One song

    Yesterday Today - Kurt Baker Combo
  13. Corey Coleman traded to Bills

    I don't have HBO so I missed Hard Knocks last night but Jarvis Landry gave a pretty impassioned speech that you can youtube
  14. One song

    Blood And Roses - Smithereens
  15. Your Homer Team Training Camp Chatter

    I went to training camp this past Saturday. Looks like Landry's gonna be a ball hog and caught a short touchdown in 11 on 11s. Rashard Higgins is showing separation and getting lotsa looks. Antonio Callaway is quick with decent route skills. Looks like what the previous front office wanted Corey Coleman to be. Hyde got first team reps. I didn't see Chubb play much. Njoku was doing catch repetition drills.
  16. One song

    Graduate - Third Eye Blind
  17. Corey Coleman traded to Bills

    still shaking my head that they took a smallish speedster over The Ohio State product in Michael Thomas...
  18. One song

    How Can I Be Sure - Rascals
  19. Corey Coleman traded to Bills

    disappointing start to his career. And he's been sidelined this week with a bad hammy. Hopefully he puts it together in Buffalo.
  20. One song

    Too Pooped To Pop - Chuck Berry
  21. Your Homer Team Training Camp Chatter

    We took Baker Mayfield...
  22. One song

    Take Me Back - The Tinted Windows
  23. One song

    Teenager In Love - The Regrettes
  24. One song

    Abba - The Paragons
  25. One song

    Union Of The Snake - Duran Duran