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  1. Down by 24 points. Opponent is done and I have Rodgers and Boone tonight. Barring anything crazy I should have this right?
  2. Championship Lineup

    Thanks Montana
  3. Higbee or Hollister

  4. LAMAR

    I would wait to see what happens with the Pats/Bills. Buffalo win means Ravens lock up home field so that could Affect how much he actually plays.
  5. Championship Lineup

    Pretty confident for this weekend with my starters. Been going back and forth but feel I have the right lineup. Would you change anything?
  6. If Andrews is available I would lean towards him or Perriman.
  7. Advice to Win championship weekend??

    Honestly I would go Kupp and Cooper at WR and Mostert at Flex
  8. Decisions a Soldier!

    Moore Drake Parker
  9. Advice to Win championship weekend??

    How many WR slots in your league.
  10. Finals - Help at Flex

    Thanks for all the replies. Do you still think Miller is a better option than Perriman. KC pretty decent pass defense and Perriman should be the #1 target.
  11. PPR League. The Mixon injury makes this a little more interesting. However currently have this as my starting lineup with bench below. Stay with Miller at WR or move Perriman and plug in some else like Boone at Flex? I don’t trust Bear play calling enough to roll with Montgomery. Thoughts? QB Rodgers RB. Mixon RB. Ingram WR. Thomas WR. A Miller TE. Kittle FL. Perriman Options D Montgomery D Metcalf M Boone
  12. Who would you go with? Leaning towards Miller as I think Seattle will be fun heavy.
  13. Flex Play

    Monty and Ingram at RB Thomas and Metcalf at WR either Murray (splitting time with Kamara) or Mixon at Flex?