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  1. Too much Abullah. WTH?

    This just proves why minn does not deserve a championship. Coaches always make horrible play calls etc.
  2. Packers vs Vikings (MNF)

    Well that sucks. Typical to throw to a ham when it should have been Boone on 3 straight carries.
  3. Packers vs Vikings (MNF)

    Just in..., Mattison inactive
  4. Packers vs Vikings (MNF)

    I need 19.7 from Boone for the win
  5. Monday night Chances.....

    Let’s go! Any other thoughts on my chances?
  6. Monday night Chances.....

    Just hoping for 70 yds and 2 tds
  7. SEA has lost their top 3 rbs?

    Marshawn Lynch is coming home! What a reunion this could be
  8. After a long up and down day, I find myself down 19.8 points and I have Boone to play. Can Boone be up for this challenge and do I win?
  9. Championship chances????

    So far I made up a point. Only down 26 now. Need more 50 yarders from butker
  10. Championship chances????

    I saw them. You should be good.
  11. Down 27 points (thanks to Wilson and me switching out Higbee) and here is what’s left: I have: Boone and Butker he has: Chicago dst .5 ppr league, is there any hope?
  12. Wdis at flex.....Moore or Brown

    So far everyone is 50/50. Anyone else?
  13. Wdis between dj Moore and A.J. brown? thanks
  14. Higbee???

    Same here as in facing off against Lamar. Hoping for quick scores so they sit him.