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  1. Ekeler or Jackson?

    Any last minute thoughts
  2. Ekeler or Jackson?

    I guess either way they both probably get some points
  3. Ekeler or Jackson?

    Last minute Jackson the rb to play over ekeler? Thanks,
  4. Who do you need today

    Would love to see the real David Johnson please stand up today
  5. WR dilemma????

    Or is Shepard in this discussion?
  6. WR dilemma????

    Go with Boyd or humphries as he has been hot, djax out but bad weather? Thoughts?
  7. Ekeler or Jackson?

  8. WR dilemma????

    Bump. Any other last minute thoughts?
  9. Ekeler or Jackson?

  10. Ekeler or Jackson?

    Torn on who to pick of the two. I know if I go Jackson, ekeler will go off. Any thoughts?
  11. WR dilemma????

    Wdis this week at wr: Boyd Humphries Shepard thanks!
  12. Wdis at WR????

    Need to decide between Boyd vs LAC or Humphries vs NO? Thoughts?
  13. ESPN league updates

    Don’t want to get political but first the Russians mess with the election now trying to ruin my fantasy season.
  14. Wilson ready to roll???

    Would Wilson get the nod over ekeler or Jackson? I have both and am torn between whic chargers rb to play if any.
  15. ESPN Fantasy Site

    Yeah I noticed this as well. My playoff match up changed. I thought there was a minor stat correction changing the seeds but then none of the points match up with actual box scores.