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  1. Down 84 points bug I still have: Dak julio baldwin ertz sea dt any chance on this happening? Projections are giving me 73.
  2. Need to start two out of the following this week: miller vs ariz thompson vs no Fitzgerald vs hou Sanders vs cincy thoughts?
  3. Woodhead??

    Woodhead is available. Should I consider him and drop dmc? Thanks
  4. Waiver Wire RB's

    So both Perine and Burkhead are available this morning. I did not want to pull the trigger yet on dmc. Any other thoughts regarding dmc and going with Perine/ Thompson going forward?
  5. Waiver Wire RB's

    Perine, Rawls and Burkhead are still available. Based on my team in signature, are any of these worth the add? I was thinking of cutting DMC for one of them. Thoughts?
  6. Perine

    So i have Thompson and Perine is still available. Is he worth a pick up in place of McFadden? Granted I probably won’t start either unless match up is great. Thoughts?
  7. Wdis at flex

  8. Wdis at flex

    Any other thoughts? Any chance Washington comes off their ass and rolls with thompson, as he clearly is THE back in WASH? Or do I take a chance on an injured Sanders, yes I know they will probably have to throw a bunch? Thanks,
  9. Wdis at flex

    Need to decide between Thompson sanders DMC leaning towards sanders any thoughts?
  10. DMC or Smith

    Which one of these two will get the most out of the opportunity.
  11. Dmc trade offer

  12. Dmc trade offer

  13. Dmc trade offer

    The only other players I can see going after are Marvin Jones or t Coleman. U less I go go Fournette and do a multi player deal.
  14. Dmc trade offer

    Ok so out of the blue I was offered roby Anderson for dmc. This owner has Elliot so thinking they are scrambling. Do I sit tight or deal?