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  1. Bench / waiver decision

    Appreciate the feedback and yeah I am stuck at rb. Sort of treading water and hoping for wins until hunt and or Gordon return. If not by week 4 I will trade for a rb once the season come back to reality.
  2. Currently have Ty Montgomery on my bench as a quick pick up after learning about bells injury. Should I hold onto him or pick up McLaurin instead? I am leaning to mclaurin as he could be wr2 material but bell could go down anytime. Thoughts?
  3. Gordon trade....

    Is it still worth holding onto both Gordon and hunt at this point? Or do I try to deal one of them for McCoy or similar?
  4. Wdis at wr

    Who gets the nod between Kupp or Ty Williams?
  5. WDIS @ DST: LAC or HOU

    Thats what I figured. Thanks for the replies
  6. Currently have HOU in the line up, but notice the Chargers are held in almost 80% of the leagues out there. AM I overthinking this, or keep streaming DST every week?
  7. Bench stash?

    So I need to pick up a player for bench. Of the following, who has ranks higher ROS: T Montgomery McLaurin metcalf Thanks
  8. Wdis at wr?

    Wdis this week between Kupp or Ty Williams? I feel eel I can’t go wrong with either but curious what people think.
  9. Kamara Trade

    If I were in your shoes, I would accept that trade. I was actually going after Kamara and offered Julio and Gordon, but it was declined. You decline slightly at RB, but gain WR1
  10. DST Question

    Currently, have DEN as DST, in which they did nothing versus OAK. Do I consider streaming DST for a few weeks? If so, do any of these make more sense then DEN: PHI LAC CAR HOU Thanks,
  11. Which wr?

    After a frenzy on waivers last night, John brown managed to be untouched. Should I add him and drop a mike Williams who is banged up and lost on a chargers team? Chances are I do not even play either but curious on the comparison of the two? Thanks
  12. Trade advice involving julio

    My Julio for his bell? Is that enough? Thinking with Thomas at wr1, I could live with bell and cook at r. If Gordon comes back or hunt pans out, it’s a win thoughts?
  13. Trade advice involving julio

    A few owners are interested in Julio. For Julio straight up, what rb1 would get a deal done?
  14. Trade advice involving julio

    Owner is somewhat intrigued in reviewing. I guess it comes down to Julio vs Kamara
  15. Trade advice involving julio

    Yeah just think I may want to dump Gordon now. Trying to compare Julio versus kamara at this point.