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  1. Quick Trade Advice Needed

    I know. But he is considering either way
  2. Who do I trade away between Hyde, breida or McCoy?
  3. Quick Trade Advice Needed

  4. Quick Trade Advice Needed

    Now with HYde being traded, does this change the trade one way or another? Do I keep Breida or Hyde?
  5. Breida or Hyde in a trade?????

    So is this deal an upgrade for me?
  6. So i have been in trade talks today and this is the offer on the table: I get: M Thomas and K Johnson I Give: Allen, Hyde, and Gostkowski or Zuerlein With the Trade news, Hyde could be swapped out for Breida. Who is the better RB, Breida or Hyde in JAX?
  7. Hyde going to Jax?

    Now I am tinking who has better value: Hyde or Chubb?
  8. Gostkowski or Zuerlein ROS?

    I grabbed him. Working on a trade now
  9. Gostkowski or Zuerlein ROS?

    Is A Cooper droppable for Z, as I do have a trade in the works for either him or Gost involved?
  10. Ok, so is this a fair trade, I included total points thus far): I Get: M Thomas (94.9) K Johnson(50.9) I Give: Allen (73) Breida (78.5) or Hyde (73) Gostkowski (giving the owner an upgrade) Thoughts?
  11. Gostkowski or Zuerlein ROS?

    would dropping A Cooper be dumb for this move? I have actually thought about the trade factor.
  12. Gostkowski or Zuerlein ROS?

    Yeah, probably a toss up. Is it a waste for me to carry both for a week or so to see how injury goes, or as bye week replacement?
  13. Gostkowski or Zuerlein ROS?

    Is z the clear cut better option?