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  1. Of the three in the title Wdis?
  2. Need to decide between Winston or Keenum? thoughts?
  3. I just picked up Bernard last evening, even thought I do not need him. If Mixon is out and Bernard starts, do I consider playing him over Miller or anyone else on my team? Thanks,
  4. Wdis at QB

    Forgot that Winston is also available
  5. Wdis at QB

    Need to choose between the following: dak keenum mccown thoughts?
  6. Who is the better pick up: bernard or a jones? Chances are are I won’t play either but do either have upside for the playoffs ?
  7. Which RB ROS?

    I am pretty set at rb going forward. Just curious if I should consider picking up booker as a stash? If so would either of these be worthy of dropping: sanders gore Woodhead brate thanks
  8. WDIS @ QB

    Need to choose between Dak or Keenum. Thoughts?
  9. Flex help : fitz, stills or woodhead????

    Went with fitz. No need to chance it as I had Julio put me way up so I went the safe way. I also have kamara so I am up 70 going into tonight and I still have miller
  10. Out of these three who is the better play: fitz vs Jax stills vs ne woodhead vs hou. Thanks
  11. Wdis at flex

    I know you always start your studs. Are any of these worth starting over Fitzgerald who plays Jax def: stills (matches well with Moore) woodhead (tough d could be in for some receptions) gore (great match up but will Mack take over) it it is hard to pass on fitz as he is ranked 4th in our league. Any thoughts?
  12. Wdis at flex

  13. Wdis at flex

    With a bad matchup for Fitzgerald should I consider any of these in his place at flex: stills Gore woodhead d henry sanders thoughts ?