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  1. Rodgers trade

    Still working on a deal with the hunt owner but thought of this as a potential: i get: OBJ, Hopkins and Cohen i give: Rodgers, miller, and Fitzgerald (or sanders) this team ram is by far the worst team as they only scored 47 points this past week. Thoughts?
  2. C Thompson ??????

    So Chris Thompson is still available. Would I be better off stashing him or kerwynn Williams.? Thanks
  3. Trade Advice involving Hunt???

    Thanks all for the feedback. Wish me luck in getting this done.
  4. Trade Advice involving Hunt???

    I am fine in being off a little on thdvtradd if it makes it happen. Rodgers worries me and I would be fine with Stafford ros.
  5. Trade Advice involving Hunt???

    He has Winston. Or do I ask for another player other than Winston
  6. QB advice. Wentz

    I too am looking at shopping Rodgers. What is a good value for Rodgers?
  7. Trade Advice involving Hunt???

    Ok so the owner is intrigued but not sold yet. He would be interested in ertz. Does this counter make sense or makes me worse off: i get: hunt, Winston, Rudolph i give: Rodgers, miller, ertz thoughts?
  8. Huge trade in works

    While I am waiting for an answer from the owner, in which I would get Hunt/Winston for my Rodgers and Miller. I have another opportunity. How does this proposal look: My Rodgers and Miller for his Rivers and A Brown? Thoughts?
  9. Trade Advice involving Hunt???

    With Jordy getting hurt, just not too sure what to expect from Rodgers. O line has injuries as well. Thoughts?
  10. Trade Advice involving Hunt???

    I am basically asking if the upgrade from MIller to Hunt is worth the slight downgrade from Rodgers to Winston (or Stafford who is on my bench)?
  11. Ok, so how does this trade look for my team: I Get: Hunt (or Montgomery) and Winston I Give: Rodgers and Miller Thoughts??
  12. Major trade advice

    I start 2 wr. Another owner is also interested in Rodgers. Could maybe do the same deal for Carr and Elliott. Thoughts on which deal makes sense and is more fair
  13. Major trade advice

    I have Julio, fitz, sanders, garcon
  14. Major trade advice

    Ok so does this trade hurt or hinder my team: i get: McCoy and brees i give: Rodgers, Miller and hogan thoughs?