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  1. Rb stash???????

    Who is the better rb to stash if at all: bernard j adams thanks.
  2. Pick one WR

    Need to pick between: funchess or Sutton? Thanks
  3. J Adams?????

    Anyone picking up Adams this week? Any chance he gets a good load this week and surprises the ROS? Or is it a waste with the three headed monster sitting there?
  4. Wdis at Flex......

    Wdis start at flex this week: funchess vs det a miller vs min sutton vs lac thoughts?
  5. Trade review????

    Please rate the following trade, is it fair and would I come out on top: i get: Elliot (or Thomas or thielen) and j Cook i give: Boyd and Olsen thoughts?
  6. J Adams?????

    Any other thoughts?
  7. Trade review????

    Yes sorry
  8. Trade review????

    I am trying to get one of: Elliot/thielen/Thomas and J cook for my Boyd and Olsen. Yes ppr
  9. Brees / Brady??????

    I own both of these. Owners are asking about brees. With his value as high as it is do I look at moving brees to upgrade at rob or wr?
  10. Cook or Olsen?

    So I have Olsen and looking at maybe offer big him in a trade. With the news in Oakland of Bryant and Nelson out does cook have any value? How would you compare the two for ROS?
  11. Big trade advice????

    Ok so I am going after either Elliot, Thomas or thielen from an owner. He is listening. How’s this offer: i get: one of the three players above i give: Allen or Boyd, and mack thoughts?
  12. Big trade advice????

    Am I better keeping Allen or Boyd?
  13. Looking for thoughts on the following trade if it is worth a shot: I give: Mack and Allen or Boyd I get: Elliot or Kamara Am i offering enough to get interest or just wasting the owner's time?
  14. Bernard trade

    Just grabbed Gio just in case!
  15. Can you please rank these players in order for ROS: J. Adams A. MIller J Samuels Ekeler Penny Thanks,
  16. With the trade deadline approaching, who would you rather have: Boyd or Sanders? If Sanders, Does Boyd and Ekeler get the deal done, or worth it?
  17. Please rank these waiver options....

    Realistically, should I take a chance on Adams and drop Ekeler? I know if Gordon goes down, Ekeler will get his chance, but he already flopped on that opportunity. JUst curious if Adams could get the amount of touches, as Phi makes a push.
  18. Who would you rather have.......

    Yeah sort of my thinking too. I think everyone is covering boyd, which may limit him.
  19. Who would you rather have.......

    Is Boyd and Ekeler a fair trade for Sanders? Will it get the deal done, with the other owner owning Gordon?
  20. I currently have Olsen at TE. Someone dropped Cook last week and is available. I am curious with Amari gone, Bryant out, and now with the news on Nelson Quest., is Cook worthy of a spot? If so, would he warrant a start over Olsen, due to the lack of depth in Oakland?
  21. Back up qb question?

    So I currently have brees starting and Brady on the bench. Do I stick with this going forward or drop Brady and grab a stash player? If I drop him someone will pick him up. I have already tried to trade but no takers. Thoughts?
  22. Rate this trade....,

    Please let me know if this is a fair offer: i get: sanders i give: funchess and ekeler (owner has Gordon)
  23. Out of the following choices, who is the one to target this week and for ROS: Henry Penny Miller (wr) Samuels (thinking he would be best back up to Conner) Thanks,
  24. Please rank these waiver options....

    Any thoughts on these?