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  1. ***** 20 Questions Winner *****

    Thank you , thank very much
  2. Annual Huddler Super Bowl Box Pool (2019)

    In for the Max
  3. Chiefs/Bolts

    Not me he is sitting on my bench
  4. Choosing my playoff matchup?

    Best reply yet !!
  5. Choosing my playoff matchup?

    If this is a money league you should be kicked out
  6. Fantasy "experts"

    And it comes from someone that has One (1) post count and just joined to make this post , look at time stamp & joined time
  7. Eagles vs Jags Official Thread

    Are they playing American Football ?
  8. I voted that trade is BS but want to go on the record that this trade if fair, reasoning is simple, before voting I always look at post count of OP and if it is (1) I vote to start manure with his league
  9. Cooper to Cowboys

    Wow , nice for both teams but a 1st was over paying
  10. Down by 31 to KC and attempting field goals

    Yep needed to see how many ff points I was racking up
  11. Thoughts on trading draft picks?

    The only time I have heard of trading draft picks in a redraft league is during the draft, the OP must be in some type of keeper or dynasty league.
  12. dynasty buy -- Treadwell, Laquon MIN WR

    I had to make the choice at the start of the season to cut one between Ross CIN, M. Williams LAC & Treadwell, time will tell if I made the correct choice but I sure wouldn't mind having him sitting in the wings for the start of next season because if he doesn't land in the right spot he would be an easy drop
  13. Have anyone of you ever seen a team this hot?

    I was thinking the same exact thing prior to my posting