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  1. Who does the AB signing affect the most in NE?

    It affects AB more than any other player !
  2. Breakouts and busts

    John Ross ?
  3. Over/Under 9 wins for your team

    Vikes go 11-5
  4. Breakouts and busts

    Mike Williams WR LAC is my breakout player John Ross WR CIN is my long shot to breakout player
  5. 18 Game Regular Season Considered

    Poor Jim Brown and his seasonal / career stats , we will never know how good he was because when he played there was only 12 & 14 games per season 1943-1945 10 games 1946 11 games 1947-1960 12 games 1961-1977 14 games 1978-present 16 games
  6. 18 Game Regular Season Considered

    I'm on board if they make the last two preseason games count as the first two regular season games. Something simple like that, the last thing I would want is the SB being played in March
  7. the first to get the axe

    are you guys trying to say the Vikes are not winning the SB this year ? they are just giving everyone a head start
  8. Did anyone see the Jets game?

    just woundering if Jolly played yesterday ? was he ever the target ?
  9. Trade

    DD > Westbrook
  10. Owens Tonight

    he drops 2 passes in the endzone and blames the QB for being Gay
  11. Trade advice

    Franks = 25 catches & 2tds for the year keep him for your bye week fill in then drop him
  12. Which #3 Reciever This Week

    Lelie is my #2
  13. who to start @ Flex

    the Huddle has him list as S2
  14. who to start @ Flex,

    who to start @ Flex, Mason @ Indy or T. Jones @ Skins
  15. Fair Trade?

    nothing wrong with this trade there is never a even trade in FF