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  1. A simple google search will answer your questions
  2. No the Patriots would of kept it
  3. The law is the law , now his kids get millions
  4. This is an interested thread to me as I own 1.04 in my big Dynasty league , depending on how the draft goes I may be selecting a WR @ 1.04
  5. $500 league fee , the team being offered is in decent shape and owns the 1.02 pick Check the roster the team name is Gnus
  6. More for Raider fans than FF I would say
  7. they can't !
  8. My question is who of the two with have the most say so on Draft day ??
  9. I know how to cipher like jethro bodine
  10. How does my math suck ? 4 squares on 2 sheets = $ 40 , where did I go wrong ?
  11. The same 4 x 2 = 40
  12. Cooper / Hopkins / SeaBass to get less than 51 pts combined
  13. 0.02158487804578
  14. a VERY low scoring game like 6-3 may get me the win , I'm up by 27pts and no players Opponent has Den WR Thomas Den Kicker Houston WR Hopkins
  15. played my first of the season this week in FD , took 1st in $5 /100 player for $125
  16. Not even close unless you are talkign dynasty then he is top 3 , but redraft this year at best top 6 or 7
  17. to go back and start Snead
  18. (USA Today Fantasy Sports) Kansas City Chiefs RB Jamaal Charles (knee) will practice Wednesday, Sept. 7, according to head coach Andy Reid.
  19. Just started 12 team rookie only
  20. Obviously he really likes someone @ 1.02 Also doesn't have the roster space to draft a bunch of rookies , we got rid of the Taxi squad and limited to 22 players He may also be using it to grab 1.01 ?
  21. Pirate’s Swag Dynasty League Trade Trump Card gave up: Year 2016 Draft Pick 1.04 Year 2016 Draft Pick 2.03 Year 2016 Draft Pick 3.04 Year 2016 Draft Pick 4.03 Must of been Drunk gave up: Year 2016 Draft Pick 1.02 Pirate’s Swag Dynasty League Address:
  22. I owned 1.02 and Treadwell is a player I'm targeting so I traded down to 1.04 and picked up an extra 2nd & 3rd hoping Treadwell is still there @ 1.04
  23. It's simple , as long as they have high viewership they will keep it. I have not talked to one person who admits to watching but they always have 8 to 12 million viewers
  24. Dang I'm going to miss it this year , leaving Wednesday for 3-weeks in Hawaii , have fun guys I know I will