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  1. 2020 season (or no season) - general talk

    Also we need to think worst case scenario is if season gets cancelled half way through like week 10 or something. Would we just call it a wash at that point and I guess air on the side of caution of making trades to win this year bc i don't think we would start reversing trades like if someone gave up a first for a veteran and then season gets cancelled
  2. 2020 season (or no season) - general talk

    Another issue will be what to do for the players on teams that opt out for the season. I saw Hightower just opted out. Obviously put them on IR and would we do compensation like $5 to spend on a free agent or something per player
  3. 2020 season (or no season) - general talk

    We could always have designation on the contract years like 10 players you pick can add an extra year. For draft i think random order and as a snake draft to even it up. Also everyteam but one has there 1st and everyone but one has there 2nd, not the same team, so i think a random order is pretty much the way to go
  4. No more devy slots

    The pick should be Anthony Schwartz wr auburn! Not Chris Williamson, figured dragline wouldn't take him
  5. Trade Shisha and Footlongs

    Beirut Shisha gave up $2 in blind bidding Favre Dollar Footlongs gave up Year 2020 Draft Pick 8.10
  6. AWARDED - RFA20 - Brate, Cameron TE - Shisha

    No match
  7. AWARDED - RFA20 - Ioannidis, Matt DE - Shisha

    No match
  8. AWARDED - RFA20 - Joseph, Karl S - Shisha

    No match
  9. AWARDED - RFA20 - Dissly, Will TE - Shisha

    No match
  10. MATCHED - RFA20 - Smith, Harrison S - Shisha

  11. OTB Shisha

    Mario Addison RFA Vic Beasley RFA Robert Quinn RFA Matt Ioannadis RFA Justin Houston RFA Chandler Jones RFA Marcus Peters RFA Harrison Smith RFA Need defense help on the DLine especially these dudes rights can be yours for picks or cash.
  12. 2020 - Franchise Tags (DUE APRIL 7)

    Beirut Shia franchise tags Phillip Lindsay
  13. Shisha moves

    Deandre Washington 1 year