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  1. Waivers aren't on calendar

    I have no problem with Harley waiver run. He paid attention to the rules and schedule.
  2. Ongoing Rules Talk

    I'm down for increasing DTS Spots to whatever the consensus vote is and the Heisman cash idea sounds fun to me.
  3. Devy Player Tracker

    tua tagovailoa qb alabama
  4. Devy Player Tracker

    Jerry jeudy WR Alabama used a qb devy spot
  5. MATCHED - RFA18- Greg Zuerlein LAR K (Shisha)

  6. MATCHED - RFA18- Alex Smith WAS QB (Shisha)

  7. Shisha/River City Trade

    River City Reform gave up Smith, Alex WAS QBand Beirut Shisha gave up Year 2018 Draft Pick 5.08 so i control the rights to alex smith and my bid is pointless now