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  1. Mud Dogs Roster

    Kris had to many years so he took a year off of d. James m. Ingram and k. Alexander that puts him at the required 95 years
  2. Shayne roster

    So shayne missed 2 guys so these are his delegations Alex Erickson 1 year contract DeeJay Dallas Taxi squad
  3. LA Roster

    After talking to Tyler he did the following Cam newton 1yr Muhammad Al-Quadin 2yr Cj Mosley 3 yr Cut the following dan Vitale max William's jojo natson Adjustments have been made and all good now
  4. Bikini Bottom Krabs Roster

    All set
  5. Tampa Toms Roster

    Good to go
  6. LA Roster

    What are ya doing with DE Muhammad Al-Quadin he has no delegation Also Cam Newton isn’t eligible for taxi squad he has 10 (the really bad word)ing years experience dan vitals also isn’t eligible for taxi squad jojo nation isn’t eligible for taxi squad maxx Williams isn’t eligible for taxi squad cj mosley isn’t eligible for taxi squad
  7. South Park Roster

    Byron Murphy needs a delegation and you can feel free to cut those guys
  8. Revised roster

    Ok done
  9. Covid roster

    His roster is going to have to change he is trying to put players on the taxi squad that have 3+ years experience and he is going to have to give them contracts
  10. Quahog Roster

    Brees 3 Foles 2 Glennon 1 Minshew 4 Carson 3 Coleman 2 Gallman 1 Kamara 4 Lewis 1 Adams 6 Dorsett 1 Evans 5 Golladay 7 Williams 2 Boyle 1 Doyle 2 Smith 3 Hauschka 1 Lambo 2 Skye 3 Dunlap 2 Flowers 3 Irvin 1 Sweat 5 Wolfe 1 Cunningham 4 Evans 3 McKinney 2 Wagner 2 Walker 5 Wilson 1 Davis 2 Desir 1 Johnson 2 Melvin 1 Woods 2 $91 Active years 36 Active players DTS Jacob Eason Gabriel Davis KeeSean Johnson Julian Okwara Chase Winovich Cam Brown Josh Uche Jeff Okudah
  11. Crown Town/Cabool Trade

    Well done
  12. Quahog/ Tampa trade

    Quahog gets Davante Adam's Tampa gets marvin jones and picks 1.09 and 3.09