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  1. Was This Rule Change A Mistake? - Dynasty League Tanking

    @Shorttynaz & @stevegrab, why no?
  2. Was This Rule Change A Mistake? - Dynasty League Tanking

    @Shorttynaz, why no?
  3. Which Of These Are Examples Of Collusion?

    added two other scenarios just now.
  4. Which Of These Are Examples Of Collusion?

    To each their own though. I could talk about players, but honestly, if I were able to predict the future accurately, then I wouldn't be playing fantasy football that much at all.
  5. So my league doesn't have any hard anti-collusion rules, but I thought I would ask about these scenarios anyway. Please let me know which ones you think, if any, are examples of collusion. Scenario 1: Team A trades players to Team B and they agree to split any earnings. Scenario 2: Team C trades star players to Team D, but it is for what the league has determined as fair-market value. There is no agreement to split earnings, but Team C wants to trade to Team D because he dislikes the other owners in the league and wants to make things tougher for them. Scenario 3: Team E agrees to not enter into trade talks that Team F is involved in, because Teams E and F have a close personal bond. Likewise, Team F agrees to not enter into trade talks if Team E is involved, but Team G wants to hear bids from all interested teams. Scenario 4: Team H agrees to trade a certain package of draft picks to Team I, if Team I beats Team H in their matchup that week. The trade would still be for fair-market-value though. Also assume that teams have been able to make low-stakes bets like this in the past, but this particular instance definitely raises the stakes. No rule against bets though. Scenario 5: Team J makes a bid on a free agent. Team J cannot increase his own bid on the player, so he asks Team K to increase the bid, so that Team J can come in after him and bid the player up again to the price that he wants. Team J is successful in doing this. Scenario 6: The commissioner sends out mass texts to everyone in the league telling them to increase the bid on a star free agent. The commissioner is successful in doing this. Please discuss below. Thanks
  6. Forced Acceleration Of Dues Payment To Process A Trade?

    I agree. Thanks for the reply.
  7. Is It Fair To Implement This Rule Immediately?

    Unfortunately, all of this is real.
  8. touching QB = roughing

    They're making it too easy for offenses now. Might as well eliminate kickoffs and start them at the 50 with the way they are going, lol.
  9. Pretty much. How do you resolve this situation?
  10. Is It Fair To Implement This Rule Immediately?

    Cool. Gluck to the Seahawks tonight.
  11. I should have provided more context. Basically, there's a removal procedure that is in the rules/bylaws, but nobody was really aware of it until now. The situation never came up, so this is the first time that the commish and the league members have examined it. Rule says that it should be a league vote, but Commish thinks it is his sole right.
  12. So an owner in my league made a trade for a valuable player, and I didn't like how uneven the deal was, so I voiced my concern to the Commish. The Commish told me that the deal wasn't as bad as I think because the owner that received the star player was forced to pay dues quicker than everyone else in order to get a trade processed. This is a league with a substantial fee for dues, so we split them into 2 payments. Half before the season starts, and half again after week 8. Do you think the Commish should be able to violate this accepted standard/code and demand owners to pay up earlier if they want their trades to go through? Is it fair?
  13. In one of my dynasty leagues, we have been able to place players on IR and keep them there, even if the player returns from injury. We've done this for a few years now, and there have been no formal rule changes. Furthermore, a new rule that was disclose told us that we could activate a player returning from injury "if we want." However, this is not what the commissioner intended. He actually wanted all players returning from injury to be automatically activated and promoted to the active roster. He says that this rule was something he and the co-commish discussed, but never disclosed to the group, or disclosed incorrectly. He's saying that he will use his power as commish to unilaterally activate such players, and that if a team has to cut someone from the roster to make such a change, then he will either force them to cut someone, or cut the player that needs to be activated. What do you think of this? Is it fair for the commish to implement this rule immediately, or should have have to wait since he and the co-commish kinda messed up on how it was disclosed. Again, some players have already been placed on IR due to injuries that have occurred during the off-season and regular season. Please let me know what you think. Thanks.
  14. Should The Commish Be Able To Unilaterally Remove Owners, If It's Against The Bylaws?