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  1. I gotcha, thanks. I wrote the explanation poorly too, so I cleaned it up and posted here. Although this place seems dead right now.
  2. Hyde-Chubb-Duke: Browns backfield

    Duke will probably still play the same role that he always has with the Browns. I hope that guy latches on with a new team.
  3. So let's say a league allowed owners to keep non-injured players on the IR in previous seasons. However, last season, the commish and vice commish agreed to not allow such a tactic. Although they decided on this, they did not disclose a rule change to the owners. Instead, a new rule for designating a player to return from IR actually implied that the owner had a choice to keep a non-injured player on IR or not. This is because the commish explicitly stated that "you can activate an injured player off of IR, if you want." A few weeks had already been played at the time, so players wound up on IR. Yet, the commish wanted to enforce IR rules in accordance with how he and the vice-commish intended. If the commish did this though, teams that have already placed players on IR would be forced to cut someone and take a cap penalty as well. Given The Facts, Should The Commish Have Allowed Players Returning From Injury On IR? Why or why not?
  4. Hyde-Chubb-Duke: Browns backfield

    Yeah, that's how it normally plays out. See DeMarco Murry and David Johnson.
  5. Hyde-Chubb-Duke: Browns backfield

    Hyde would be a good fit there.
  6. Hyde-Chubb-Duke: Browns backfield

    Yards Per Catch for old schoolers. It's YPR now?
  7. C.J. Anderson released

    CMC will lead CJ in total touches though.
  8. C.J. Anderson released

    That's smart business to me. More efficient, more effective, longer career. I like it.
  9. Thanks man, I appreciate your kindness. Take Care.
  10. Move Cousins

    Maybe a 2nd round pick. If you give a first, then it might not be worth it.
  11. That's fair, but personally, I'd rather a trade be nixed by the entire league than one person. With that said, I do have trust issues with commissioners. Have had some BAD experiences.
  12. Another issue is that the commish is playing as well. Who is to say that he won't make a decision in self-interest and try to justify it by saying that it is actually in the league's best interest?
  13. That's a good way of looking at it.
  14. Thanks for the welcome buddy. Stay classy.